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Unsportsmanlike Conduct College Football and the Politics of RapeJessica Luther studied history and the classics before marshaling her writing talent toward of the moment topics like sexual assault and college sports culture Now she’s an investigative journalist working from her adopted hometown Austin Tex in what is perhaps the nation’s most college obsessed state Ms Luther’s new book Unsportsmanlike Conduct examines the ‘programmatic manner’ in which sexual assaults are “swept under the rug by institutions both on campus and in the media New York Times “Not to reckon with Luther’s book would be an abdication not only of one’s moral faculty but also of one’s fandom Luther doesn’t just want to save future victims; she wants to save college football” New York Times Book Review “A significant and riveting look at how one of the greatest cultural tragedies of the millennial generation the silencing of sexual violence against women on campus is nurtured by a system of cover ups and corporatized crises management” Playboycom “In Unsportsmanlike Conduct Luther draws on years of research and reporting to outline what she calls the ‘playbook’ all the standard predictable ways that football programs universities the NCAA and sports media typically respond when athletes are accused of rape or assault It’s an infuriating exhaustively rese This book is so very important and I'm really glad it was Jessica Luther who wrote it Her research is thorough and meticulous she carefully applies an intersectional lens and she speaks from the point of view of both a sports fan and a compassionate social justice activist who never wants us to forget to center the victims in sexual assault cases She shows wisdom and empathy on all points and offers some very smart and very feasible changes that colleges sports organizations and the media can and should adopt in order to try to lessen and hopefully eradicate sexual violence in this arena

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PDF µ BOOK Unsportsmanlike Conduct FREE È JESSICA LUTHER Õ Jessica Luther studied history and the classics before marshaling her writing talent toward of the moment topics like sexual assault and college sports culture Now she’s an investigative journalist working from her adopted hometown Austin Tex in what isArched catalogue of problems from denial and toothless language to ignoring or discrediting the victim” Ellecom The most important sports book of the year Booklist Starred Review“Highly relevant hard hitting much needed information that reveals the widespread existence of rape by sports players on college campuses” Kirkus Reviews “Jessica Luther is a Texas based investigative reporter who broke the story of Sam Ukwuachu a football player at Baylor University who was then on trial for sexual assault Since then she’s kept track of the dozens of sexual assault claims made against college football players every year Here she looks at the relationship between football and sexual assault the people and systems that perpetuate it and how we can change the narrative going forward” New York Magazine “Investigative journalist Luther catalogues the abuses created and enabled by college football programs and suggests workable reforms” Boston Globe One of the Best Sports Books of 2016“A culmination of Luther’s dedication to finding truth in often murky waters” ESPNw The latest from Akashic's Edge of Sports imprintFootball teams create playbooks in which they draw up the plays they will use on the field Playbooks are how teams work and why they win This book is about a different kind of pla CN RapeI first learned about Ms Luther during Wendy Davis’ filibuster of HB 2 in Texas – the bill that would eventually become the TRAP law that made it all the way to the Supreme Court as Whole Women’s Health She is a journalist who has built her career focusing on the intersection of sports and culture reporting extensively on how women are treated when they report that an athlete has sexually assaulted themUnsportsmanlike Conduct is a book from a small press that focuses exclusively on issues in sport and the publishers approached Ms Luther to write it They also worked with her to create the framing for the book which is about sexual assault committed by football players and how both the victims and the student athletes are failed by the system as it currently standsThe first half consist of five chapters that set the stage – or field as it were – as it currently stands There is the field – the universities and colleges themselves – as well as what we don’t see She explores the tension that exists with a sport that sees majority black players and assumed majority white female who are assaulted and raped and the history of racism there The chapter that focuses on this history was fascinating and depressing and important for understanding the entire issue One fact she shared which I found both unsurprising but also depressing as hell was that the most important predictor of opposition to paying student athletes was if someone had a negative view of black people YikesWith this history firmly grounded Ms Luther moves on to discuss the ways Universities the NCAA and police will try to simply make the reports of rape and assault go away Or Coaches and Athletic Directors will claim that the cases just aren’t that big of a deal Finally she includes my personal least favorite – the attempt to just move on and pretend everything has been handled appropriately I loathe the ‘we’re looking to the future’ mentality when the transgressions of the past have not yet been properly addressed It is infuriating and this chapter handles this wellWith the field set Ms Luther focuses the second half of the book on things that can be done to improve things now There are ten chapters of varying length; the one that I think is the most critical if we were to rate them is the one that explores the reality of what trauma looks like We so often hear ‘why didn’t she go to the police right away’ or ‘why did she text the guy a week later’ or ‘her story changed’ but the media doesn’t provide the context for how the brain recovers memories after a traumatic event like a rape or assaultI think this is an important book Unfortunately I cannot see coaches or the NCAA bothering to read it because it is so critical of them But if students players and journalists took the time to read it I think we could see some progress If the subject matter isn’t too triggering for you I really hope you consider picking it up

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Ybook the one coaches teams universities police communities the media and fans seem to follow whenever a college football player is accused of sexual assault It's a deep dive into how different institutions the NCAA athletic departments universities the media run the same plays over and over again when these stories break If everyone runs his play well scrutiny dies down uickly no institution ever has to change how it operates and the evaporation of these cases into nothingness looks natural In short this playbook is why nothing ever changes Unsportsmanlike Conduct unpacks this societal playbook piece by piece and not only advocates that we destroy the old plays but also suggests we replace them with ones that will force us to finally do something about this issuePolitical sportswriter and Edge of Sports imprint curator Dave Zirin the Nation has never shied away from criticizing that which die hard sports fans hold dear The Edge of Sports titles will address issues across many different sports football basketball swimming tennis etc and at both the professional and nonprofessionalcollegiate levels Further Zirin brings to the table select stories of athletes’ journeys and what they are facing and how they evolve both in their sport as well as against the greater backdrop of one’s life’s odyssey Jessica Luther is a sportswriter But she doesn’t have the traditional sports writing career trajectory She actually had a career in academia Luther was on a PhD track in history before pursuing sports writing full time She's sort of an outsider Because of that fact she is doing some of the most noteworthy work in sports journalism Unsportsmanlike Conduct Luther's first book is about failure Particularly about how the college football ecosystem fails our young women students Rape culture is a problem in society but it's especially potent in the locker room where young male students are expected to uphold the expectations of being manly men Luther's work is strong because she doesn’t just hold the students who commit these rapes accountable but the system that foster and often ignore these crimes from the university figures who want to protect the players for their own financial reasons to the fans who only care about the success of their respective team to the journalists who cover sports and don’t have the range to deconstruct societal issues Luther assembles the book in two parts She calls them playbooks The first being the way it is; the second being the way things could be I found the playbook stuff a bit gimmicky at first but I warmed up to it as the book went on I have to admit this device is an effective way to compartmentalizing the massive amount of information she gives out I found playbook two to be especially sad While reading it I realized Luther's plan for making things better is to educate to set up a system that teaches students faculty and even journalists about rape culture consent and misogyny It actually could be a simple fix And it just makes me realize how little the people who hold the power actually care to fix it I'll acknowledge this book isn't exactly a page turner several gang rapes are described and Luther writes like an academic but I couldn't recommend this book enough especially if your a football fan or if you’re trying to break into sports journalism or if you are just trying to be a decent person