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El Paso Author Winston Groom Read ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Long fascinated with the Mexican Revolution and the vicious border wars of the early twentieth century Winston Groom brings to life a much forgotten period of history in this sprawling saga of heroism injustice and love An episodic novel set inLong fascinated with the Mexican Revolution and the vicious border wars of the early twentieth century Winston Groom brings to life a much forgotten period of history in this sprawling saga of heroism injustice and love An episodic novel set in six parts El Paso pits the legendary Pancho Villa a much feared outlaw. Muchas gracias to NetGalley and Liveright for the opportunity to read this ARC45★A rootin’ tootin' sprawling Southwestern yarn with all the excess overindulgence and satisfaction of a Thanksgiving dinner There are guns yachts planes trains cowboys and Indians hangings kidnappings bull fights lost gold mines gila monsters rattlesnakes jaguars and bears Oh My It’s a story set against the backdrop of rich American imperialism south of the border the Mexican Revolution and the exploits of the infamous Pancho Villa Almost 100 years later and that border is still a contentious issueWe’re talking H—U—G—E ‼︎As the author states this is not a “historical novel” but with his talent for combining fact and fiction in storytelling he penned Forrest Gump it is generously peppered with true persons and events which add flavor and spice to this fictional tale about a kidnapping and desperado manhunt through the Sierra Madre It is brutal cruel and violent at times and it all works My one complaint is the page count well also the bull fight—I loathe bullfighting I prefer my books a bit shorter these days but it was never boring and always entertaining What initially attracted me was the cover My dad was born in El Paso in 1920 during the time period and one of his favorite songs was Marty Robbins’s El Paso so I took a chance and reuested itAdventures In Reading 101 My dad would have liked this as much as I didExtrasFor listening pleasure here is a link to Marty Robbin’s classic song with the great Grady Martin on guitar Back in the day would you just listen to me the radio would only play songs that lasted 2 minutes so it was edited This is the unabridged true book lovers version You gotta love a song that tells a story and sets the perfect mood for a book It was also used in the season finale of Breaking Badhttpswwwyoutubecomwatchv7UVVSI had no idea there was actual film footage of Pancho Villa In this one the viewer witnesses an execution Did someone actually film that

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And revolutionary against a thrill seeking railroad tycoon known as the Colonel whose fading fortune is tied up in a colossal ranch in Chihuahua Mexico But when Villa kidnaps the Colonel’s grandchildren in the midst of a cattle drive and absconds into the Sierra Madre the aging New England patriarch and his ado. A railroad baron along with his adopted son and their families travel to Mexico to save their cattle herd worth millions of dollars from being a causality in the Revolution being led by Pancho Villa Great historical fiction read that encompasses the early railroad industry cattle industry and even aeroplanes Lots of colorful characters which are easy to follow as the character development isn't overdone Written by the author of Forrest Gump this story takes place on the border of US and Mexico at El Paso hence the title I enjoyed this book

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El Paso Author Winston GroPted son head to El Paso hoping to find a group of cowboys brave enough to hunt the Generalissimo downReplete with gunfights daring escapes and an unforgettable bullfight El Paso with its textured blend of history and legend becomes an indelible portrait of the American Southwest in the waning days of the frontier. Always glad to find a Western and this sprawling expansive tale fits the bill for the early 20th century template RR tycoon John Shaughnessy in severe financial straits heads for Mexico with his family and entourage to sell cattle from his northern Mexico ranch rather than mortgaging his yacht for ready cash as his adopted son Arthur proposed However Pancho Villa has other plans for the cattle and indeed the tycoon's spread He arrives while the men are out kills and wounds staff and kidnaps Shaughnessy's grandchildren There's no choice now but to form a search party and get the kids back The book starts rather slowly with Arthur's adoption and coming of age in the midst of plenty rather than the orphanage but the action picks up once we're in Mexico and builds in intensity; real people Pancho Villa Ambrose Bierce Tom Mix among them mix with fictional all authentically drawn; the story line is action oriented with gunplay a bullfight raids and battles and it's cinematic and violent; interesting background in Mexico during the Revolution; language is vivid and colorful; and the tone is at times amusing heart wrenching and brutal In an afterward Groom talks about turning history into fiction; he makes no claims to accuracy of details but clearly the story is well researched and rich in historical and biographical detail