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Natural Curiosity is a warm and contemplative insight into one family's experience of moving from mainstream schooling to home education and learning through the lens of nature and natural historySince becoming 'unschooled' the two children have thrived on a diet of self directed play and learning amassin. Although this was three stars for me I expect parents who are new to the ideas of home education and learning from nature may get a lot from this bookI enjoyed reading about Lisa and her partner's thoughts on education and agree with the authors views I found the notes and random events included didn't add anything for me I think some detail on their daily experience of home education would have been an interesting addition to the book Since education through nature is a major idea of this book I think some ideas for activities examples of learning some facts resources would have really enhanced this bookI enjoyed the section on famous people who were home educated who have gone on to careers involving the natural world I think it's a greatly overlooked fact how many famous people were home educated Lisa mentions David Attenborough Beatrix Potter Agatha Christie wasn't sure how this fitted in with the natural world theme I was impressed to hear that Tolkien was home educated by his mother some others are mentioned Patrick Moore is not mentioned but he was also taught at homeAn interesting read for those considering their children's education The author lives where I live in rural Suffolk and has written this book recently so unlike some home education books this is fairly relevant to the current educational situation in East Anglia

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Natural CuriosityG life skills confidence responsibility and a vast array of knowledge along the way This thoughtful book touches upon important themes in education and environmentalism such as children's rights in schooling the use and place of technology in learning and the absence of the natural world in mainstream edu. An encouraging book about unschooling with a focus on nature and the natural world from a family who are not at all negative about schools or classroom learning Indeed the children spend some years at primary school before deciding that they preferred to learn at home While this style of education does not work for everyone a great pictures is drawn of a family of motivated learners with parents who encourage the children's interests The book is nicely structured showing the children’s progress and looking at uestions home educators are often asked I like the way that school learning is seen as a positive thing for many and that the children retain friendships with school friends nurtured both in playing outside of school and in some online interactions with games such as Minecraft My slight concern is that the children have only been fully home educated for about two years and little mention is made of difficult days or stresses Towards the end the author writes about her general parenting style Lots of good advice is offered but it sounds as if these children are naturally motivated and amenable; not all children are as easy to unschool For some struggling with day to day parenting or home education this apparently ideal scenario with such motivated children could be uite discouraging The style of the book is a bit jumpy too with random ‘notes’ and ‘interruptions’ throughout Although interesting I found it a bit distracting to have these interspersed in the text However that’s a personal thing; for those dipping into the book rather than reading it straight through they could be uite appealing Still these are minor gripes about an excellent introduction to the principles of unschooling demonstrating how child led learning can cover an entire curriculum and and how children can flourish when encouraged to follow their passions and spend as much time as they wish on any project or interest Definitely recommended for anyone interested in home education or in supplementing their children's school education with a focus on nature

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Natural Curiosity characters Ñ 9 × Natural Curiosity is a warm and contemplative insight into one family's experience of moving from mainstream schooling to home education and learning through the lens of nature and natural historySince becoming 'unschooled' the two children have thrived on a diet of self directed play and learning amassing life skCation It gives a considered balanced view of home schooling interspersed with entertaining tales including constructing life sized mammoth skeletons and living for a day as historically accurate Vikings It offers an understanding of how this type of education works and what inspires the choice to pursue. What attracted me the most when I picked up Natural Curiosity written by Lisa Carne and published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers the main theme keeping home children giving them the proper instruction by passing school The first books I read about this important thematic the ones of Lill Hawkins American from Maine who under a great funny perspective told us the various adventures lived with her two unschooling childrenLisa Carne and her husband lives in a countryside and they can give to their two children all the possible freedom for discovering natureTechnology as remarked by the author has created a sort of wall between children not only and nature and what in the past appeared as a normal interaction between all Creatures of God at the moment natural environment is introduced them as a hostile ad not any friendly placeIt's important to return at a good relationship with nature says the authorThe first years of children peculiar for putting the base of their approach to life nature environmentA good childhood spent at contact with nature in general gives best people plenty of respect for nature and healthy under other aspectsOne of Lisa's children the daughter developed at 3 years arthritis and the author and her partner noticed that staying outside in company with wild and domestic animals fox sparrowhawks helped her not only to discover the environment but also a better physical conditionThe arrival of school meant to the family the introduction of their children in a different environment where unfortunately as it happens most of the time nature animals wild or domestic ones not lived relaxingly but with a lot of stressAlthough their school implemented certain programs for permitting to the children to staying at contact with nature children where not set free to go where they wanted to go maybe also for the responsibility felt by the teachers expressing who they were and doing and discovering what they wanted to discoverFor this reason and for setting free their children from a land a constrictions and restrictions which sometimes can be school as a lot of other UK's families Lisa and her husband decided to remove their children from school educating them home Their daughter healed from her illnessThe author tells that she is much happy and joyous to spend in a best way her time at home and both these children appreciate a lot nature and all the other possible thematic as dinosaurs life learning in a natural and not oppressive way every possible topics with people their parents who are giving them all the best in terms of educationThanks to netgalleycom for this great book