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Download Mobi È Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit 419 pages ✓ Moneyexpresscard ↠ It’s going to take a miracle for Joanna Gordon to get through senior yearDespite being the daughter of a well known radio evangelist Jo has never hidden the fact that she’s gay and her dTs Mary Carlson the ultimate temptation Even though Jo knows this girl is completely off limits she just can’t get her out of her mind But Jo couldn’t possibly think of breaking her promise to her dad Even if Jo’s starting to fall for Mary Carlson Even if there’s a chance Mary Carlson might be interested in her too Right?Lord have mercyJo’s in for one hell of a ye It seems like all the lesbian YA I've been waiting for is out this year This is definitely the first time I've read an inspirational aka Christian YA lesbian romance I loved the writing style which made me laugh out loud a couple of times at Jo's observations The premise is interesting Jo is the out lesbian daughter of a preacher but when they move to a conservative small town in her senior year her dad asks her to go back in the closet She reluctantly agreesWhat I found interesting was how tempting being closeted was even for someone who was used to being out It's torturous but it also comes with benefits Jo tells herself she's doing this for her dad but it's clear that she's also reluctant to let go of the privileges that come with being part of the crowdI did have some issues with the book but I realized that those are standard romance tropes and this really is an inspirational romance book at heart I think Definitely one that I'm glad exists for teens today especially religious ones

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R to lie low for the rest of the year in the hopes that it will help him and his new wife settle in Jo reluctantly agreesAlthough when God closes a closet door he opens a window Everything becomes so easy for Jo once she rebrands herself as a straight girl No one gives her odd looks Her new stepfamily likes her She even gets in with the popular crowdAnd that’s how she mee Based on some reviews I had hoped that this would match or even just approach the stellar Everything Leads to You both with lesbian protagonists feeling their way into a lasting relationship Sadly I don't think it came particularly close And when a brick wall materialized on the train track at about the halfway point I choose to put it down I just can't stand the heartbreak that became inevitable even with the promise of the genre that they'd get through it I had half the book to go and I knew I'd be spending it anticipating the pain then going through the pain and the promise of the eventual reconciliationgrowth wasn't enough to keep me interestedThe thing is the whole situation has a couple of sloppy contradictions right from the beginning Jo's dad is the obvious not least because Jo's internal dialogue calls him on it as he supposedly loves and supports Jo for exactly who she is even as he asks her to pass for her entire senior year of High School I'm sorry but those are contradictory propositions A senior in HS is mature enough to choose her own course I could see a concerned father pointing out the difficulties and asking her to consider how out she wants to be But that's not at all how he approached it And bribing her to conform? No Just Hell noAnd sadly Jo herself is as contradictory It's clear that Jo ran with a rough druggy vandalizing but gay and proud group who took pride in being fringe and edgy and honest or ahem real So she makes a deal to fly under the radar for the year and I was hoping to see that strain as she strives to maintain her internal honesty even while compromising for her dad So I completely lost all sympathy for her when view spoilerMary Carlson comes out to Jo and admits having a crush on her and Jo outright lies to make Mary Carlson believe that Jo is just now figuring out she might be attracted to girls in response So Jo starts this relationship where they are clearly compatible and where the amazing person she wants to be with is open and honest and taking a risk in doing so And Jo begins with a pack of lies that are guaranteed to blow up on her in the not so very distant future hide spoiler

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Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden FruitIt’s going to take a miracle for Joanna Gordon to get through senior yearDespite being the daughter of a well known radio evangelist Jo has never hidden the fact that she’s gay and her dad has always supported her But that was back in Atlanta Now her dad the reverend has married wife number three and they’ve all moved to small town Rome Georgia When Jo’s dad asks he tw homophobia that is very triggering in the last third of the book and ableism an intellectually disabled character is constantly belittled and treated like a burden when others treat him this way it is never disputed by any of the characterslinks to reviews that also mentiondiscuss the ableism here and here you can also find a twitter thread heretl;dr While I can understand why people like the romance I think we should promote other ff books that aren't ableistUpdate 13th June 2018 Upon further reflection I feel like I should actually write outprovide evidence for why I disliked this book so much I'm not good at elouently putting my thoughts together so stay with me People have recommended this book to me non stop for an ff thread I made on Twitter and while I appreciate the sentiment I definitely don't think this should be promoted further If you're looking for a sapphic book about the balance between sexualitygender and religion I recommend Dress Codes For Small Towns which has significantly less homophobia than this novel I haven't read any own voices disability representation but Far From You and As I Descended both have main sapphic characters with a disability Disclaimer I do not have an intellectual disability nor am I close to someone who does but I recommend reading Natasha's review I do have practical experience workingteaching at a special school with students who have disabilities and seeing the way BTB was depicted as a small child incapable of anything honestly rubbed me the wrong way Of course all disabilities are different but I don't think the stereotypical representation in this was necessaryWe'll go chronologically where BTB is degraded by the main character upon their first interaction I get the feeling that BTB might not be in my honours classes Was that necessary? It's uickly established that BTB is a child incapable of learning on the same level as the main characters Every time he is spoken to the other characters treat him as if he's a child or talk slowly as if he can't possibly understand their language Then we meet the love interest and her group of friends who proceed to degrade or belittle the main character because they assumed she has an intellectual disability too After a couple mentions that BTB is incapable of joining in on churchclass discussions there's a line from the love interest where I'll just let it explain itself I unlock our doors and am getting in when I hear Mary Carlson across the parking lot Oh look BTB Your friend drives a car If she can do it I know you can Again was is necessary to suggest that intellectually disabled people can't do a single thing for themselves? After this scene Mary Carlson and her friend group decide to be friends with Joanna and stop belittling her because they discovered she doesn't have a learning disability like BTB Great 'I just thought well since y'all had been hanging out You must think we're such idiots Can we start over? Anybody who can put up with Barnum and his incessant elephant talk is destined to be my friend' Another thing that Natasha pointed out in her review and explained it better than I could is that Mary Carlson acts like BTB is a burden and is forcing her to stay in Rome I honestly don't get how so many people have just looked past this character literally being a burden to their precious love interest just for existingAnyway I understand why people would think that the romance is cute but I'd suggest finding other books that respectfully include characters with intellectual or physical disabilities