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Domino AUTHOR Kia Heavey review ↠ 107 Ó Domino has always relied on tooth and claw to keep the barnyard vermin free for his employers the Browns When he's not on patrol his main concerns are prowling with housecat friends and trying to impress the mysterious lethal female that lives in the nearby woods Then a brilliant and charismatic tom moDomino has always relied on tooth and claw to keep the barnyard vermin free for his employers the Browns When he's not on patrol his main concerns are prowling with housecat friends and trying to impress the mysterious lethal female that lives in the nearby woods Then a brilliant and. This is an unusual book Although not written in the first person it is told entirely from the life view of Domino a barn cat Domino has a happy life patrolling the various areas of the Brown family farm and the edges of the surrounding woodland He has cat friends throughout the neighborhood who he visits often and a dog who lives on the Brown farm with him but spends his days tethered to the dog house Domino likes to strut past him just out of reach Domino does all the cat things you might expect he hunts prey supplemented by kibble and occasional kitchen treats from the Browns he takes a mate Celine and they have a litter of kittens without going into too many details he is a proud papa raising his kits and eventually everyone grows up and moves on including the children in the Brown familyBut the main focus of the story happens one summer There's a new cat in the neighborhood Socrates who moved with his people from an apartment in the city His name is Socrates he's Siamese sits upright in a strange position and spews his “wisdom” to all the neighborhood cats Most of them are transfixed by him and his fancy words he has such an air of superiority He tells them cats are “transcendent beyond the presupposition of others” In fact “not just cats ALL creatures are transcendent” including dogs birds and even mice and rats He convinces most of the cats that it is wrong for them to hunt and kill After all most of them have people who attend to their needs so it's not that they really need the rats for their sustenance He even introduces them to some rat friends of his and convinces them that rats should be their friends too Things change after that in the neighborhood Soon there are rats everywhere since the cats aren't killing them Things go from bad to worse as Socrates rises in power Something's got to giveLove life death friendship pain frustration anger it's all here About any emotion we feel in our human lives happens among Domino and his friends It gives us a uniue look at the circle of life It makes you smile it makes you laugh and it makes you cry This is definitely a worthwhile read that will touch your heart

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And the natural order is turned upside down Locked in a deadly rivalry Domino must rely on his wits to save his territory his family and a time honored way of life from the bloody scourge that descends A tale of courage strength and love Domino is a bracing tonic for a world gone mad. An enjoyable novel that has a political foundation like Animal Farm but is character oriented I especially liked the character of Domino as he comes to grips with an outside agitator who is preaching euality of animals and upending the natural order While there is the obvious political foundation to the story this is not a preachy novel You can enjoy the story on its own

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Domino AUTHOR Kia HeavCharismatic tom moves into the neighborhood purring strange notions and introducing new friends and Domino soon learns there's no way to bite or scratch a poisonous idea As the evil grows life long friends become unrecognizable once proud felines renounce their very identities in fear. “He wanted to be a cat and he didn't want to have to delve into why he was a cat and whether he should be a cat and if it was all right for him to be a cat He just wanted to be” That's Domino the John Wayne of cats guarding his territory and his integrity and the character of all cats against the assault of a pompous intellectual and idealist a new cat in town named SocratesKia Heavey’s “Domino” is a farm cat with a simple mission protect his territory from intruders and keep rats and other vermin out of the farmer’s property “This is a book that very well may be mentioned in the same breath as Watership Down and Animal Farm” Jack July writes Something that never should happen does and Domino’s world is transformed This is a cautionary tale with animal characters whose human counterparts are readily discernibleThe threat first appears in the form of that fat cat known as Socrates This strange feline stands on two legs and draws an audience to himself as other cats gather to hear him orate His message of “transcendence” is revolutionary to the point of being counter to all that is natural‘And why are we so sure that it's perfectly all right for cats to kill and eat other creatures based only on our own presuppositions Again sounds of wonder and amazement came from the listeners Some moved closer still to Socrates and he looked down upon them with benevolence’Domino smells a rat Literally Before long Socrates is entreating his fellow cats to welcome rats as their peers not prey to be respected not killed and eatenA few other cats laugh at Socrates and dismiss him as a clown not worthy of a second thought but all the other local felines fall for his spiel to the point that rats are running the show and cats are suffering as a result By the time this is apparent even to the cats who've been duped they’re like the frogs in a kettle of water brought slowly to a boilMy favorite character is actually not the hero nor his compatriots but the beleaguered German Shepherd Thor who is inexplicably kept at the end of a long tether while cats have free reign over the farm Shame on Farmer Brown and his family Shame on Domino but he’s just a cat born to torture dogs As the plot thickens it’s Thor who transcends his canine nature to do what is right on principle without anyone having to exhort him to do so and without any hope of personal reward or recognitionAnd does Thor get the recognition he so richly deserves No not even from the BrownsWe know the dirty rat pack will eventually have to be brought down The uestion is how it will happen The surprises are in how much loss a cat can survive and how each cat will react The cat who goes mad becomes as epic as Jack London’s ghost dog in Call of the WildSpeaking of epic my favorite view of Socrates is when he approaches Domino on his own territory and delivers a threat He may not get the last word but “a gust whipped the snowflakes up and around wrapping him in a particulate mantle His pale fur mingled with the flurry until he became impossible to see though Domino could still hear his unnerving chuckle Then he disappeared altogether”Given that this story is told from Domino’s point of view it may be jarring to hear such exalted language “particulate” such proper English Domino never ends a sentence with a preposition such human understanding the vet’s needles are part of a grand scheme of things that cats like Domino and Celine must accept for their own good Domino’s narrative sounds almost as proper as an episode of Downton Abbey until he talks back in cat to his owners as rudely as one might expect of a cat When he engages in dialogue with other cats he can be surprisingly crude Me I’d use “piddle” or some other euphemism for the pi word but I’m so averse to crude language I didn’t allow my children to use “butt”or “fart” in conversation It’s just unclassy I was raised on a farm a social cipher but I read a lot and classy was one of the few safe ways to rebelAs a die hard dog lover I hardly feel capable of giving five out of five stars to a story where Thor doesn’t get the respect he deserves Not even from his humans As a purist I object to some of the phrasing pacing and plotting As a fan of good triumphing over evil I have to say this story deliversDISCLAIMER I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review