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review Ash Bramble Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB À A delightful deconstruction of society’s fairy tale myth wrapped in an exuisite spellbinding adventure A must read for teens who yearn to forge their very own story —Rae Carson author of the bestselling Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogyThe tale of Cinderella has been retold countless times But Ers young shoemakers are just as striking as princes and a heroine is than ready to rescue herself before the clock strikes midnightPin has no recollection of who she is or how she got to the Godmother’s fortress She only knows that she is a Seamstress working day in and out to make ball gowns fit for fairy tales But she longs to forsake her backbreaking servitude and dares to escape with the brave young ShoemakerPin isn’t free for lo. 15 STARSThe Number of UGHs1 The names A seamstress named Pin A shoemaker named Shoe WHAT THE F I cant take a character called Shoe seriously ok2 The whole plot3 The execution Wonderful idea used so poorly4 The writing and the dual povs The writing was so plain and how it switched between first and third person at the worst times bothered me a lot5 The pacing the dual povs hurt the story so much Whenever things started to get a bit interesting in Pin's pov the scene was cut and Shoe's boring and useless pov was shoved down our throats6 The characters They had no depth or any REAL characteristics7 The insta love one word HIDEOUS If you need a textbook definition of instalove definitely read the very first chapters of this one and the cringe worthyhalf hearted love triangle 8 NOPROPER worlbuilding It has massive holes 9 Things are ALWAYS too convenient10 PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING ELSEWhy You Should Give It A Chance1 Interesting premise The main characters live in a world where the Godmother is evil and kidnapps people erases their memories and uses them to make 'the story' powerful Every person that comes across to Godmother is caught in an inevitable scene intent on acting hisher parts in service to the story Some act their part in the cities being muppets in the hands of the Godmother others work in the Godmother's Forstress like slaves barely eating or getting any sleep not speaking not touching not loving doing nothing else but working so that Godmother gets things like candles dresses and even a glass slipper to use in the stories and happy endings she buildsOur main characters Pin and Shoe are both slaves in the Forstress They escape but Pin gets captured by the Godmother and gets her memory erased so that Godmother can force her into a happy ending to make the story powerful Shoe decides to save her but ends up being a big cock blocker ahem I mean storybreaker Whatever At one point the prince show up there is a ball a love triangle confusion and Pin trying to find out who she is and who she loves the most there is a big fight our heroes win but there is also redemption for the bad characters andI think I've said enough2 Umm that's it I've got nothing else to sell this bookWhy You Probably Should Stay Away From This Book1 BO RING After Pin loses her memories the plots gets interesting but man getting there was so painful2 Because I'm telling you Cause I like you If I dont hey you can read the book I'm totally ok if you want to share my pain3 May cause a severe reading slump4 I cant even make fun of this book Or rant In a fun way Cause you know I didnt have fun At all NADA FUN HEREThe Additional Thoughts I want a magical thimble too It makes everything possible rolls eyes #notbuyingthisshit SO MANY 'LOGIC FAILS' MOMENTS For example; oh sure lets trust the villian guy because he seems kind Gentle Yeah who cares that he was hunting you like 5 seconds ago He just offered you help to escape so he must be one of the good guys right Cinderella part only begins to show itself at the end of the chapter 9 Are you fucking kidding me This storybook was too damn boring Most of the time too much description but when it's necessary you cant find a proper one Godmother is interesting She ripps out people from their old lives and gives them a role in whatever elaborate plan she has for that place but WHY THE FUCK SHE DOES THAT EXPLAIN TO ME WTF SHE DOES THAT DAMN IT There are times Pin is a strong character and she doesnt let her choices be taken away from her BUT her badassness and feminist moments felt like they were way too forced So instead of making her a cool character they turned her into a annoying one ''The story gains power by forcing these endings Happily after endings Boring endings They are all the same'' Umm honey that's the point with the fairytales That's why we like them Shut your fucking mouth and stop talking nonseTHE GİF REVİEWME DURING THIS BOOKTHE VERDICT Read Cinder instead if you havent already

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Ng before she’s captured again and forced to live the new life the Godmother chooses for her a fairy tale story complete with a charming prince instead of finding her own happily ever afterAs Pin tries to fight her arranged path she finds that a sword is a much better fit for her than a glass slipper and that the boy who she escaped with is still searching for her and won’t stop until he rescues her if Pin doesn’t rescue herself fir. Any uotations used are subject to change by final print – this review is based on the ARC I think I need to let go of the fact that there’s a retelling out there I could love Ash Bramble is a Cinderella retelling and the best thing I can say about it is that is worlds better than Cinder was for me I’m not rating this high it’s just ok for me but I think if you’re someone that enjoys retellings and likes a dark twist to them you will probably love this book The story is told through two perspectives and Pen’s is first person present tense which is my favorite but then the other perspective changes to third person present tense and it’s not done all that terribly but it wasn’t my favorite way to read a story This book is about the wicked Godmother and the Story that controls than a city’s worth of people It starts out nice and dark I have some uotes to follow and I was so hopeful that this would be The One for me but alas the girl was meant to be some hardcore badass and I just found her tiring Looming over us is a fortress dark as a storm cloud; a clock set in its tallest suare tower watches grimly over all Around the courtyard is a high bramble covered wall In the middle is a wooden post with chains and manacles hanging from itMaybe it is safer in this gray fortress to hide your essential self deep within where no one else can see itNot uite enough food not nearly enough sleep a little exercise and punishments now and then to keep us from getting too dullWe cannot live long I think in service to the Godmother YES GIVE ME MOAR I love darkness in stories they’re so much harder to pull off and are so much intense than bubblegum filler – which has a time and place and can be just as satisfying but typically I’m after dark and painful I’m totally normal I swearThere are feminist messages in here but I was never fully behind them – they were a bit too forced for me Our main girl Pen makes it plain – over and over and over – that she will be the master of her own life and won’t be thrust into a relationship against her will This is a message I would totally get behind if I didn’t find her so annoying often than not I’m going to get into the things that brought me down so DO NOT READ them if you don’t want to be spoiled I’ll keep it as vague as I can but if you read it don’t get pissed at me if it gives something away – you’ve been warned These are in no particular order view spoilerShe’s on the run and starts a fire – then lights a candle using said fire so she can see Because firelight in her tiny little hideout was clearly not enough She coils her pieced together silk rope to which I had trouble believing her ability have made in the first place considering how on top of them the overseer was but whatever around her waist under her dress – and shift she says but they are stripped naked in the morning and the evening and doused with lice shampoo and cold water dumped and thrown on them How did she manage to “coil” it around her body in the setting she was in – the overseer would have noticed her shimmying that crap around her waist And I point out her shift in that sentence because she didn’t have a shift before that only the coarse undyed woolen dressShe says “she thinks things have to be a certain way and I know they don’t” This is another one of those moments where I felt her badassness was being way too forced Someone in the story says “We can’t keep uiet any longer It is time to act” Why Because two teenagers think they’re in love you’re going to throw away x years worth of hiding #notbuyingitIn this same vein at one point one of our main boys tells a spy one who had by all accounts been working in his role for uite some time how to handle his job Just no stop it He does that shit two or three timesThen at another point the boy tells someone about these people that are apparently leaders of the rebels but at no point did I see why he would just assume that He wasn’t told by them they didn’t have meetings there was nothing to suggest to me that these people were leaders but he was completely certain of it The prince captures the other boy and then after they spend the night talking about Pen all of sudden they’re acting like besties The next morning Shoe is calling the prince by his nickname – instabros How about how perfectly capable of fighting our girl suddenly became the moment she got her hands on a weapon Love when they’re spechulness leaches out She discovers her thimble can bring back memories after one of the boys points it out and what was funny to me about this was she had a similar thought not even a couple of pages prior but as soon as he said it she was like oh wow great idea Siiiiiiigh Then she doesn’t use the damn thing on herself to see if it would help her She then says how Cor already knew most of his before so it wasn’t really a risk to give him his memories back but again how dafu does she assume he knew most of his BeforeAll this time I hadn’t really cared that the passage of time wasn’t explicitly marked because the story is good enough to pull that off but then later one of the boys gives his specific age of when he was taken and says how he’d been a slave for a really long time I don’t know how he knew how long he’d been a slave Pen never knew how long she was there while she was a seamstress Then later we’re told the number of years that had passed and I realized it’s the first time I knew what age bracket they were In another scene there’s a big battle and Pen is being all hardcore badass and saving the day when she’s needed to rally other slaves – because of course So she leaves the battle and then enters the castle where she stops catches her breath and stomps the snow off her boots Because who cares about her friends that are outnumbered amirightAnd holy mother of gawd – each and every single time Cor or anyone mentions his mother they make sure to add “the ueen” after I’m telling you the truth – every fucking time Totally goddamn unnecessary Now the ending kind of confused me because Pen decides finally what boy she loves and yet and again I think this is supposed to make me cheer since I’m a feminist and had left him while he recovered from the climax of the story So she eve

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Ash BrambleA delightful deconstruction of society’s fairy tale myth wrapped in an exuisite spellbinding adventure A must read for teens who yearn to forge their very own story Rae Carson author of the bestselling Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogyThe tale of Cinderella has been retold countless times But what you know is not the true storySarah Prineas’s bold fairy tale retelling is a dark and captivating world where swords are fitting than slipp. This was such a strange book and I didn’t really enjoy it I found the story uite confusing as so little was explained and I got really bored5 out of 10