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COUNTDOWN It's 1999 Party like there's no tomorrow Pray that there will be JANUARYOn New Year's Day it happens. I read this series back in 1999 when it first came out and I know I enjoyed it so I've decided to reread the series so I can remember why I liked it Firstly I can say it held a lot intrigue back then because we were moving into 2000AD and there was lots of talk about the end of the world and such; so Daniel Parker's Countdown Series was uite timely considering it is a dystopian series about the year prior to the end of the world in 2000Countdown January begins with an attack on a Russian base that holds some sort of sinister military weapon that basically kills off everyone except for teenagersyoung adults The rest of the world is turned into puddles of clothing and black gooThe story unfolds through the eyes of five characters whose lives will obviously intersect at some stage during the seriesAriel Collins is a seventeen year old girl in Washington who spends most of her time getting drunk and partying as a coping mechanism for dealing with the tragedy that sweeps the worldJulia Morrison is another seventeen year old in New York City who we meet with a fake ID in a nightclub dealing with an abusive partner who she sticks with because everyone else she knows has disappearedHarold Wurf who at twenty years old is the youngest person in history to graduate from University of Texas Medical School and is a resident at University of Texas Hospital with a inflated ego and a sense of self importanceSarah Levy is an eighteen year old girl who is stuck in Israel with her brother Joshua and her Uncle Elijah When Elijah turns into a puddle of goo we find that he has the key to the whole series a scroll with a prophecy which makes Sarah one of the most important characters at least at this initial stage of the seriesGeorge Porter is a sixteen year old prisoner who is trying to get out of his cell and survive in this new worldThis book pretty much sets up the story so there's not a lot in it other than introducing characters and showing how they act and interact within this new world Sarah Levy's scroll revelations are interesting as it begins to show the reader what we can expectA great start to the series

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January CountdownA world where chaos reigns A world with no rules no orderand no adultsBecause the only people left are teenage. Daniel Parker whose true name is Daniel Ehrenhaft starts this series with one of the most interesting premises I’ve read every person older than 21 dies as the last year of the 20th century begins In the aftermath not only are teenagers faced with the responsibility of managing the entire world they are also facing the awakening of forces with which their predecessors never had to deal

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Download ¶ January (Countdown) ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ COUNTDOWN It's 1999 Party like there's no tomorrow Pray that there will be JANUARYOn New Year's Day it happens Over six billion people die within twenty four hoursThe stunned survivors are left to fend for themselves in a world where chaos reigns A worlOver six billion people die within twenty four hoursThe stunned survivors are left to fend for themselves in. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToocomBetween December 31 1998 and January 1 1999 things start going wrong all over the world It begins with a group of young women in hoods and robes taking over a mostly deserted military installation in Russia Throughout this twenty four hour period blackouts rage through the United States Europe Asia and beyond As teens everywhere are celebrating the start of a new year in style everyone over the age of twenty seems to either disappear or worse dissolve into a puddle of steaming black goo What the heck is going on Why are all of the adults and very young children suddenly gone from Earth and how will the teens that are left cope Added to the mix is that some people in the 19 22 range who survived the first round of deaths now seem to be succumbing to whatever happened dying off like everyone else There's Ariel and Brian and their group of friends in Babylon Washington spending days getting drunk until they can figure out what to do There's Julia and her abusive boyfriend Luke in New York City trying to figure out what's going on There's twenty year old Dr Harold Wulf youngest resident at the University of Texas Hospital in Austin Texas who takes advantage of the situation to feel like a hero We have eighteen year old Sarah Levy who along with her younger brother Josh are visiting their granduncle Elijah in Jerusalem And last but not least we have George Porter a teen spending time in the local jail in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for hot wiring a car As the book progresses we get glimpses that all of the above teens from all walks of life and in all different parts of the world are destined to play a part in figuring out what happened on New Year's Day 1999 As signs point to a deeper meaning than terrorists or global warfare each teen sets out on a destiny that will very likely mean the difference between life and death Definitely a great start to an entertaining series I'm looking forward to reading FEBRUARY book two Highly recommended