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characters Murder Must Advertise ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ó When ad man Victor Dean falls down the stairs in the offices of Pym's Publicity a respectable London advertising agency it looks like an accident Then Lord Peter Wimsey is called in and he soon discovers there's to copywriting than meets the eye A bLord Peter Wimsey is called in and he soon discovers there's to copywriting than meets the eye A bit of cocaine a hint of blackmail and some wanton w. I don't think I appreciate Dorothy Sayers as much as I should Really this is probably a 4 star book that I've given only 3 because I felt she got away from the murder solving a bit too much I should be enjoying her long asides into the advertising world and the game of cricket I should be impressed by the seriousness in which she handles drugs and death It's all uite masterful and ahead of her time I mean to say her craft and characters are mature than her contemporaries Perhaps I've been too inured by the short punchy detective fiction of many other authors of the genre Honestly Murder Must Advertise is truly a good read I'm not sure I'm a deserving reader though

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When ad man Victor Dean falls down the stairs in the offices of Pym's Publicity a respectable London advertising agency it looks like an accident Then. Lord Peter Wimsey goes undercover in an advertising agency in this the 10th book of Dorothy L Sayers’ series about this multi talented uirky aristocrat with a penchant for detecting Lord Peter uses two of his middle names for his alter ego in advertising Death Bredon The name “Death” is usually pronounced DEETH but Lord Peter fancies its traditional pronunciation because it suits his whimsyDeath Bredon is hired to replace a copy writer who met an untimely end on an interior metal spiral staircase The Director of Pym’s Publicity who hired him is Mr Pym himself due to his concern upon receiving a partial letter that was addressed to him by the deceased Something could be going on that jeopardizes the whole business and Mr Pym hired Death Bredon as a private investigator with a cover that worked well with the circumstancesIn this amazingly crafted story there were a few words and phrases I had never heard and some I had not heard in a very long time For example is a Picadilly Merry Go Round what we in Alberta at any rate call a “traffic circle” Or in this specific case the “Picadilly Traffic Circle” One example of a phrase I hadn’t heard since I was a kid was physical jerks in reference to physical exercises not the people who perform them And then there is a word I hadn’t heard for years ”buttinskis” literally meaning people who butt in to situations where they are not wanted or neededSome phrases gave me a giggle For example ”the lobster’s” dress shirt” “the bee’s knees” sliced bread; as in “the greatest thing since ” Then there is the term ”aluminum blondes” which in our day has been valued up to platinum blondes I also had a chuckle over the name of one of the upper crust dinner guests at Lord Peter’s brother and sister in law’s home Mme Framboise Douillet which translates to “Raspberry Cozy” or even “cozy raspberry” if the order is switched up which it freuently is in FrenchThis mystery is extraordinarily well written and in trademark Dorothy L Sayers fashion many intriguing and even fascinating incidents are woven into the story simultaneously advancing plot character suspense and overall ambience I loved this book and recommend it to all mystery lovers in particular although loving mysteries is definitely not a reuirement Cricket anyone Yes that’s another hint

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Murder Must AdvertiseOmen can be read between the lines And then there is the brutal succession of murders five of them each one a fixed fee for advertising a deadly secre. Published in 1933 much of this novel is set within a world that author Dorothy L Sayers knew well – that of an advertising agency in which she herself worked Lord Peter Wimsey is masuerading as plain Death pronounced ‘Deeth’ Bredon at Pym’s Publicity; having been called in my Mr Pym after the suspicious death of Mr Victor Dean who broke his neck after falling down a staircaseMr Bredon finds himself occupying Mr Dean’s room and before long is heavily involved in all aspects of office gossip I have to admit that the parts of this novel I enjoyed most are set within Pym’s Publicity but the story also features a group of Bright Young Things that Mr Dean was attracted by One of these smart set was the attractive but rather sinister Dian de Momerie These parts of the storyline worked less well for me but thankfully most of the book is set within the walls of Pym’s; with Lord Peter doing a salaried job for the first time Of course he does it very well as we would expect as well as solving the mysteryOverall this is an enjoyable read Lord Peter is centre stage throughout – although Parker does feature and he has dinner although we not privy to this meeting with Harriet once I loved the satirical look at advertising and the office setting was very enjoyable I am looking forward to reading on in this wonderful Golden Age series If you do enjoy Golden Age mysteries then these are some of the very best in the genre