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Read ePub ô Dodging Satan ê Kindle Edition ↠ moneyexpresscard à In this humorous coming of age story Bridget Flagherty a student at St Michael’s Catholic school outside Boston in the 60s and 70s takes refuge in her wacky misunderstandings of Bible Stories and Catholic beliefs to avoid the problG with how God and men treat women Her Italian female relatives glamorous Santa Anna black and blue Aunt Maria sophisticated Eleanor with a New York ‘Fellini pageboy’ offer sensual alternatives to the repression of her immediate family She prays fervently that “despite God’s bizarre treatment of married women some girls might still discover ways to have a great time without being a nun” Dodging Satan is the flip side of l'Histoire d'une Âme by Saint Thérèse of Lisieux authored by a twentieth century American girl chomping on a blue gum cigar while she talks to a confidant about God and se If you are looking for something a little different to read Dodging Satan by Kathleen McCormick is a great choice While I didn't have the experience of attending a Catholic school I could easily relate to this book having been raised as a Catholic I absolutely loved Bridget's character She is completely relatable and is trying to discover herself Meshed between the two cultures of Irish and Italian this is a fun read Bridget just doesn't seem to fit in anywhere in her crazy family or anywhere else for that matter There are a lot of funny moments some really are a reach but funny regardless The scenes with the Aunts are especially hysterical In this book you will see Bridget try to figure out just who she is in society and who she actually wants to be An entertaining light read that follows the foibles of the main character with much social commentary Dodging Satan is a uick read that will leave you wanting in the way of laughs and frivolity Recommended to any young girl trying to figure out her place in the world

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Cause explosions An avid Bible reader who innocently believes everything the nuns tell her Bridget’s saints martyrs and boney Christs become alive and audible within her While the nuns chide her sinful ‘mathematical pride’ and slow eating habits God answers her prayers instantly by day but the devil visits nightly in the dark Scenes run the gamut from laugh out loud Catholic brainwashing of children to heart wrenching abuse to riveting teenage excursions toward sex Young Bridget tries to make sense of a world of raging men and domestically subjugated women and carve a future for herself wrestlin Laugh out loud and challenging the Irish Catholic system in both a theological and an entirely comedic way This mash up of style works particularly well and I found it's tone to be refreshing It's told from a child's perspective Bridget who is finding ways to deal with her strict upbringing Echoing the socio politics of the time the subject of Catholicism and religion in the 60's and 70's McCormick brings a gritty realism to her story as she does a great job at animating recollections of a child growing up with her mad cap household Although to be expected some of the topics covered were serious and rather sad it is the writers light hearted and uirky manner which kept me enthralled throughout

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Dodging SatanIn this humorous coming of age story Bridget Flagherty a student at St Michael’s Catholic school outside Boston in the 60s and 70s takes refuge in her wacky misunderstandings of Bible Stories and Catholic beliefs to avoid the problems of her IrishItalian family life Her musings on sadistic nuns domestic violence emerging sexuality and God the Father’s romantic life will delight readers Bridget creates glorious supernatural worlds with exorcisms bird relics Virgin Martyrs time travel Biblical plagues even the ‘holy’ in holy water to cope with a family where leather handbags and even garlic can Dodging Satan by Kathleen McCormick is a uniue coming of age story about a girl who has to deal with an Irish side and an Italian side of her family The two sides clash on a regular basis over any number of topics but are both so deeply religious that they can't help but having a happy middle ground Kathleen deals with many different issues as a catholic school girl Some are common for girls her age such as maturity a wild imagination that manifests itself in the form of re tellings of biblical stories and puberty However others are much individual such as when she was forbidden for talking about her uncles in class because her family believed they survived World War 2 because they were wearing their crucifixes Some of the highlights of the autobiography are when Kathleen believes that God must live in her Dad's shoes because his feet kept him out of the war or that Satan moved into her room once she had to start sleeping in a double bed instead of a crib or the many different things her mother would say that covered domestic abuse from her young child While the majority of the story is written in a humorous manner there is an undertone at times that leaves the reader feeling bad for this young girl and what she had to go through Writing with both humor and sadness successfully are both attributes that prove you have found a good writer Nice job Kathleen