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Read American Heiress eBook ´ Hardcover × moneyexpresscard · On February 4 1974 Patty Hearst a sopho in college and heiress to the Hearst Family fortune was kidnapped by a ragtag group of self styled revolutionaries calling itself the Symbonese Liberation Army The weird turns that followed in this already sensaThe country; and then there was Patty's circuslike trial filled with theatrical courtroom confrontations and a dramatic last minute reversal after which the term Stockholm syndrome entered the lexicon Ultimately the saga highlighted a decade in which America seemed to be suffering a collective nervous breakdow 35 stars I listened to the audio of American Heiress The Wild Saga of the Kidnapping Crimes and Trial of Patty Hearst This piece of history is fascinating because following the kidnapping it is evident that Hearst participated actively in some of the criminal activities of her captors Toobin’s account of the story focuses on some of the discrepancies between what actually happened while Hearst was held captive on the one hand and her defence at trial and account of what happened after she was released on the other hand Toobin does an excellent job of setting up the historical context and providing a detailed account of the kidnapping and its aftermath It was interesting and sad to hear about how inept and misguided these apparent revolutionaries were and how Hurst fell under their spell In the end what was missing for me is a true sense of who Hearst is She was only 20 years old when she was kidnapped It is clear that she became an active participant in her captors’ activities She then denounced them and claims to have been motivated by a fear for her life The truth may lie somewhere in the middle in that as Toobin suggests Hearst may have developed Stockholm syndrome But Toobin does not appear to have had the benefit of her own voice today so she remains somewhat opaue and as a conseuence comes across as fairly unsympathetic Having said that this was interesting and I certainly don’t regret taking the time to listen to American Heiress

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On February 4 1974 Patty Hearst a sopho in college and heiress to the Hearst Family fortune was kidnapped by a ragtag group of self styled revolutionaries calling itself the Symbonese Liberation Army The weird turns that followed in this already sensational take are truly astonishing the Hearst family tried to Holy crap is it just me or are all terrorist cut from the same pathetic loser cloth? It's shocking that some things never changed Oh and I listened to this on audio Fantastic reader Highly recommend

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American HeiressSecure Patty's release by feeding the people of Oakland and San Francisco for free; bank security cameras captured Tania wielding a machine gun during a roberry; the LAPD engaged in the largest police shoot out in American history; the first breaking news event was broadcast live on telelvision stations across In this brilliantly crafted piece of non fiction Toobin explores one of the most sensational events of the 1970s which commenced with the kidnapping of teenager Patricia Campbell Hearst In a decade still hungover on the push for counterculture and raging against the Man the capture and turning of Patty Hearst illuminated how things had changed from the active 1960s where change through any mean was acceptable Toobin uses the early portion of the book to lay the groundwork for Hearst kidnapping describing the Symbionese Liberation Army SLA and their rationale for choosing Hearst whose family riches could surely be used to the Army's advantage After Hearst was taken and locked away from her captors the SLA began making demands not to line their own pockets with the millions the Hearst Empire surely possessed but to feed those in need As Toobin describes the SLA's demands helped create the People in Need PIN food distribution network While there were some good incentives to be realised the delivery was fraught with mishaps including riots injuries and collusion within the chain of command Negative reactions by the Hearst family to the PIN initiative soured their connection to the SLA who continued to profess demands to facilitate Patty's safe release It was at this time posits Toobin that Patty Hearst may have not only softened towards her captors but also sought a role in the Army Hearst went from being their captive to a member of the team in a series of events within the SLA's 'clubhouse' From here Toobin explores the SLA and their hiding while they plotted to line their own pockets with cash through a major bank heist where they would publicly prove that Patty Hearst using the moniker Tania was no longer a prisoner but a willing combatant in the war against the fascist state As the Toobin narrative flows the reader is able to see the extent to which 'Tania' sympathised with the SLA and how she took on a life in the underground to keep herself from being caught One of the FBI's Most Wanted Hearst was forced to sneak around in order to protect herself and those around her which would lead to further crimes so that she might stay afloat The tumultuous 18 month manhunt ended when Hearst was arrested for her crimes and sent to trial which turned out to be another circus of media frenzy It was during her trial now in front of the spotlight that her notoriety rose even and those closest to her at the defence table namely F Lee Bailey sought to use her fame to boost his own reputation Toobin goes through the trial in his legal analyst manner and recounts some of the foibles which would lead to her conviction However many uestions were raised in testimony some of which I am happy to explore below That Patty Hearst became a name most anyone in the 1970s could have recognised is beyond dispute However the transformation this 19 year old took from the day she was forced into the trunk of a car until she was eventually led away in handcuffs over a year later is fascinating Toobin did a fabulous job directing this journey sure to impress the reader who has the patience to wade through the rollercoaster journeyI thought I ought to take a few minutes to explore the Symbionese Liberation Army as presented by the author Formed by the politically minded Donald DeFreeze and some like minded youths the SLA sought to create a renewed buzz of the counterculture movement pitting themselves against the State which it felt was fascist in nature However as Toobin mentions repeatedly no other groups on the left trying to make political statements within the United States would associate themselves with the SLA They were to