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Perfectly Imperfect mobi ↠ Kindle Edition Read ½ Standalone novelMirror mirror who's the fairest of them all?I still cringe when I hear that line A fairy tale that had girls pretending they were the fairest the most beautiful and the most entitled A fairy tale most couldn't grow out of turned my haunted childhood memories into aAt stomachs and perfect chestsThe type of women Kane Masters gravitated towardWell that's definitely not Willow TateNo That will never be meBecause I'm completely imperfectAnd I hate myselfI have no idea what Kane could possibly see in someone like me when he could have th Now LIVE US UKBarnes Noble4 'You Make Me Feel Alive' StarsWillow Tate spent the majority of her life hating herself Hating that she doesn't look perfect that she feels useless and that her own family doesn't even want her But when the husband she thought she deserved the one that talked down to her and told her she was nothing divorces her she finally wakes up She's not useless she's not ugly and she certainly doesn't deserve to be treated like garbage The day she walked out of her attorney's office a divorced woman she vowed to make a change and nothing will stand in her way Movie star Kane Masters never thought that the day he went to his attorney's office to check on a contract would be the day his life changed forever When he saw Willow sitting there all he could do was stare at the perfect version of beauty He wanted to talk to her get her number or anything from her But she walked away and he had to let her But he didn't give up that easily and months later he tracks her down and makes it impossible to say no to working with him Kane see's how perfect Willow is and he's determined to make sure she knows how much she means to the world and to finally make her his I didn't really know what this book was about before starting it but it's by one of my go to authors so I jumped at the chance to read it I had nothing to fear from Harper Sloan and I loved this book I was a little nervous at first that too much focus would be put on Willow and her struggles and then Kane would be lost in the background But he has such a huge part of this story and I loved how he was there to help Willow along her journey Kane lived in the fake world of Hollywood surrounded by fake people that all just wanted his attention and part of his fame But even in that kind of environment he never let himself change and he still had the same caring personality that was than a little swoon worthy I really enjoyed his character and how patient he was with Willow and understanding about her fears Willow was such a strong character and I really felt for her and admired her She didn't just have her own doubts to deal with she had doubts that others were throwing on her People that were supposed to love and protect her were the ones hurting her but when she gave them a big fuck you I was smiling so big and loved her even Being with Kane was so hard for her to do but she never let her fear keep her from trying and I really liked that I think the number one reason I like this book so much is because it's so real It's not just a problem with self esteem that's thrown in the book to give it a little something extra It's real and true and it was a part of the characters that was completely realistic No sugar coating it or moving past it in a day it focused on the real hard work a person goes through to become okay with themselves Now with that being said I did want a little about how Willow was able to overcome the biggest part of her issues but they weren't just there and then gone the next day but it was kind of fast since time skipped Bottom line I loved this story and couldn't put it down once I started The characters were amazing and brought out the best in each other which was really spectacular to see and the storyline was really realistic so there was no eye rolling from me during this one The epilogue kind of threw out a lot of information that I wish was explained a little better but it didn't affect my rating at all Overall this book is just amazing ARC kindly provided by TRSOR Promotion in exchange for an honest review

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Standalone novelMirror mirror who's the fairest of them all?I still cringe when I hear that line A fairy tale that had girls pretending they were the fairest the most beautiful and the most entitled A fairy tale most couldn't grow out of turned my haunted childhood memorie 4 #IAMWILLOW STARS “A person can be stronger than fear tries to trick them into believing” Harper Sloan went for the jugular with this book That being the emotional jugular that makes you feel all the feels until your throat closes up with tears and you start re thinking your life choices and how you can start treating yourself better from now on While I’m used to campy entertainment with my guilty pleasure author she just did an one eighty and bombarded me with heavy food for thought wrapped up in a fairytale The story of Willow and Kane delivers an important message about body image and social perceptions while telling a classic over the top black swan gets her prince charming romantic tale I wasn’t really sure if I was supposed to laugh roll my eyes or maybe cry a little I ended up with a bit of all of the above Once I got passed the fact that this is not exactly a contemporary romance I actually had a rather dream like enjoyable time reading this book Drama notwithstanding “Today is the day when everything I have been working toward comes to fruition Today I choose to be a better me One who doesn’t hate herself One who isn’t so self conscious of everyone around her Today I choose strength ” Willow has a bad day in fact she has had a bad couple of years Starting with the death of her mother the father who didn’t want her the evil half sister and the verbally abusive ex husband Somewhere along the line she gave up caring for herself and for all intents and purposes she stopped livingEnter the day of finalizing her divorce Everything that can go wrong does and on top of all the embarrassment she is rescued by prince charming aka sexiest man alive and actor Kane Masters Yeah I told you it was a bit over the top Just roll with it I’m the last person to pretend that the romance books we read are in any way realistic but to be perfectly honest and because I can't stress this enough you should read this book as a fairytale with deeper meaning WillowOh Willow She is a special character Completely brainwashed and suppressed by her family she is stuck in her head unable to see the beauty in herself I can’t lie at times it is hard to see how badly she is treated and how little self confidence she has left to find her way out of the downward spiral It literally takes the prince in the shining armor for her to see the light But once he appears she bloomsWhich leads us to the man Kane Masters He is a dreamy one Obviously good looking successful and lonely Women throw themselves at him and yet he can't seem to find the one That is until he meets the girl with the brown eyes What can I say? I guess the man is a pure figment of imagination He always knows what to say and what to do He literally is perfect But don't hold it against him Willow really needs a strong shoulder to lean on I'm sure there were some minor flaws later onyes there must have been some ;D “When I look in the mirror I won’t see the things they will most likely say about me I’ll see me Willow Tate the woman who isn’t perfect but she is perfect in her imperfections” Perfectly Imperfect was a good read for me I was sucked in right from the start just like watching a car crash in slow motion Yes that's exactly how messed up Willow's life is I was immediately invested in the lovable yet slightly awkward character and I devoured the rest of her story rather uicklyMs Sloan has a nice writing style hence her being my guilty pleasure author She tells entertaining stories and this one fits that bill just like the ones I read before and on top of that it makes you think In a world driven by superficial beauty and expectations it imperative to acknowledge the Willow within each and everyone of us and to make sure we live the life we want and not the one society expects us to Willow alone makes this an exceptional read and a worthy one if you ask me ARC very kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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Perfectly Imperfect S into a living nightmare Girls who grew up believing that pile of garbage became the meanest of all 'mean girls'And those mean girls were right it was a line meant for all the beautiful people in the world and I knew the answer would never be meThe women with long legs fl 4 Perfectly Imperfect Stars Willow is a girl with personal image issues Except her issues run a little deeper than the usual self doubts that women have She despises her body she has serious self esteem issues and she doesn’t think she’s worth much So when Kane Hollywood heartthrob crosses paths with her and show interest she thinks it’s all a huge joke on her because there’s no way a guy like Kane will ever look to a girl like her But Kane likes Willow for what she is and he can see the beauty that she can’t And he’s decided not only to have her but to make her believe that she’s as beautiful as he thinks of her Despite this is a romance book with really sweet moments and sexy ones as well this was also a book of overcoming her own fears and empowerment of a woman that learned to appreciate herself was she was and not as a society thinks a woman should be As a woman I had my share of body issues we are all guilty of that so it’s nice to read a story where the heroine doesn’t have a perfect little body while eating burgers 5 times a day That said I felt like the story was powerful enough with this premise an I felt like all the “other” drama that happened towards the end was really not necessary to make this book interesting and it was a little too much There was a little of insta love but to be honest it didn’t made a difference for me To finish if you want to read a steamy and sweet romance story this book is definitely a good choice Rating 4 Stars Characters Development Kane is a perfect hero The way he treats Willow and his so protective of her Willow is really sweet as well and despite her insecurities and self doubt she really overcomes a lot Her family was really nasty and to be honest they deserved a huge punishment Steam Hot Sensible Subjects view spoiler Body Image Issues hide spoiler