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Free read × Just Physical (The Hollywood Series, #3) È PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ê After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis twenty five year old Jill Corrigan takes herself off the romantic market Not wanting to become a burden to a potential partner she foIng in love Despite their growing feelings for each other Jill resolves to let Crash into her bed but not her heart As they start to play with fire on and off camera will they really be able to keep things just physic. Just as good as the others in this series Loved the build up of the romance and the characters I am going to read Heart Trouble again now Though not strictly the next one in the Hollywood series some of the characters make an appearance in this book I love it when that happens It makes me feel connected to the characters

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After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis twenty five year old Jill Corrigan takes herself off the romantic market Not wanting to become a burden to a potential partner she focuses on her career as an actress inst. My third reread of this week of a Jae book well 3rd reread of this week just so happens to be by same author and in same series I read this book the first time in 2015 again some distance away from prior book in series though just a few months between books as opposed to the year between books one and two That's the first time I read the series This time I read the books back to back this week over the course of three daysPrior two books in this series kept knocking on my six star shelf especially since books can't get there unless they are rereads And they are uite good books Both were just slightly less than top level best of the best reads though Both rereads were slightly satisfying experiences than first reads thoughThis time This book I mean I originally gave this book a rating of 5 stars And this time give it a rating of 475 It's been 2 years so it isn't that I reread the book too close to original read No it was just certain aspects that detracted from my enjoymentBook 2 in the series had the main characters thrust together and 'in trouble' or helping to get out of trouble because of Jill Because Grace had been willing to help her friend who hadhas multiple sclerosis and had been caught in photographic form looking like she was having an affair a lesbian affair at that So Jill isn't some side character who is barely seen heck she once was the girlfriend of Amanda the star of the first book in the series but was too far in the closet for the relationship to last and so it collapsed So okay 1 the reader doesn't know about the Amanda connection until it came up in book 2 and 2 Jill doesn't appear in book one So my mild attempt to raise the importance of Jill collapsed before I could make the claim Right no matter Though will include a specific sentence I was going to mention 'Jill isn't some barely there seen a few times side character in book 2; unlike Grace star of book 2 in this book here or Laleh in this book’ Laleh who the heck is that you might be thinking Well Laleh was briefly in this book and talked about than seen briefly talked about She is a waitress at a Persian restaurant that Crash and Jill went to in this book here and is of importance because she later starred in a book of her own in which most maybe all for the main starring characters in this ‘Hollywood series’ make an appearance – 2016’s Heart TroubleI had a point I was attempting to make probably lost the point somewhere along the line – namely that Jill has a biggish role in the series – bigger in some ways than other main characters who make something like cameos but are ‘barely there’ Like I already mentioned Grace appears in this book here – she actually has ‘scenes’ than I recalled though she’s mostly there not talking much as opposed to playing an important role A stand in if you will for someone Jill is willing to turn to for help instead of turning to Crash Lauren plays a bigger role than Grace in this book but really felt like something of a ‘see here’s another character from the past It’s like a reunion of sorts’ Though that’s kind unfair – I mean the movie Jill is co staring in and that Crash is stuntwoman on was written by Lauren Right enough of thatJill has MS – the book opens at some point prior to book 2 of the series I believe a year before where Jill learns about her illness Then pops forward 2 years or possibly 18 months for the remainder of the book or 1 year after the end of book 2 Jill is still having trouble getting work as an actress but that’s mentioned here and there since she’s actively working on a film for the most of the book A film titled Shaken to the Core if not known yet a lot of Jae’s works are connected in one way or another like the Hollywood series is connected to both ‘Shaken to the Core’ and ‘Heart Trouble’; while ‘Shaken to the Core’ is connected to yet another series ‘Backwards to Oregon’ through a side character the same one Jill plays in the movie who is a descendent of the people in that Oregon series Jill plays Dr Lucy Sharpe in a film about the 1906 earthuake in San Francisco A film written by Lauren Since she has MS the directors main director and the 2nd unit director who does the action and stunt stuff wanted someone else to do most of the actionphysical scenes Things as ‘little’ as stumbling over a bedpan – which is the first stunt that the stuntwoman had to perform in the book and in the film Crash plays the other main character in this book and the stuntwoman who is confused by doing such a ‘simple stunt’ and assumes that Jill is a ‘Hollywood Diva’ or sleeping with someone of importance oddly she never thought that Jill was sleeping with say Lauren who does have some limited power – no once Crash gazed upon Jill she knew Jill was a lesbian and therefore shrugs Unfortunately for Crash she makes her view public Unfortunate because that ‘Hollywood Diva’ was standing right behind her So Crash and Jill meet badlySomewhere along the way though Crash and Jill start some kind of relationship The kind wherein they aren’t really dating but are and there’s lots and lots of sex and I mean a lot I’d forgotten that this book seemed to be so full of sex But not really dating because Jill doesn’t do that I had one real problem with the book – that push pull dynamic between Jill and Crash got old fast Crash would try to have a relationship with Jill Crash would get as close as she could – Jill would – seemingly at the same time push and pull Crash; then push harder – pushing Crash away Because Now there’s a reason for Jill’s actions – view spoilershe’s both a lesbian with sexual needs so after 2 years of keeping away from sex she ‘finally’ breaks down and has some and someone with trust issues so it can just be sex because she doesn’t trust anyone would stick around because of the MS hide spoiler

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Just Physical The Hollywood Series #3Ead On the set of a disaster movie she meets stunt woman Kristine “Crash” Patterson whose easy smile instantly makes Jill wish things were differentMeanwhile Crash is trained to fall but she didn’t count on fall. You know a book will be well written well researched and edited to perfection when Jae is listed as the author She breathes life into her characters Her scenes and settings are easy to visualize Just Physical is all this plus an educational read on the challenges faced by those with MS The physical side effects and current treatment processes are a given What I had not considered before was the stigma that comes with an MS diagnosis Careers are affected as are relationships Jae brings this home with Jill's treatment on the set of a film she almost didn't get a role in because the director felt she would be unable to keep up with the rest of the cast Jill prickles at what she perceives as coddling by Crash after she becomes aware of Jill's MS As heroic as Jill is made out to be I found Crash the easier character to admire She had her own demons to contend with and an attraction to Jill she wanted to explore She also pursued Jill with a gentle kindness which many times I didn't feel Jill deserved Jill had her reasons to not want to form a romantic relationship to not have to see a lover become her caregiver Her arguments and repeated rejection of Crash made the book feel much longer than its 288 pages Her fears and her pride made her seem obstinate rather than noble It's rare that I pick a favourite in a romance novel but in Just Physical I was cheering for Crash and frustrated with Jill