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epub ´ ó Ally Broadfield Rs with an offer of an even larger paymentif she agrees to masuerade as his betrothed to deter the other ladies until the house party ends As they work together to solve the mystery their mutual attraction grows but just when they begin to think they should make their engagement real a secret is revealed that could destroy everythi Given to me for an honest review I believe I haven't read any of Ms Broadfield's other books but she will be put on my favorite author list only 5 stars allowed This has been an enjoyable book from page 1 A little boy grows up and still wants to find the tiara that is hidden somewhere in his house His parents think that he is not taking life seriously enough Edward thinks that everything he could manage his father the Duke would have the final say His parents are having a house party so Edward can choose a bride from the visitors He can invite some male friendsWill he be able to find someone special who doesn't care about the money and the Dukedom? Or will he have to settle for someone who he might be able to tolerate?

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kindle Ñ How to Bewitch an Earl read ☆ He never expected the clues to lead to herEdward Adair heir to the Duke of Boulstridge is interested in finding a missing family heirloom than a wife But when his parents issue an ultimatum – marry or lose your allowance – he reluctantly agrees to attend a house party to find a bride Instead he di He never expected the clues to lead to herEdward Adair heir to the Duke of Boulstridge is interested in finding a missing family heirloom than a wife But when his parents issue an ultimatum – marry or lose your allowance – he reluctantly agrees to attend a house party to find a bride Instead he discovers attractive but infuriat M A S T E R P I E C EUpdate 12012015 How to Bewitch an Earl by Ally Broadfield is a Victorian Romance with a big slide of mystery and treasure hunt Broadfield made a good work mixing two of my favorites things on HR books A treasure hunt with tricky hints and a money agreement that leads to even in the main characters don’t want it toYou know how most of the heroes of HR books came from horrible families Except for the Bridgertons of course they were the dream family of that century And I think it’s the same with the Adair Family their parents are so in love with each other and love their children even –if you’ve read the first book in this series you know how good they are – I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoyed this book from the beginningEdward isn’t a broken boy who doesn’t know how to love someone nor he is a cold hearted rake He is just an earl too young to settle down who only purpose on life is to find the lost tiara of his great great great great grandmother following the hints left in her diary so many years ago Which is said is covered with pink diamonds –I didn’t know those exists in that centuryWhat’s the big deal? His father the Duke of Boulstridge thinks is time for Edward to take responsibilities And in 19th century that could be easily translate to find an eligible blued blooded girl to marryAnother think I love about HR books are secrets these books are full of them And Miss Isabella Winthrop is the biggest one A beautiful well manner young lady who is hiding as the companion girl of an elder woman a friend of the duchess Said friend is invited to the Duchess of Boulstridge’s party in the countryside because you can have a house full of young eligible ladies with just one earl looking for a wifeThat’s how Isabella meets Edward and I’m so happy to said it was hate at first side What a presumptuous odius loathsome unpleasant manSee? No insta love for this couple They found themselves in a funny situation in a library –the best place to have fun as always –and they can’t stand the sight of the otherBut when Isabella finds the diary of Edward’s great great grandmother and offers her help in exchange of an enormous uantity of money They start to spending a lot of unchaperoned hours together And you know what happen next I know you do She leaned toward him she couldn’t stop herselfHe met her halfway and pressed his lips softly to hers It was so much fun reading this book and trying to –and failing to –resolve the mystery It took just two days full of laugh and exciting moments I was hanging by a thread at the last chapters knowing that a plot twist was coming but not knowing exactly whenAlly Broadfield has done an amazing job with this story She has created strong characters full of personalities It would be almost impossible not fall in love with them And I know she will do a great job with the next book in this series which I want to read right awayFor Julia uinn’s fans How to Bewitch an Earl is a story that will find its way to your heart without you realize it But believe me there isn’t any regret in reading this book

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How to Bewitch an Earl How To #2 Ing Miss Isabella Winthrop in his library reading the private family journal that holds clues to the location of the heirloomThough Isabella finds Edward haughty and arrogant she offers to take him to the next clue mentioned in the journal if he will pay her which will enable her to help her brother restore his estate Edward counte I like to read Ally's books in this series It makes it different because there is a hidden piece of jewelry that no one has found yet Spoiler I enjoy her story line with her characters who share their happy and sad Edward wants to find that tiara He has to read a diary with hints Isa is a paid companion and finds the diary in the library after the Duchess gives her carte blanc to read whatever she wants Edward comes in and jumps on her Her Grace comes to her rescue He finally agrees she can try to find it while he is forced to find a wife at their house party Spoiler The rest of the spoilers would ruin this story I would recommend this to a mature reader It is hard to put down and reads uickly I liked this story I hope you want to read it too Don't pass this by and enjoy reading this book I have this book for an honest review for NetGalley