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Old Country Book Ñ 341 pages Download ´ Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B010O3S0IWhen elusive Italian hit man ‘The Winemaker’ refuses to carry out a final job for his American crime boss a ruthless charismatic assassin is sent to Italy to attempt to track him down In an increasingly corporate America that’s impatiently banging Life it is a story of family love and betrayal; the story of a man with a personal code being dragged into an increasingly lawless world with explosive and heart breaking conseuences 'An emotional and cinematic journey through the mountains of Southern Italy and into the scarred heart of an assassi As some of the previous reviews have picked up on this is a different take on the standard mafia novel very much character driven and focusing on two families living in Italy and America who eventually collide in a final showdownIf you're looking for a mindless thrills and spills page turner full of two dimensional characters bland dialogue and improbable plots twists this may not be for youIf you're looking for something with a heart and soul and complex multifaceted characters this is a book you will cherishPacked with life banter and evocative images of Southern Italy the grape harvest village festivals this is a book of sweeping scope funny emotional violent disturbing in places it had a little bit of everythingWhat is without uestion is by the final third when American assassins are on the trial of ' The Winemaker' in Italy you care about the characters in this book and are totally immersed in the story I loved itBut if you're looking for a standard American gangster novel you may need to look elsewhere As Pops so memorable tells Flavio in the story He's not American He's Old Country

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Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B010O3S0IWhen elusive Italian hit man ‘The Winemaker’ refuses to carry out a final job for his American crime boss a ruthless charismatic assassin is sent to Italy to attempt to track him down In an increasingly corporate America that’s impatiently bangin I received this book in exchange for an honest review Thanks to the author Leonardo Donofrio for providing me with a copy Before embarking on the journey portrayed within this book's pages I knew only one thing about this book it was similar to the Godfather I might not have read the book yet but I was well aware of the story I was intrigued and excited to begin something of which I had so little knowledge and no experience or association with Old Country is a tale of Italian mob culture close knit families and the recorded life of a contract killer In this world blood is thicker than water and honour or lack of it and reputation can sink a man It is a uiet tale that develops slowly in long moments of peace and uick bursts of action uite the opposite to what I had expected There is action but the story is primarily developed over familial episodes and childhood recollections all recounted over the lush Tuscan backdrop There was a beauty to this book that I hadn't anticipated both in setting and writing The characters often felt like Italian stereotypes and yet were entirely believable The stereotypes were not wooden but allowed for an accessible world to open for the reader Without this relatable and understood link to the Italian culture and heritage I would be uite lost I found all the characters likable and unlikable in eual amounts and as there was no definitive good guysbad guys binary I found myself rooting for all the characters simultaneously No one is innocent and all are guilty Perhaps my empathy lay a little closely with Marco Rizzo as he was our primary protagonist and therefore our primary link to the storyHis repeated childhood reminiscences also allowed me to sympathize and understand his present a lot better and align me a little to his side in this case of bad vs badder There is a hint of the man he is to become in these youthful anecdotes The reader gets to view them with their future knowledge and tear them apart to decipher the clues as to how he came to become the man he is in the book's present; how he became a killerYet everyone has a multitude of sides presented for them This is represented by the myriad of names given to each character which embodies the multitude of sides to these complex characters and the number of roles they perform son father lover boss good guy bad guy hero villain Murderer Deliverer of justice It allowed me to view these what I believed initially unrelatable characters as human beings as the book progressed I got to see them as multi faceted people with motivations once alien and now understood if not approvedThe reader is given both sides of the story which makes it interesting but the fact that neither is good makes it compelling If you want beautiful storytelling a rich setting diverse characters a compelling story line and a uniue plot then look no further because Old Country is for you

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Old Country G on the door of the 21st century all the old ways are changing – but in the mountains of Southern Italy there’s one man who is still ‘Old Country’ Funny poignant violent suspenseful Old Country is a gangster story like no other Full of authentic Italian characters and snapshots of village I borrowed this book from Prime Lender's Library based upon a Goodreads group recommendation It is not fundamentally a mafia crime novel although there are several scenes in which murders are committed ruthlessly Most of the story is a tediously paced biography of a family whose lives are intertwined with the mafia both in Italy and the USA Despite various attempts by the two main characters Marco and Primo to leave that life behind they cannot escape its tentacles In the final section of the book the action picks up as Marco finds himself pitted against paid assassins who are hunting him down yep all their names end in oIf there is an overarching moral stance it might be summed up in Marco's ruminations Chapter 37 Maybe it was better to leave the world innocent and unsullied before your soul was hardened and calloused before everything was broken and splintered He tried to live by a code but how could he? The world was a savage and brutal place and would tear you to shreds if you let it he'd had to compromise himself Flavio had chosen this life and he had to take the conseuences The sins of the father shall be visited upon his childrenthat was the way of things Yes it was better to die young peacefully slip away innocent and pure still wrapped in the sweet fuzzy cocoon of childhood a smile on your lipsI have a low threshold for entertainment value and generally enjoyed this novel with one glaring exception the horrendous editing It reads like Donofrio hired his twelve year old nephew as publisher It is rife with spelling and grammatical errors which are not too difficult to parse in context but are distracting nonetheless In the beginning the words wonder and wander are consistently misused eg he wondered from the shed into the wine fields; then just when you believe he finally figured out their meanings they are maddeningly interchanged incorrectly at the end of the book Overall I rate Old Country three stars and am not unhappy I spent nine days with it I am not an author but if I had invested that amount of time writing such a novel I would be uncontrollably furious that the final product contains so much inexcusable errata