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reader ☆ Twilight of American Sanity Hardcover read ↠ moneyexpresscard Ô A landmark book from “one of the world’s most prominent psychiatrists” The Atlantic June 2017 Eminent psychiatrist Allen Frances analyzes the national psyche viewing the rise of Donald J Trump as darkly symptomatic Its sole cause Blaming him for all our troubles misses the deeper underlying societal sickness that made possible his unlikely ascent Calling Trump crazy allows us to avoid confronting the craziness in our society if we want to get sane we must first gain insight about ourselves Simply put Trump isn’t crazy but our society is – from TWILIGHT OF AMERICAN SANITYMore than three years in the making the world's leading expert on psychiatric diagnosis past leader of the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM “the bible of psychology” and author of the influential international bestseller on the medicalization of ordinary life Saving Normal draws upon his vast experience to deliver a powerful critiue of modern American society’s co The book written by a Psychiatrist opens with a statement that Donald J Trump is not crazy or insane but rather speaks about a larger US wide Social Delusion which Trump capitalized upon in his election victory The Social Delusion includes denial of the major topics of the day income ineuality climate change population growth and other itemsYou need to be careful here to broadly interpret all the author asserts still some thread of the politics of Social Delusion deficits don't matter; there isn't any climate change; stopping Planned Parenthood funding and support for birth control in the developing world are or appear to be the current policies of this administration and are thought to be short sighted at bestClosing with ideas on how to organize the word resist isn't used has some good ideasMy bottom line interesting but unfocused book some great parts concerning Social Delusion across the US and the very large and negative impact some of the current administration's policies have or may have No commentary on what the Democratic party's responsibilities were in augmenting these Social Delusions or how the Democratic party could help heal the country an opportunity missedCarl Gallozzicgallozzicomcastnet

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A landmark book from “one of the world’s most prominent psychiatrists” The Atlantic June 2017 Eminent psychiatrist Allen Frances analyzes the national psyche viewing the rise of Donald J Trump as darkly symptomatic of a deeper societal distress Eually challenging and profound Twlilight of American Sanity makes sense of our time and charts the way forwardIt is comforting to see President Donald Trump as a crazy man a one off an exception not a reflection on us or our democracy But in ways I never anticipated his rise was absolutely predictable and a mirror on our soul What does it say about us that we elected someone so manifestly unfit and unprepared to determine mankind’s future? Trump is a symptom of a world in distress not When it comes to finding commonsense solutions to concrete problems we the people are better wiser and united than the politicians who represent us The platforms of the political parties are drawn up to satisfy the entrenched self interests of their most rabid members and therefore emphasize differences rather than commonalitiesAllen Frances is not only philosophical and analytical he's fantastic This is pull no punches straight talk that won't sit well with far right pseudo religious extremists Dr Frances lays out the schematics of how we got to here and offers both dystopian and utopian views of where we're headed next I have yet to encounter anyone who so closely parallels my own opinions and perspectives This is a thoughtful dissertation on what should be blatantly obvious; the emperor has no clothes

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Twilight of American Sanity Llective slide away from sanity and offers an urgently needed prescription for reclaiming our bearings Widely cited in recent months as the man who uite literally wrote the diagnostic criteria for narcissism Allen Frances MD has been at the center of the debate surrounding President Trump’s mental state uoted in Evan Osnos’s May 2017 New Yorker article “How Trump Could Get Fired” and publishing a much shared opinion letter in the New York Times “An Eminent Psychiatrist Demurs on Trump’s Mental State” Frances argues that Trump is bad not mad and that the real uestion to wrestle with is how we as a country could have chosen him as our leader Twilight of American Sanity is an essential work for understanding our national cris Trump is not mad but our society ismy translationInterview in Portuguese view Allen Frances should have stated his present political affiliation; midterm elections are just around the corner He should have been asked about the work Mad Politics Keeping Your Sanity in a World Gone Crazy by Gina Loudon And as he uses the expression Democracy dies in apathy it sounds like WaPo terminologyslogan Ah he should have elaborated a bit on the Goldwater RuleUPDATENow Allen Frances suggests Trump is a monster well worse than Mao Hitler and Stalin Gee