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Will surely lend him a patina of respectability Finally he must obtain a guarantee that his orphan and the governess will better his character and reputation without unduly disturbing his life love life or otherwiseRules of Passion As a condition of accepting the governess position Miss Pamela Lockhart of the Distinguished Academy of Governesses has a few rules of her own Devon at all times Sometimes 18 years shows its ageIsn’t it funny how some books age well and some books don’t? Have you sometimes uestioned your taste? Have you sometimes asked yourself – did I really like books like this? In the overall scheme of things and the overall history of books 18 years isn’t such a long time But in the case of Rules of Engagement 18 years is a long long time As I read this book I harkened back to the romance books from the 1970s and as much as I love the uniue world of Romanceland and have some fond memories of a few of the old books I have learned to put to put them in their historical perspective In fact I would probably have a real hard time making it through Sweet Savage Love if it were published brand new todaySo I reread Christina Dodd’s Rules of Engagement and I must have read it in 2000 because she used to be one of my auto buys – until she turned to the dark side and began writing contemporary I must have liked it when I first read it but this time around I didn’t and I can tell you the reason in one word – Kerrich – what a bonehead heroThe whole problem or as we say in the business the reason for our couple to be together is as follows Kerrich has made a young ueen Victoria mad She wants him to be respectable so for some reason this selfish guy thinks that he will borrow an orphan and pretend to adopt that child This will show what a wonderful guy he is and then he’ll be back in Victoria’s good graces and he’ll be able towhat will he be able to do? I have no idea What being back in the ueen’s good graces would do for him I have no idea Besides that once his graces were restored his intention was to put the orphan back in the orphanage – I guess the ueen would not uestion that or ask – where’s that child you were showing off a few weeks ago?Anyway he hires an ugly governess She’s really not ugly she’s in the world famous Romanceland ugly disguise The reason he wants an ugly governess is because he’s tired of pretty women falling in love with him What a conceited moron I guess “ugly” women don’t feel So he hires a governess who used to be a beautiful aristocrat Pamela Lockhart – in fact she was so beautiful that a young Kerrich fell in love with her followed her around until one night he lost his balance and was hanging upside down outside her bedroom window with his winky dink hanging out He was embarrassed Anyway her disguise is so good he doesn’t recognize her She recognizes him though And that’s just the beginning Thrown into the mix of the conceited bonehead adopt an orphan plot is a suspense story about a counterfeiting ring – I use the term suspense loosely Besides the wise Victoria and her noble husband Albert there is the standard wise beyond her years adorable orphan and a know all see all grandfather who spouts wisdom at the drop of a hatEven with all the outdated Romanceland plots there is one bright hero making moment when Kerrich confesses he didn’t use a French sheath because he wanted Pamela to become pregnant so she would be forced to marry him Doesn’t that just make your heart go pitter pat? Doesn’t that make you all warm and fuzzy inside? Swoon with delight? What a guy What a heroBottom line – Rules of Attraction shows its age; in fact if appeared to be older than what it was I was surprised that such a dreadful hero was in a book written in the year 2000 I thought we had moved beyond such slimy actions in men a long long time ago I guess not I cannot recommend this storyKaysBlog

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Rules of Engagement Governess Brides #2Must behave with propriety an unlikely accomplishment that would delight the ton and completely astonish Pamela herself She must be allowed to choose a suitable orphan at her own discretion Most important Devon must vow to neverever delve into Pamela's background or her appearance lest he discover the truth behind the deepest secrets of her heart But of course all rules are made to be broke Pamela Lockhart founded with Charlotte and Hanna the Distinguished Academy of GovernessesThey teach girls in desperate need of honest work like they were and provide governess services and lessons on subjects such as music needlework and dancingAfter Pamela is robbed on the streets of the money for the month's expenses the new endeavor is at risk of failure and the crazy demands of a certain Duke are the only chance to avoid the worstDevon Mathewes the earl of Kerrich needs a child and a governess to gain respectability in ueen Victoria’s eyes or the Bank founded by his grandfather will go bankruptDoes he care about the orphan's future after his purpose is served? NopeHe's a selfish and self entitled rake that only cares about himself until the new governess Pamela shows up on his doorstepThe earl of Kerrich is so OTT arrogant I actually had fun from the very beginning whenever didn't prevail in me the urge to strangle him for what he actually said about womenWomen had dreams? About what? A new pair of shoes? Seeing a rival fail? Dancing with a foreign prince? But Miss Lockhart wasn't speaking of the trivial and he found himself asking What are your dreams?You don't care Until I spoke it never occurred to you that a woman could have her dreamsHe's self entitled he's offensive and he's obnoxious but there's a reason for his beliefs when it comes to women and loveGradually he learns how wrong he is and that's one of the most important things I look for in novels Character DevelopmentAt the beginning of the book he claims among other things he's a chick magnetI am sick of being the object of lovelorn sighs I have to put up with it in my own household—one needs scullery maids the housekeeper assures me But if I must spend time with a governess and I will have to then I want to be assured she will not be making cow eyes at me or God forbid sneaking into my bedchamber and peeling down to nothing Which just happened with the senior upstairs maid who one would think knew betterhence his reuest for a plain older woman not given to fantasizingHe's a selfish prick but Pamela knows how to handle him right from their first official meetingShe wore tinted spectacles he noted a sign of weak eyes and excessive learning Her complexion was bloodless and her lips pale Her brown hair was pulled back so tightly from her face that any sagging around the chin and neck had been reduced—another feminine trick and one that would scarcely fool a connoisseur such as himself A tangled spidery thin net of gray lace covered her hair and she sported an absurd decoration that looked like nothing so much as two knitting needles stuck in right angles through the knot at the base of her neckHe dropped his monocle and seated himself Perhaps you'll do he saidShe nodded and without waiting for an invitation seated herself in the old fashioned Hepplewhite chair before his desk The style fit her I was going to say the same for you He doesn't know it at first but none of his reuests are fulfilledOur heroine is definitely NOT what he asked for and the child isn't what he envisionedAt the orphanage Pamela picks 8 years old Beth anda “manly lad” she's notShe's soft spoken and has manners because she received an education prior to her parents’ deathAfter a bit of resistance Lord Kerrich is convinced by Pamela and little by little his life changesFrom appalling reasoning such as thisShe rolled up her sleeve and held out her arm where a ripple of purple marred the skin I got burnedStanding Lord Kerrich kicked his chair away Miss Lockhart I can't do thisMiss Lockhart lifted her dark brows My lord?This is too hard What if I get fond of that child and she sticks another coal in her pocket? What will happen to me then? to genuine fondness for the childPamela evolves tooShe doesn't belive men capable of being faithful and she's afraid she'll end up with a broken heart just like her motherBoth Pamela and Devon are disillusioned about love for similar reasons but there's a major difference Pamela is not selfishBy the end of the book Devon with the help of his grandfather Lord Reynard finally realizes how selfish presumptuous and unreasonable his fears areKerrich and Lord Reynard leaned against the rail and watched the horses start around the trackInto the silence Kerrich burst out I wouldn't care what anyone thought if I could have her on my terms I want to know I'm going to be happySo you're looking for a guarantee of happiness are you? You think as long as you're the man in command you'll be happy? What about her? What if she's not happy?I can make her happyBoy if you think you can make that woman do anything you don't know her at allI very much enjoyed the story even with   Pamela’s OTT descriptions of how virile handsome and sensual Lord Kerrich is   His obnoxious and misogynistic beliefs regarding women and fidelity his selfish behavior at the beginning   His belief it was somehow acceptable to forsake contraception so that through a pregnancy he could convince her to marry himThis book was far fom a perfect read for the reason I mentioned but still I was entertained I LOVED the MC's banterYou're a governess You do not recognize a mature manLord Kerrich I am a governess I recognize that most males do not mature they simply grow taller Unwise of course to retort so wittily and she waited interested to see if he would behave like a typical roue and pout or threatenHe surprised her; he nodded soberly Yes When you look at what some women marry you realize how much they must hate to work for their living However when it comes to my cousin try not to put too much stock in your own infallibility You don't like listening to 'I told you so' and the easy humor between themFinally Miss Lockhart admitted I can rideThen I will mount you appropriately Realizing what he had said he wavered between laughter and horrorShe stiffened and in the most stifling of tones said You are the epitome of graciousness my lordLaughter wonI ended up forgiving Devon because he ACTUALLY evolves A LOT throughout the storyAND I believe Pamela is the perfect gal to keep him in check Devon's confession at the end is beautiful except the I hoped I could shackle you by getting you pregnant part I'll just give you the very end of it because it's a long conversation😍For the touch of your hand I would crawl through a horse stable on my stomach If you wished you could be the worst kind of tyrant and I would love it and you I had to realize that I trusted you not to do that and submit myself to your rule Please marry me I'll always be faithful and I can never be happy without youI'm glad I got to experience Christina Dodd's talent and I'll definitely read of her books😊⭐ 35 Stars rounded up ⭐ Rules of Engagement by Christina Dodd is book #3 in the Governess Brides series Can be read as a Standalone MY RATINGS Writing 4 5 story written with 3 PoV Pamela Lord Kerrich BethPlot 4 5Hero 3 5Heroine 4 5Secondary Characters 4 5MC's chemistry 35 5Steam 35 5Triggers One time she says no while thinking yes He isn't a mind reader so dubious consentAlso he believes somehow acceptable to forsake contraception so that through a pregnancy he could convince her to marry him Explicit scenesRecommended to Historical Romance Readers looking for a heroine in disguise that very much knows her worth a hero that begins as the worst kind of rake but grows out of it and good banterAre you looking for a specific mix of ingredients for your next read?

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Read Rules of Engagement Governess Brides #2 eBook Ê Paperback ↠ The Rules of EngagementChoose a bride from this year's debutantes Decide on a proper settlement Send an announcement to The Times Inform the bride of her good fortune Rules of Respectability Devon Mathewes earl of Kerrich has a plan that is sure to resThe Rules of EngagementChoose a bride from this year's debutantes Decide on a proper settlement Send an announcement to The Times Inform the bride of her good fortune Rules of Respectability Devon Mathewes earl of Kerrich has a plan that is sure to restore him to the ueen's favorFirst he must hire a sensible unattractive governess Next he will see to adopting a properly grateful orphan which After the first book in the Governess series I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue However this second book is much improved upon the first In fact Dodd seems to have avoided most of the pitfalls that caused her first book in this series to fall flatThe heroine has both wit and humor which makes for an enjoyable read Her interactions with Beth made the orphan plot work throughout the novel without bogging down the romantic story Further she's written to honestly be the hero's eual able to stand toe to toe with him and give as good as she gets She is no chess piece to be moved around and manipulated as the hero sees fit; rather she is very much a mistress of her own destiny Her determination to earn money to support the Governess School causes her to compromise her scruples and make decisions she recognizes she'll regret but even still she remains sympathetic and the moment of realization in terms of her regret over this moral compromise shines throughThe hero is arrogant and conceited but Dodd cleverly uses supporting characters first the grandfather then gradually the orphan Beth as well to show his softer side In doing so the hero becomes engaging his romantic progression compelling Too often authors write this archetypal hero as being TOO self centered TOO arrogant without giving this glimpse into the softer side of him leaving the audience to wonder why we should want to root for him to end up with the heroine at the end Dodd deftly avoids falling into that pitfall here so even when the hero is at his MOST insufferable the reader is given cause to want to root for his happy endingThat said the story has its flaws The sub plot is a convenient mechanism to weave the grandfather into the story which improves the hero's character but isn't terribly interesting and wasn't woven throughout the novel as well as it might have been Though in retrospect it seems to have been mentioned fairly freuently throughout the book the only real progress made in solving the mystery seems to happen very late in the book Dodd is rather perfunctory in dealing with the counterfeit plot and wipes her hands of it as uickly as possible However the author cleverly takes advantage of societal assumptions and stereotypes that were prevalent at the time period this book was setI will say that the story does seem to go on a little longer than it should The hero's preoccupation with a childhood embarrassment was a little ridiculous his rush to judgment at the end seemingly done for no reason other than to add a little needless angst Similarly the heroine's aversion to going before the ton and the ueen was absurd even trite done for no other reason than to justify the hero stripping her She was so incredibly worried that the ton would remember her family history and use it to mock her that I was left wondering why she hadn't been using a false surname all along to avoid ANYONE she met making the connection It was again needless angst that dragged the story on a bit longer than necessaryThere is also a suggestion of kidnapping thrown in at the end which normally wouldn't have even registered with me except that the author's reliance on it in the first novel was one thing that left a bad taste in my mouth I would have been perfectly happy if it had not been suggested as a viable alternative even if it was uickly shot down in this novelHowever all in all it was an enjoyable read It may not be the strongest piece of romance fiction out there maybe not even the best work this author has done though I'll wait until I re read her other work to judge but it was LEAGUES above the first novel in this series