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Al interpretation and the sociohistorical culture of the ancient Near East This uniue and imaginative work that is grounded in serious scholarship will expand conversations about feminist and womanist biblical interpretation I am a life long student of scripture raised in a tradition that held scripture in high regard I’m trained in reading Biblical Hebrew and Greek I’m a pastor with nearly 25 years full time vocational experience It’s easy for me to think that I’ve “seen it all” when it comes to studying the text Turns out this perception is largely the result of my own limited perspective and cultural privilege Dr Gafney changed the way that I read scripture enabling me to see things in the text that I had overlooked or been unable to see previously The chapter on Hagar is simply stunning and deeply impacted how I read Abraham Sarah and even how I think of Islam The appendix on the art of translation is a helpful and challenging piece for anyone in a position to preach or teach others about what scripture says Womanist Midrash is in my view essential reading for anyone like me who is tasked with teaching about scripture and who has been largely formed by the received tradition of western theology made up as it is of primarily white European men Dr Gafney offers a gracious corrective to the natural limitations of the perspective so many of us have inherited

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Womanist MidrashWomanist Midrash is an in depth and creative exploration of the well and lesser known women of the Hebrew Scriptures Using her own translations Gafney offers a midrashic interpretation of the biblical text that is rooted in I am afraid to write a review for this book simply because I fear no words I put together will do it justice On every page this book blew my mind or melted my heart I learned so much from this book While Gafney is a Hebrew and Bible scholar and incredibly knowledgeable in translation and interpretation she never makes the reader feel like they can not understand the text as well Each time she would define and explain the text in Hebrew it would open my eyes to a whole new world While the book is extensive in academic interpretation and information of the text my heart was touched than my mind Gafney's Midrash of the verses often left me in tears I was suddenly there in the text living feeling and breathing each word She would repeat the phrase When I use my sanctified imagination when she would begin her Midrash By the middle of the book my body would have a visceral reaction to this little phrase knowing that something holy and profound and inspired was about to come my way I am looking forward to reading so much of this book again and again

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FREE PDF ↠ BOOK Womanist Midrash À MONEYEXPRESSCARD ✓ Womanist Midrash is an in depth and creative exploration of the well and lesser known women of the Hebrew Scriptures Using her own translations Gafney offers a midrashic interpretation of the biblical text that is rooted in the African American preaching traditioThe African American preaching tradition to tell the stories of a variety of female characters many of whom are often overlooked and nameless Gafney employs a solid understanding of womanist and feminist approaches to biblic I accepted a long overdue challenge this year to read theology by women and POC To be honest I was nervous Not because I thought I would find something wrong but because I didn't trust myself to be able to integrate wisdom from Christian experiences so different from mine without going to extremes trying to figure out who is right and who is wrongEnter Wilda GafneyHer book was such a gift to me an undeserved one I felt drawn in by her incredible intellect her well researched view on the text and her comprehensive and yet human take on the under told stories of the women of the Hebrew Bible Old TestamentWilda is famous for saying that she won't let a passage go until it gives her a blessing no matter how ugly that may be You can FEEL that in her writing She educated me on the rich concept of Midrash How have I been studying the Bible my whole life and am JUST NOW learning this oh yeah white guys She was clear when she was taking direct material from the text and when the Spirit informed imagination of her teaching was taking holdI learned SO muchThe book in and of itself is heart breaking It systematically shows the hundreds of stories that aren't told and dozens of others that are told in a dramatically one sided way The segment on Moses' wives is particularly good She breaks down the implicit rape culture built into the text and the slaveholders bias that showers so many pages of the OT I was reminded in an incredibly deep way that to love the Bible is to love something exemplifying deep beauty and deep brokenness There's no way to cross stitch these truths awayI'll be forever changed by this book