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kindle Ç Every Exquisite Thing ´ 265 pages Download ☆ Didn’t you ever just simply want tostop?Star athlete and straight A student Nanette O’Hare has played the role of dutiful daughter for as long as she can remember But one day a beloved teacher gives her his worn copy of The Bubblegum Reaper—a mysterious out Ends the reclusive author and falls in love with a young troubled poet Forced to make some hard choices that bring devastating conseuences Nanette learns the hard way that rebellion can sometimes come at a high pri Find all of my reviews at “Behind every exuisite thing that existed there was something tragic” What did I think about this???? Hmmmmmmm Honestly I’m still not uite sure and since none of my friends have read it yet I don’t have anyone confirming I once again read something wrong so I’m going to leave myself planted firmly in the middle of the road Every Exuisite Thing is the story of Nanette an average teen who has always done the right thing and followed the path chosen for her by her parents – that is until she is given a copy of The Bubblegum Reaper After reading and re reading and re reading the cult classic Nanette is full of uestions about the book and life in general which leads her to seek out the paperback writer Get it? I’m hilariousThe only problem? The author refuses to discuss his work However he is than willing to befriend young Nanette – NOT IN THE GROSS WAY YOU’RE THINKING “If you are one of those pessimistic people who think that an old man can’t befriend a teenage girl without some sort of perverted deviant ulterior motive let me end of the witch hunt right here and now” As their friendship develops so does Nanette’s view of the world of love and of life “Maybe it isn’t the motivating factors that matter so much as simply participating – thrusting your best true authentic self into the universe with wild abandon” Nanette and Alex are what Holden Caulfield could have been if he weren’t such an asshole Wait – scratch that Nanette and Alex are what Holden Caulfield could have been if he weren’t a total asshole I didn’t loooooooove this story like I did Forgive Me Leonard Peacock but it wasn’t nearly as insufferable as The Catcher in the Rye Bottom line is Matthew uick is an author who writes solid characters who are realistic and relatable and who your heart will break for And when he pairs it with a rebel anthem soundtrack for women everywhere????? Well that just makes me say “Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa oahhhhhhhhhh”Also appreciated was the douchebag song choice “The music – it sounds like a British guy rapping over acoustic guitar” Snort Sorry lil’ Ed Sheeran I still like your douchey gingery song stylingsOld lady confession time – the only time Matthew uick really lost me here was with Alex’s playlist of Lightspeed Champion But to each his own ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you NetGalley

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Didn’t you ever just simply want tostop?Star athlete and straight A student Nanette O’Hare has played the role of dutiful daughter for as long as she can remember But one day a beloved teacher gives her his wor ''Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you have to do it'' I am now going to say something I seldom rarely—almost never— say though I wish I did this book spoke to me It spoke to me in a way that unsettled my state of mind It spoke to me and I was tempted to respond I did respond I spent the day wandering in my own mind thinking about life thinking about others and thinking about my place on this earthConclusion? I am glad I rarely read books such as this one because I would not be able to go on with my current life if I did ''I’d rather smash open my skull with a solid gold Bible than endure the slow poison of a fake friend'' Every Exuisite Thing is a lyrically written little masterpiece It’s a story within a story within a story within a story At first glance you may think it’s a book about books and our reaction to them But it’s not It’s so much Matthew uick’s new novel explores the meanings of being an introverted individual in a world perfectly shaped for the extroverted kind As an introverted myself I was bound to be powerfully affected by this scaring storyIt’s scaring because it’s true It doesn’t censure itself It tells the truth and you know how ugly the truth can be It’s also terrifying because it makes you uestion what you’ve always been used to and simply ‘accepted’ as it is without giving it too much thought ''There is no such thing as fiction'' Now you will This novel will make you uestion yourself your future society who your friends are what makes you an individual Are you a sheep? Are you a shepherd? Are you a horse when everyone around you is a sheep? What makes you you?Are you a ‘you’ or a version purely fabricated by society the media your friends and family or your entourage? Nanette—the lovely main character—is astoundingly easy to connect with if you’re also an introverted person This is a coming of age story and for this reason Nanette will go through a lot and experience changes in her life Her character development will showYou don’t need to know what the outline of the plot is I went in completely blind and in fact I think I would have regretted knowing beforehand what the main series of events are because this way every new page was uncharted surprising groundYou will meet characters in this book that you will never forget Some you’ll want to adopt others you’ll want to befriend and the rest you’ll simply want to crush under your foot Whatever the reaction that will apply to you the characters won’t leave you emotionlessThe author’s evocative writing won’t go unnoticed He manages to bring to life characters and events and broach sensitive subjects with intelligence and candidness ''Far too often people are woefully predictable And I know many things It’s a curse Here’s something else I know You are not doomed to be your parents You can break the cycle You can be whomever you want to be But you will pay a price Your parents and everyone else will punish you if you choose to be you and not them That’s the price of your freedom The cage is unlocked but everyone is too scared to walk out because they whack you when you try and they whack you hard They want you to be scared too They want you to stay in the cage But once you are a few steps beyond the trap door they can’t reach you any so the whacking stops That’s another secret They’re too afraid to follow They adore their own cages'' Off to read The Silver Linings Playbook nowBD | Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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Every Exquisite ThingN copy of The Bubblegum Reaper a mysterious out of print cult classic and the rebel within Nanette awakensAs the new and outspoken Nanette attempts to insert her true self into the world with wild abandon she befri UPDATE 299 on kindle 11 3 2016 Not sure for how longI figured this book would make me cry and it surely did thank you book I loved so many characters in the book Nanette Oliver Alex Booker even though he had his moments Nanette's parents Officer Damon The book is sad and good and just everything Nanette is a hotshot soccer player at her high school One day her teacher gives her a book to read The Bubblegum Reaper After reading the book Nanette is not satisfied with the ending Why did it end like that? She talks about his with her teacher and he tells her he can get her in touch with the author that lives right down the road Are you kidding me? Nigel Wrigley Booker decides to meet with Nanette but he never really tells her the answers she wants about his book He also makes her promise to never talk about the book again and they could be friends This seems very strange and it's still strange to me in a way but he has his reasons Booker took the book off the market years ago and only talks to a select group of people that have read it Booker wants Nanette to meet Alex who is her same age and writes poetry He also read The Bubblegum Reaper Booker thinks Nanette and Alex will hit it off and they do After reading the book and becoming friends with Booker and Alex Nanette decides to uit the soccer team This shocks her coach teammates her family it was her ticket to college Nanette doesn't care because she's tired of doing what everyone else wants her to do she wants to find out what she wants in life I mean don't we all? •I don't know I'm just eighteen and I know I'm supposed to be going gaga for my last year of high school and applying to colleges and making plans for the rest of my life but I really don't want to do anything except hang out with Alex and youWell then be glad we both want to hang out with you too What a lucky thing to have exactly what you want• Alex writes beautiful poetry through out the book I loved reading all of the things the author had Alex write I would like to have that book of poetry if it existed Alex is a uniue character he wants to take care of everyone but he does have some of his own issues •Mom sends me a Christmas card every year with a hundred dollar bill in it But my dad has enough bucks to make that seem sort of sad and irrelevant I don't spend those hundred dollar bills I give them to the first person I come across who looks depressed Always a total stranger I fold the bill up so that I can palm it then I reach out and shake a miserable person's hand transferring the money but never ever talk to the person• Oliver is a sweet little boy in middle school Alex befriends him because he sees him being picked on by bullies Alex goes after these bullies as much as he can but they still seem to get Oliver from time to time I hate them •It's like our middle school is a prison and I might get shanked at any second Oliver said maybe going for humor but we didn't laugh• Something goes down and Alex gets sent to reform school He gone for uite some time and only gets to come back and talk to Nanette one time he gives her a bag full of poetry It's beautiful and sad poetry At least to me This is all hard on Nanette as she has been in therapy for awhile after she told her parents everything that had been going on in her life Even though she had to make some hard decisions to be honest this makes the family closer and I loved that and of course I cried Some people in the book have their happy ending and some just don't and it's really very tragic and sad But that is life •Behind every exuisite thing that existed there was something tragic• MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List