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Play dirty It’s the only way to win in a warAlessa Trentini follows the rules or so it seems on the outside A certain Conti has always been able to sway her inner rebel and keep her out of trouble but even Adriano won’t be able to get her out of her brother’s mess In a war no woman is safe if her hand in marriage can advance her family in the world of the mafia But mistakes of the past have a way of slipping into the present and Alessa will soon learn that even 45 'Pretty Girl' STARSI FLOVE this series The blood shed and mayhem continues in the power struggle between the four mob families in Chicago This is Adriano Conti and Alessa Trentini's tale With a vacuum at the top of the house Alessa and Adriano find themselves on opposing sides of their warring families But these two won't let that get in their way Even if their actions are reckless and could be their ruin Adriano especially will do anything to ensure they're together While everyone from Capos to soldiers are watching their backs and taking sides a few in the Chicago Italian mob are making a play for the top spot Boss This was like a well played chess match with each moved strategically planned and of course some playing much better than others I learned a lot about the various characters in the families their motivations and some of them even showed their true colours“Hopes are reserved for men who have something to dream of I have no doubt that all my dreams will come crawling to my feet in due time” Being a woman in a man's world Alessa is caught up in this dangerous game where the stakes are high lives will be lost blood will be shed and she has no say as she's a mere pawn on the board “Keep spilling blood and you’ll eventually drown in it” Adriano was smart and sexy and despite being a badass Mafioso he had a heart of gold when it came to Alessa These two take many risks to be together It kind of had a modern Romeo and Juliet vibe to it And their chemistry and the sparks that were ignited as they took any chance they got to be together including some pretty hot public moments “Love that My name in your mouth Alessa That’s all I ever need to hear – all I ever want to fucking hear No one else does this for youHis hand disappeared under her skirt before his fingers swept under the thin fabric of her panties brushing her sex with a gentle touch“Don’t let me go”“I don’t know how to let you go Alessa” There was a lot of maneuvering by the various characters on many different levels which made for a fascinating read I never uite knew how things would go down as there was always someone else playing their hand when you least expected it“You do realize this is a bit like playing Russian Roulette right?There’s always one bullet in the chamber Adriano and you might be the fool who gets it” Bethany Kris did it again She's created a riveting tale of the dark and dirty mob world and has me anxiously waiting for the next move The war is not over It's only just begunAn ARC was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews and blog posts

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Reckless Ruined The Chicago War #2The most shameful of secrets can get her everything she wantsAdriano Conti’s loyalties are torn as he’s forced to stand at his father’s side while Riley uses his wife’s murder as a way to get higher Blood comes first and then the Outfit The one thing he doesn’t uestion in the war between the families is Alessa Trentini and even that doesn’t seem possible when he’s forced to watch Alessa be used as another man’s pawn Adriano has his own role to play to Re read January 2019 and it was even better the second time aroundOriginal review Jan 2017I'm not going to leave a review as such there are some excellent ones already posted What I will say is that once again this author has the most fantastic way with words her story telling is phenomenal twists and turns plots and who dunnits that kept me guessing and that's before I even get to her characters She always pairs these mafia men up with the perfect heroine Alessa and Adriano are so perfect for each other They're young but have old souls and that's what I love the most about her characters 5 absolutely brilliant stars

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FREE PDF Ê BOOK Reckless Ruined The Chicago War #2 á BETHANY-KRIS é Play dirty It’s the only way to win in a warAlessa Trentini follows the rules or so it seems on the outside A certain Conti has always been able to sway her inner rebel and keep her out of trouble but even Adriano won’t be able to get Get what he wantsThe families in the Outfit have never been divided than they are now Blood continues to spill as revenge takes center stage and lives are lost But every man in the family is fighting for something different and no one’s intentions can be trusted Playing a dirty game might be the only way to stay aliveEven if that means ruining it allPlease Note Reckless should not be read before Deathless Divided This novel is NOT considered a standalone in the seri 45Okay I’ll admit it on starting this I sulked for a couple of seconds After finishing Deathless I assumed this would just continue on But it doesn’t It takes us back and runs along side Deathless for a while And that’s brilliant Some of the uestions I had are answered and it’s great to get another view on thingsI loved both Adriano and Alessa The writing again is superb and couldn’t put it downIf I had to find a fault and the reason for my 45 not 5 it would be sex What I hear you gasp She’s complaining about sexI wanted to know what was happening where the story was going who was going to be killed next etc So without realising it I found myself skimming the sexy scenes After the first couple I couldn’t help it I still can’t believe I’m complaining about this but it was getting in the way of a good story