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READ & DOWNLOAD ò On the Shores of Darkness, There Is Light ½ From the acclaimed author of Lemon comes a clever and heartbreaking new novel of love and redemptionHarriet is 11 going on 30 Her mixed media art is a source of wonder to her younger brother Irwin but an unmitigated horror to the panoply of insufficiently grownOm Thomson and paint trees; and so to fund her escape she runs errands for the seniors who inhabit the Shangrila the decrepit apartment building that houses her fractured familyDetermined resourceful and a little reckless Harriet tries to navigate the clueless adults around her dumpster dives for the flotsam and jetsam that fuels her art and attempts to. This is one of the BEST books I have read in a very long time I'm going to put it out there and say I believe this book will really put Cordelia Strube who I was previously unfamiliar with on the map in a BIG way She certainly deserves any awards accolades screenplays etc that come her way as a result of writing this beautiful and meaningful book I should stop gushing now I rarely gush but I'm admittedly restraining myself even after that uncharacteristic outburstOn the Shores of Darkness There is Light is actually a very difficult book for me to give a thorough review to without adding spoilers but I don't want to give even a hint away It's that good original and unexpectedHarriet our young heroine is wise beyond her years She's smart and sarcastic loving and spiteful hardened and innocent She's had to deal with her parents divorce her brother's chronic illness and her parent's layabout no goodnick and so called intellectual less than ideal new partners and social isolation because she's just not your average eleven year old She's also uite enterprising and is amassing a small but respectable secret cache of escape money by tending to the needs of the elderly men and women that live in her apartment building We learn so much about these characters I really found myself growing attached to most of them Each of these characters came with their own little stories and I really enjoyed the way their lives and stories were perfectly woven into those of our main charactersAs for her brother Irwin I loved him with each turn of the page As I watched him grow from young boy to adolescence I was increasingly awed by the author's ability to portray the characters in such a way that's so believable and honestThis is one of those rare books that works much humor and lightheartedness into some really heavy subject matter in a completely appropriate and realistic way Bravo Cordelia Strube I'm already looking forward to reading your next bookThanks to ECW press via NetGalley for proving me with a free e galley in exchange for an honest review wwwlitwitwineanddinecom

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Fathom her complicated feelings for Irwin who suffers from hydrocephalus On the other hand Irwin’s love for Harriet is not conflicted at all She’s his compass But Irwin himself must untangle the web of the human heartMasterful and mordantly funny Strube is at the top of her considerable form in this deliciously subversive story of love and redemption. Harriet may technically be considered a child in terms of years at the age of 11 but she is well beyond her years when you count her disappointments in life in her parents and in some of her neighboring senior citizens Harriet’s savvier than average knows how to read people pretty well and has her own little money making enterprise going on Maybe a little conniving with her senior citizen neighbors but no than the seniors trying to get her to help them all the time for free Time is money after all and Harriet has a plan for the money she’s making She’s a budding artist with a bit of darkness in her art but Harriet is not typical in any way so why would you expect her art to be full of rainbows and unicorns She’s sassy and cynical a little spiteful and resourceful You can’t help but love her On the slightly less than lovable list is the father’s new wife Uma an intellectual who prefers her computer to human contact with Harriet her father who prefers bicycling with friends to time with his children Then there’s Gennedy her mother’s live in a lawyer who never manages to make any money who is fighting for the top spot for the list And there’s Irwin Harriet’s little brother born with medical complications leaving him with multiple health problems Who has time for Harriet Well no one Irwin is sweet adores his big sister Harriet sleeps on her with his ear to her chest from the time he is little While Harriet resents that Irwin gets all of her parents’ attention she has a soft spot in her heart for Irwin that only grows bigger Even the senior citizens in their building are people you will know and love always offering Harriet their advice telling her their stories As in life the sweet is mixed with sadness Cordelia Strube who is a new author to me has written a wonderful book that will run you through every emotion and leave you so glad that you read “On the Shores of Darkness”Thanks to ECW press to NetGalley and to the author Cordelia Strube

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On the Shores of Darkness There Is LightFrom the acclaimed author of Lemon comes a clever and heartbreaking new novel of love and redemptionHarriet is 11 going on 30 Her mixed media art is a source of wonder to her younger brother Irwin but an unmitigated horror to the panoply of insufficiently grown up grown ups who surround her She plans to run away to Algonuin Park hole up in a cabin like T. I am not going to rehash the plot the book description is a good start Harriet is a very original character a self sufficient young lady whose observations of those around her are vastly amusing She sees and thinks things most people do not and her crude language will make many a parent cringe They live in Sangrida apartments a low income place with single moms or moms with rotters for husbands and a large assortment of senior citizens Many characters all we come to know in the course of the book and some of them had me in stitchesSo life goes on until it doesn't While reading this I couldn't help wondering where this book was going but I was thoroughly shocked at the direction it took Ten years later and some of the characters are going on some have left us and some are barely coping This is written in a very amusing manner but there are many serious issues at play There are layers upon layers and characters that are so very real as are the issues they have to deal with A book that is not getting the attention it deserves in my opinion and I thank Elyse for bringing it to my attention Finished this yesterday and have thought about it on and off all day These characters will not leave you easily A very good observation on how children view our actions even when they make sense to us A very good and well written read a book that should have a huge impact on its readersARC from Netgalley