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FREE READ å Nights of Silk and Sapphire æ Abducted from a land of wealth and privilege Dae is chained to a slaver’s caravan crossing the vast Jaharri desert It is a strange world of blistering sun rolling dunes and wind carved plains ruled by the Scion Zafirah Al’Intisar a powerful and mysterious woman with seductive eyes of sapphire bluD mysterious woman with seductive eyes of sapphire blueWhen Zafirah liberates the caravan the rescue Dae prayed for is not as it seems; Zafirah’s carnal appetite is legendary Dae is taken into Zafirah’s harem a decadent world of excess and sex. I seriously loved this story I almost didn’t reuest an ARC from Ylva Publishing because it just didn’t seem like my thing but after reading a couple reviews for it I decided to take my chances And I’m so glad I did This story was lush beautiful surreal and ethereal all at the same time You felt like you were there with the characters but at the same time dreamingDae has been abducted from her home land the night before she is supposed to marry her unknown betrothed As the slavers and slaves make their way across the desert they are attacked by the Scion’s powerful army The slavers killed the slaves saved Dae’s light eyes and blonde hair aren’t very common in the Jaharri desert region and the great Scion herself Zafirah decides she would make an excellent addition to her harem Dae is mortified to not only be in a harem given that she’s barely 19 and still a virgin but also to have her “master” be a woman It was taught heavily in her home land that men sleeping with men and women sleeping with women is abhorrent and wrong and would condemn someone to hell should they participate in those kinds of activities Zafirah who is about 27 has no desire to force the young beauty so she allows her to adjust to her time within the harem getting to know the other girls and getting comfortable in her new environment At this moment I’m thinking we’re going to be seeing some jealous catty behavior between the dozen or so other harem girls but to my surprise that was not the case These girls have been given everything they could ever desire or want and jealousy truly holds no place for them That being the case they also welcome the blonde haired beauty and are all very excited and curious to see I they can get her to figuratively let her hair down and share in the “festivities” with themThroughout the months she spends in the harem her resolve to not participate in any sort of ff scene starts to wane As she sees how much each of the girls care about each other and how happy they are she starts to wonder if there was really anything behind the lessons she was taught in her home land If this could make people so happy and these people are so good and generous how can them sharing their love with other people really be that wrong Zafirah’s and Dae’s “relationship” is a very slow burn and I really loved seeing them try to learn about each other and deal with their growing attraction to one another The other big thing for me was the setting The author does so well at explaining the desert paradise they are in that I could almost feel the sweltering sun on my face Her descriptions of the desert the palace the harem the environment are just so deep and colorful It truly is its own character in the bookI would highly recommend this book to romance readers who enjoy ff fiction It is just so so good I received a copy of this story for free from Ylva Publishing in exchange for my honest review


Abducted from a land of wealth and privilege Dae is chained to a slaver’s caravan crossing the vast Jaharri desert It is a strange world of blistering sun rolling dunes and wind carved plains ruled by the Scion Zafirah Al’Intisar a powerful an. Catnip for lovers of a sexy slow burnThis book is 300 pages of seduction Sure there are other elements that come into play like some slight angst and a battle here and there but ultimately that is not what this book is about I loved getting lost in Dae's journey towards her sexual awakening and subseuent attraction to Zafirah From resolutely refusing to entertain the idea of two women sleeping together to becoming the sexual euivalent of a kid in a candy store Dae's story was well paced and very believable I wasn't really sure what to expect from this book I really thought the polyamory aspect would bother me Granted i'll never be a real fan of the subject but this book manages oddly enough to keep the romance aspect focused on Zafirah and Dae Sinfully seductive with great dialogues and excellent pacing this book turned out to be a very pleasant surprise

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Nights of Silk and SapphireUal freedom At first Dae struggles with desires she has never before experienced but as love and lust collide these two women slowly forge a bond as one learns to listen to her heart and the other to the call of her awakening bodyLength 113000 wor. I'm always somewhat scared to buy books that don't have many reviews especially ones that are 10 but dang am I glad I decided to pick this one up Nights of Silk and Sapphire was the first romance book to ever make me stop and think There were some really interesting philosophical uestions throughout such as When an answer changes nothing what purpose does the uestion serve These uestions spurred hours of fun debates and discussions among my friends which definitely isn't normal for this genreOn top of that I also really appreciated the progressive society the author created So many books are filled with women feeling ashamed of their bodies or their desires and I thought it was awesome to read about people who weren't I loved how honest and open almost all of the characters were This concept even extended into the sex scenes which were incredibly realistic Like normally in romance books the sexy scenes are pretty much full of descriptions of what the characters are doing to each other and the feelings they're experiencing but the ones in this book just felt so much life like The characters conversed and teased each other They explored a variety of different positions and styles They even openly discussed various ways they wanted to be pleased and the interests they had In my opinion this made all of them so much captivating plus there weren't any overly ridiculous ones where the two women bonded their souls or something As if all of that was not enough I even enjoyed the conflicts in this book which is rare for me to say There was this side battle thread that added some intensity to the core plot but not enough that I felt like I was too stressed out to appreciate the core romance There was also the conflict of Dae being unsure of what's ok or not but again it was done in such a way that I felt added a lot to the book; it helped build up her character and made her believable while also adding some fun tensionWith all that being said I did have one reasonably significant issue with the book the core relationship was the literal definition of insta love Both of the two main women admit to falling in love merely from looking at the other This seemed rather cheesy to me and stood out from the realism presented throughout the book Maybe my definition or concept of love differs from the authors or the characters but to me love is built up over time based on numerous positive experiences I would have preferred if there were interactions between them that weren't just lust filled Even though that was annoying I feel like the other aspects of this book worked so well together that the book deserved to be rounded up to a 5 if I could I'd give it a 45 I'd strongly encourage anyone interested in the lesbian romance genre to check this book out