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DOC ☆ READER Duck By Kim Dare FREE ´ KIM DARE ´ Raised among humans Ori Jones only discovered he was an avian shifter six months ago Unable to complete a full shift until he reaches his avian maturity he still can’t be sure of his exact species But with species comes rank and rank is everything to the avians When a partTo the avians When a partial shift allows the elders to announce that they believe Ori to be a rather ugly little duckling he drops straight to the bottom rung of their hierarchy Life isn’t easy for Ori until he comes to the attention of a high r This was the first time in a long time when I felt warmth in the belly Like for realThis is a fairytale but not because it’s flowers and hearts and pink everywhere but because it’s magical As simple as thatThe writing grabs you and doens’t let go but it’s not only that it’s not that it’s a page turner although it is It’s not that it’s BDSM although it is It’s not that it’s PNR although it isIt’s the atmosphere that surrounds it all The feeling you are falling forever and diving into honey slow tender sweet delicious When I think about a book I liked I remember a few scenes normally the scenes in which the MCs are finally together or revel in being together It can be the first time the second time or the last time in a book It can be a sex scene it can be a dialogue it can be an action I died for and ended up in heaven for a little whileSometimes I can’t stand it any and pick the book and read that specific scene Or read those highlighted pages and die a little every time I do itBut it’s really really weird when I think about a book and need to experience it all again as a whole Because this book is a part all of its own If I read this again I wouldn’t feel impatient to get to the parts I highlighted Because every page is highlighted Every moment in this book gives me what I need and what I ask forThat is amazingThis book inspires tenderness beauty kindness softness naughtiness and innocence All wrapped up in one story In one couple They complement each other in the most perfect of ways There is no way around it they are made for each other It's painfully obvious and I remark the “pain” partI felt warmth in my belly yes but I don’t mean only in a sexual sense I felt cocooned and safe and in peace with the world and myself in this book I can bluntly say this book shook me to the core but with the gentleness of a warm embraceIf only I found books like this one oftenview spoiler hide spoiler

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Raised among humans Ori Jones only discovered he was an avian shifter six months ago Unable to complete a full shift until he reaches his avian maturity he still can’t be sure of his exact species But with species comes rank and rank is everything Captivating retelling of the Fairy Tale Story of the Ugly Duckling charmingly incorporating a Dom and Sub TPE Relationship WOWloved it After my recent reads this book by Kim Dare was a breath of fresh air How you might ask is a TPE BDSM novel a breath of fresh air well the relationship between our two MC's Ori and Raynard was so sweet in it's rendition full of deep awareness and tender love told from both POV's This was not crude degrading or humiliating in anyway they had nothing but respect and complete understanding of their duty and responsibility as a Dominant and a Submissive Ori and Raynard are two halves of a whole they complete each other fitting together so perfectly that nothing in the past or present could influence or change the perfection of what they were togetherOri grew up in the Foster Care system with no sense of belonging not knowing compassion or love and not knowing his true place in the world always feeling like an outsider trying to fit in When Ori stumbles on the nest the elders are unsure of his true avian species and thinking him a rather ugly little duckling They put him to work in The Gentleman's Club where he works as a servant to be used and abused servicing the men of the nest Cruelty and general sadism metered out to him as a no one even in the eyes of the elders he is so far down the bottom of the hierarchy he does not existDespite this treatment Ori feels no malice he is content in knowing he has a purpose and is happy to carry out any task asked of him wanting only to become part of the shifter community and please Ori has such a sweet and gentle nature humble and obedient knowing what is expected of him and happy to obey When Frederick Reynard a high ranking Hawke witnesses the Crows at the Club tormenting this pretty fledgling so vulnerable and susceptible to their taunts he is furious and offers Ori a place within his own household one that he has recently inherited from his late Uncle and is in need of a complete overhaul a task which Ori takes on with enthusiastic pleasure But despite Reynards honourable intentions towards Ori he is drawn to him seeing his true submissive nature so innocent and humble with no expectations or demands Ori seeks only approval from his Master Ori so wide eyed and innocent is in awe of Raynard and worships him adoringly he is happy and his whole purpose in life is to please his Master taking comfort and filling him with joy when his Master praises him Raynard has such gentle sensitivity he sees Ori's true nature and embraces it nurtures it as a gift not something to abuse or revile but something to cherish For Ori such a gentle soul submission was natural he was at peace and his Master was homeBut when it is time for Ori to return to the Nest for his first full shift the outcome is not as expected and what follows broke my heart The most valuable possession my master owns is his submissive I will take great care that no harm comes to my master's submissive whenever he is not there to watch over me himselfIf you read this book the above will have you in tears Yesthats right big fat tears All my mothering instincts wanted to delve into the pages of the book and wrap Ori in my arms and envelope him with LOVE What great characters these two were a testament to the writing that I was so wrapped up in them at one point I did not want to read any further for fear the outcome would not be to my liking Needless to say I loved this book I was totally engrossed and the story was compelling I did have a couple of issues with grammar and format a few times I had to go back and make sure I had read correctly but I am a numbers person not a words person so no expert there I was also left with uestions that were not really answered as in how did Ori know he was a shifter how did he find out about the Nest Raynard was a Dom had he had previous subs if so what happened perhaps background and world building would have helped Other than that a great read and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to try a novel with m m BDSM and TPE with some very HOT man on man smexy loving Definitely not hardcore just a beautiful romance that will definitely reuire tissues For reviews please visit Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews

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Duck By Kim DaAnking hawk shifter Then the only uestion is is Ori really a duck and what will his new master think when the truth eventually comes outPlease Note This is the second edition of this book It has been tweaked and re edited but the plot has not change I'm a little nervous to review this because so many people to seem to like so much I think many people will enjoy it depending on what they expect going in This is just my personal opinion and I know a lot of people disagree It is well written but here's what didn't work for meThere's no characterization Ori is the sub he wants to please his master but he has no personality or motivations beyond that His entire characterization is he's a submissive Raynard is the same he's the dominant Period I need a little than this to care about a characterThere's not much plot There's really no story beyond a bare minimum needed to string sex scenes together They take place against a backdrop of a kind of interesting avian shifter world but it takes such a second place to the sex scenes it never felt fully realized To me the whole story line was them moving from one typical bdsm practice to the next he makes him sit by his feet he ties him up he whips him etc I like to read sex scenes but within some sort of a story Them being avian shifters hardly mattered until the predictable end This is just sex scenes and housework If you want to read a series of well written kinky scenes and plenty of them you will probably like this I just needed a little to keep my interest especially in the way of character development beyond dominant and submissive Just my humble opinion Take it for what it's worth