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Download Ø Anna AUTHOR Niccolò Ammaniti ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Í In una Sicilia diventata un'immensa rovina una tredicenne cocciuta e coraggiosa parte alla ricerca del fratellino rapito Fra campi arsi e boschi misteriosi ruderi di centri commerciali e città abbandonate fra i grandi spazIti ha scritto il suo romanzo più struggente Una luce che si accende nel buio e allarga il suo raggio per rivelare le incertezze gli slanci del cuore e la potenza incontrollabile della vita Perché come scopre Anna la «vita non ci appartiene ci attraversa». It is a while since I ready a dystopia and I've had this a while in the pile beside the bed I have read a few of this author's novels and was looking forward to it Anna is a young girl on the cusp of womanhood she lives in an idyllic setting in the Italian countryside She is bringing up her brother alone scavenging for food and desperate to keep him safe which means she needs to survive until he is old enough to manage There are no grown ups they have all been killed by a virus which has swept the world leaving only the children and once they reach puberty they too die Anna is resourceful and having taken care of her dying mother is older than her years she has created a shrine to her mum in the bedroom Her mother was careful to leave clear instructions in a book which is Anna's precious possession there are instructions on how to deal with the problems she is likely to face when coping by herself I was completely hooked on this book in the beginning I loved Anna and her brother Astor I loved the dog which tries to kill Anna but recognises her kindness and becomes her protector I do love a dog in a story As the story goes on it does lose a little bit of momentum and becomes fantastic but the characters of the kids win out and are so beautifully done Niccolo Ammaniti writes books which often include isolated children and this is no exception They are isolated by circumstances and because they don't trust the rest of the remaining children to protect themI liked this book a lot and liked the concept I became very involved and invested in Anna's survival and although it wasn't perfect it was a really enjoyable read

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In una Sicilia diventata un'immensa rovina una tredicenne cocciuta e coraggiosa parte alla ricerca del fratellino rapito Fra campi arsi e boschi misteriosi ruderi di centri commerciali e città abbandonate fra i grandi spazi deserti di un'isola riconuistata d. The disease is called ‘la Rossa’ the red one due to the blotches that appear on the skin There's no cure and a horrible death is the inevitable outcome once it strikes And it’s been rampant sweeping through Europe and killing everyone in its wake Everyone that is except for pre pubescent children That’s the good news That's the only good news Once the child reaches puberty the dormant virus strikes and the same grisly fate awaits The year is 2020 Anna is thirteen and lives in Sicily with her younger brother Her parents are dead – all adults are dead Her mother had the forethought to write down some instructions before the pandemic reached her door what to do with her body once she'd passed and importantly some very practical schooling on what to do next Her most fervent command being to ensure Anna stayed with her brother and found a way of getting to the mainland – maybe just maybe there'd be some adults left alive due to a cure having been found In time Anna and her brother set out on their journey Along the way they meet other children all of them hungry and many of them unfriendly and even violent It's a tough world out there Many they come across have theories regarding how to cure the disease each weirder and seemingly less likely than the last Can they find a way to comply with their mother’s bidding and if so will it bear fruit Who knows but Anna is determined to give it a goAmanniti has written before about the plight of children in Me and You and I’m not Scared for instance he showed how adept he is adept at tapping into the psyche the young and vulnerable He pulls it off again here – very well indeed in fact There's than a touch of The Road about this book although grim as it is at times it's not uite in the same league as McCarthy’s classic piece There's also something of Lord of the Flies about it too in the way we witness what a world might be like if it were to be run purely by children many of whom have gone ferrel It thought it compelling thought provoking sad and yet also strangely uplifting I liked it a lot and I hope many other readers take a close look at this book and also other output from this intriguingly gifted writer My thanks to Canongate books and NetGalley for supplying a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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Anna AUTHOR Niccolò AmmaniAlla natura e selvagge comunità di sopravvissuti Anna ha come guida il uaderno che le ha lasciato la mamma con le istruzioni per farcela E giorno dopo giorno scopre che le regole del passato non valgono più dovrà inventarne di nuove Con Anna Niccolò Amman. ‘A fearsomely gifted writer’Independent ‘Ammaniti’s writing is sharp lean and pacy’Herald Sun ‘Ammaniti excelsin capturing the thought processes and fears and desires of children once you start reading him you can’t put him down’Sunday Telegraph UK ‘Surreal but somehow also wholly believable This book is repulsive and terrifying in all the right ways’The Best Books We’ve Read This Year So Far Readings ‘One of Italy's brightest literary stars’Observer ‘Ammaniti's prose is faultless from the firstA fearsomely gifted writer’Independent ‘A writer of rigorous imagination and moral subtlety’Times Literary Supplement ‘A master storyteller’Guardian ‘Ammaniti is a modern day Dickens’La Repubblica ‘An audacious and elegant post apocalyptic novel’Mindfood ‘As well as conjuring up this excellent characterisation Ammaniti’s prose has a strange deadpan tenderness that I loved There is always a sense of hope in the hopelessness This is a sickeningly wonderful novel and a perfect example of literary dystopian fiction’Readings ‘With William Golding's Lord of the Flies  and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road  as its touchstones this dystopian novel pays homage to resilience and survival against the odds in a climate of violence and superstition It’s also a coming of age story about a harsh transition to adulthood with the added stinger that death waits in the wings’antas Magazine ‘Ammaniti’s descriptions have a film like ualityThe story and those images have stayed vivid in my mind’s eye The message this book carries is also important’Good Reading ‘A thought provoking addition to the genre of science fiction’ReadPlus ‘Stark and confronting the writing seethes with images of desperation violence and deathAnna is an unforgettable read’Otago Daily Times