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Nights Templar (Vampire Queen, #13) Free read ¼ 6 ¾ Lord Uthe a member of the Vampire Council was a Templar Knight centuries ago Even up to the present day he has attempted to honor the spirit of the Rule despite the volatile and highly sexual nature of the vampire world Yet now he’s caught the attention of the Fae Lord Keldwyn lOrld Yet now he’s caught the attention of the Fae Lord Keldwyn liaison between the Council and Fae Court Keldwyn challenges Uthe’s emotional isolation and dominant nature When a uest from Uthe’s past reuires K. Review Night’s Templar by Joey W HillBook #13 Vampire ueen SeriesOne of the problems that occur in long running book series are that the storylines characters and plots can start to become too familiar Just insert character A into scene B and tie it all up with C’s ending Not necessarily a bad thing if the writing is good but sticking to what’s worked in the past can ultimately lead to a slow death for the series as a wholeThis is most definitely NOT the case with Joey W Hill’s latest book in her Vampire ueen series Book 13 “Night’s Templar” is a revelation Ms Hill has taken the world she’s so beautifully created in Books 1 12 and expanded and enriched it tenfold Weaving in Historical fact legend and her own myths regarding the Knight Templars elevates this story to what is best in all great fiction Immaculate storytelling Lord Uthe high ranking member of the Vampire Council and Lord Keldwyn Fae liaison between the Vampire and Fae worlds have been at the top of fan lists for a story of their own since first meeting the characters in earlier books That there is an attraction between them has been evident from the beginning How two sexual Dominants come together in a way that is true to both their natures is the task at hand The story that unfolds in Night’s Templar brings a depth and gravitas not only to these two characters but to the entire Vampire series as a whole As a former Templar Knight Vampire Lord Uthe is a man who has dedicated his life to serving the needs of the Vampire race while still living as close to the Rule that dictated the day to day life of a Templar Knight He accomplishes this without losing what is true to his Vampire nature Honorable Humble and Courageous Uthe is a man determined to do what is asked of him no matter the cost A 900 year old promise and a secret that could end his life set him on a uest in the truest sense of the wordHigh Fae Lord Keldwyn is the best ambassador for his people as liaison to the Vampire Council Breathtakingly beautiful uick witted and a Master at negotiation Keldwyn is a force of Nature He is a larger than life personality yet you never know where you stand with the man What isn’t immediately evident is the fact that Kel is just as Honorable and Courageous as Uthe And no I didn’t say Humble but I will add self assuredWorking together on the accord between their worlds Uthe and Keldwyn find pleasure in debates planning sessions and games of chess The attraction between them unsettles Uthe and intrigues Kel Although sexually Dominant by nature Uthe has limited his sexual interactions with his 3rd marked servant to the physical aspects only To allow himself to engage on an emotional level that so many of his fellow Vampires have with their servants would go against his desire to live as closely to the tenets of his Templar beliefs as possible That Keldwyn stirs such intense need in him both sexually and emotionally makes his task that much difficult to accomplish Especially when Kel insists on going with himAs their journey together to fulfill Uthe’s promise takes them deeper into the Fae world we are witness to their struggles to find meaning and connection in the feelings and desires they can no longer deny Their sexual encounters peel back the layers on what lies deep within their hearts Love belonging service and ownership are poignantly revealed to show how Dominance and submission can set our souls free and connect two hearts for eternityAlong the way we meet up with favorite characters from other books in the series as well as several new characters that open the worlds of the Vampire ueen even No longer limited to Vampire Fae and human the number of Supernatural beings that are expanding this world just add an additional layer to a richly detailed place we’ve come to love Ta

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Eldwyn’s help to protect both their worlds Uthe will have to decide whether the Fae male is a gift from God to be cherished and trusted or a curse that will make Uthe fail the Order he promised to serve all his li. I will start off with three facts Fact one When Keldwyn was introduced in the second book The Mark of The Vampire ueen A Vampire ueen Novel I was not thrilled I saw him as a user one that would come back on Lady Lyssa for something all because he had saved her life For the last eleven books in this series I have been waiting for that other shoe to hit the floor I couldn't and didn't want to see my lady Lyssa be used in anyway So not a fan Fact two The first time I read about Uthe I was in love with him The way he carried himself the way he spoke to everyone and the love he showed Evan his vampire child Everything about Uthe showed nothing but love Fact three There's less then a handful of female writers that write MM that I will read because I feel they loss the passion in men and only focus on the alpha part Joey is one of those female authors that DOESN'T loss the passion in men So when Joey started talking about writing Night's Templar and it would be about Keldwyn and Uthe I was a little bitUgh Again my ugh was my feelings towards Keldwyn Before reading Night's Templar I wanted better and for Uthe because he should have the best But as the story received of Uthe I fall and in love with him And as my read went along I started softening for Keldwyn and why he was all over Lady Lyssa like white on rice My heart grew five times for Keldwyn and I'm now in love with him too Keldwyn is a honorable Fae with a heart of goldNight's Templar is a five star read it has all the passion and sex in it as Joey writes in everyone of her books This next story into the world of vampires and fae leave you with wanting The lives of both vampire Uthe and fae Keldwyn is brilliantly written and overwhelming believable to the point that you are left with believing that vampires and fae are not just fairy tales to read but that you're riding along with Uthe and Keldwyn's journey The love that grows with in and between Keldwyn and Uthe is heartwarming and tears of joy The heartwarming that both men are meant to be that no other would be better to suit them The XIII book in this series is a must readNote to my friend Joey Oh you wonderful brilliant and gifted writer you You give me my Lady Lyssa in all of her glory Thanks

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Nights Templar Vampire Queen #13Lord Uthe a member of the Vampire Council was a Templar Knight centuries ago Even up to the present day he has attempted to honor the spirit of the Rule despite the volatile and highly sexual nature of the vampire w. The charactersthe power balance and personas I hateBut the world I loveMy goodness do I ever love being in this world The Magical Realm wasRemarkable I love fae and the world they live in I could and did spend hours in their world I loved every minute of it The couple was sweet and endearing But the chemistry was missing too So I was not fully vested in this couple throughout the book I don’t know what happen