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When Women Win reader ´ doc 9780544443310 ✓ Ellen Malcolm ✓ The dramatic inside story of the rise of women in elected office over the past uarter century from the pioneering founder of three million member EMILY's List — one of the most influential players in today’s political landscape  In 1985 awThe Senate and now EMILY’s List has helped elect 19 women Senators 11 governors and 110 Democratic women to the House    Incorporating exclusive interviews with Hillary Clinton Nancy Pelosi Tammy Baldwin and others When Women Win delivers stories of some of the toughest political contests of the past three decades including the historic victory of Barbara Mikulski as the first Democratic woman elected to the Senate in her own right; the defeat of Todd Akin “legitimate rape” by Claire McCaskill; and Elizabeth Warren’s drama The introduction moved me to tears Not because it was particularly well written or because it revealed a heart breaking event but because it was written with the hope and near certainty many of us had that we'd have a woman serving as President by the time it went into bookstoresThe book itself has no surprises for those who have been following women in politics for the last 20 years It does have lots of information about what to do to support women who are running for office It also shows how to follow the money by getting money early What is most disappointing about the book is its self serving nature Malcolm calls Biden's actions during the Thomas Hill hearings not his finest moment Indeed Also perhaps cynically I saw the turn around EMILY's List made with Carol Mosley Brown as an attempt to conceal its initial lukewarm support for women of color I felt that the latter comparison of Ms Mosley Brown to the Tea Party supports my assumption I hope I'm wrong but I've learned to notice certain attitudes hidden in pretty words over the years Perhaps I'm nitpicking And yet when a champion of women in politics makes the decision to refer to a female senator by her given name Patty referring to Sen Murray and to a male senator by his last name Ryan as in Sen Paul Ryan in the same sentence Patty and Paul focused on common ground my heart sinks We have a long way to goThen again thanks to Malcolm and her organization we've come a long way There were less than 5% of members of Congress of either party who were women the year I was born Women now make 20% of Congress I hope we can get to 50% in my lifetime And I certainly hope there can be a reprint of this book when we elect the first female President of the United States Let's hope I don't have to wait another 40 years for that

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Tic win over incumbent Massachusetts senator Scott Brown    When Women Win includes Malcolm's own story the high drama of Anita Hill’s sexual harassment testimony against Clarence Thomas and its explosive effects on women’s engagement in electoral politics; the long nights spent watching the polls after months of dogged campaigning; the heartbreaking losses and unprecedented victories but it’s also a page turning political saga that may well lead up to the election of the first woman president of the United States     ? This was a cathartic read in light of the outcome of the 2016 presidential election The books starts in the 1980s with the birth of EMILY's List and the circumstances that gave rise to it and ended with Obama in office and women like Elizabeth Warren being elected to Congress I would love to read an updated version with EMILY's List's fight during the 2016 election and their reaction to Hillary Clinton's loss The book was incredibly informative as a child of the 90's I never knew that Republicans used to be centrist and it used to be okay for a Republican candidate to be pro choice I could have easily looked up the outcome of the races discussed in the book but I enjoyed rooting for the candidates along with Ellen Malcolm and EMILY's List and celebrating when they won Definitely a good book for anyone interested in seeing women in politics or learning about how they got there in the first place

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When Women Win The dramatic inside story of the rise of women in elected office over the past uarter century from the pioneering founder of three million member EMILY's List one of the most influential players in today’s political landscape  In 1985 aware of the near total absence of women in Congress Ellen R Malcolm launched EMILY’s List a powerhouse political organization that seeks to ignite change by getting women elected to office The rest is riveting history Between 1986 when there were only 12 Democratic women in the House and none in I noticed how EMILY's list and the author hailed Anita Hill as a hero and excoriated the Republicans who dismissed her sexual harassment claims against Clarence Thomas then went on to downplay and sugarcoat the sexual harassment and flat out sexual assault Bill Clinton was accused of by multiple women This type of hypocrisy shows the flaws in the mainstream feminist pro abortion movement