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review Deadly Messengers Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë 3 massacres 2 detectives 1 writer 0 answersFreelancer Kendall Jennings writes fluff pieces for women’s magazines When a horrific massacre occurs at Café Amaretto she scores an exclusive interview with a survivor Suddenly she’s the go to reporter for the crime Investigating veteraH old demons O’Grady resents Kendall’s involvement as her presence provokes memories of a personal tragedyO’Grady and Kendall are caught up in a plan greater reaching than the crimes They just don’t know it Someone is sending a message And unless they can decipher the meaning very soon many will dieDeadly Messengers is a page turning thriller taking readers into the minds of mass killers in all their disconcerting madness It poses the uestion Is there a killer lurking inside everyone The answer could prove frightening than the crim. I've been having such good luck with thrillers lately Deadly Messengers is another great one to add to the shelfKendell Jennings is a freelance writer mostly for magazines doing fluff pieces so she can pay her rent When she takes a job interviewing a survivor of a mass murder she thinks it's just going to be a uick easy buck Two mass murders occur and Kendell suspects they may be connected Fate intervenes to put her right in the middle of the investigation and into the path of the serial killerI really enjoyed this book It pretty much had everything I enjoy in a novel action blood and gore a little splash of romantic tension and some awesome likable characters with an intense crazy bad guyI found the premise extremely original and refreshing Without giving anything away the story is not all it seems and there are some awesome twists and turns throughout The ending was slightly predictable however there was still enough action and twists to keep me hooked right to the very end I barely put this book down even to sleepThe characters were great Kendell had a very troubled past and I enjoyed how she had conflicted feelings about the story she was writing and her own experiences I loved investigators O'Grady and Trip and their partnership And I loved that they both had a thing for Kendell even though O'Grady wouldn't recognise it I only wish that O'Grady and Kendells relationship had a bit oomph I felt that could have been done with their feelings towards each other earlier in the book But that's just the romantic in meThe murder scenes were exceptionally detailed perhaps so than your average thriller Lots of details about the death blood and gore I don't mind blood and gore However I understand that not everyone does I personally thought the detail worked really well and added an extra intensity to the story I really enjoyed that aspectThis was a lot than a simple who done it thriller It delved a lot into trauma and mental health and had some extremely interesting pharmacology aspects Do certain drugs make you susceptible to kill Or is it the mental illness itself Are there drugs that can make you a puppet Fascinating stuffOverall thoroughly enjoyed itWould I recommend itYes absolutely A great thriller from a very talented AUSSIE author I am looking forward to reading and reviewing her other workMany thanks to author Susan May for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewFor other reviews visit my blog atwwwbooksbabiesbeingcomYou can also find me on twitter wwwtwittercomBBBmel

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3 massacres 2 detectives 1 writer 0 answersFreelancer Kendall Jennings writes fluff pieces for women’s magazines When a horrific massacre occurs at Café Amaretto she scores an exclusive interview with a survivor Suddenly she’s the go to reporter for the crime Investigating veteran detective Lance O’Grady and his partner Trip are tasked with finalizing the open and shut case Seven people are dead at the hands of an unprovoked killer wielding an axe It seems simpleThen another mass killing occurs This time arson and ten eldercare faci. I was generously provided a free copy of the book by the author herself in exchange of a review but in no way does the author’s generosity affect my opinions of the book In fact I usually don’t accept read to review books but I saw Shelby’s review and couldn’t help get intrigued I decided to dive into the book even though it isn’t YA because I don’t only read YA okay PfftThe moment I started reading I was instantly magnetized You see I honestly don’t read book blurbs so when the story starts with an average 27 year old man with no past criminal records embarking on a seemingly unwilling killing spree using an axe ew at a café in obedience to a voice inside his head kind of made me think of Ryan Reynold’s movie The Voices I knew there was no way I’m going to stop reading If I didn’t have to make a living I would have probably finished the book in one sitting^^ The story is told in the third person omniscient which in my observation makes mystery thrillers ominous and unpredictable because the characters are only half aware of what’s to happen next I was even absorbed in the story because the writing is very engrossing and enjoyable The author has adorable sense of humor and apparently a fan of Jennifer Aniston Angelina Jolie Mark Ruffalo and Nicholas Sparks I approve The author’s vocabulary and analogies are mesmerizing and significant She is a natural Are all Australian authors always this awesomeThe plot is fast paced and the way the story injected the main character’s Kendall Jennings a freelance writer of fluffy articleslife in the mysterious killings because there have been killings is impressive You get an intricate picture of both Kendall’s personal life her struggles as a freelance writer her personal demons her potential love life including her connection with the necessary detectives Trip and O’Grady and of the bigger image in the plot that is the mystery behind the mass killings The chapters end in a way that will make you want to jump right into the next and I couldn’t stop my heart from wildly beating The murder scenes were remarkably portrayed The mastermind was a complete shock I had no time to guess because I was too invested in the characters and the entire story It is really a very compelling read My constant facial mode wasWhat I liked best about this book is its highly social and moral significance As much as I want to speak about it I’m afraid it would spoil the mystery and the essence of the story It’s a gripping entertaining eye opening and well researched novel I actually did a little research myself to check the veracity of the details in the story and most of those presented in the book are plausible I recognize and thank the author’s efforts for that “Straight and true” Props to her 12 year old son too for his awesome contributionSpecial thanks to Ms Susan May for writing this awesome novel and for letting me read it for free The best things in life are indeed free Hehe^^EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT You guys you can get a free copy of this really awesome book Check outSusan May’s profile for details Only until September 30

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Deadly MessengersLity residents die in the blaze Both killers die at the scene The crimes have no motive and Lance O’Grady is left wondering how evil can strike twiceThen it happens again Even shocking a mother with a gun goes on a rampage at a family birthday partyThe killers share one odd detail none have a murderer’s profile No history of violence no connection to terrorists no vendettas Ordinary citizens suddenly became killers Drawn deeper inside the crime investigation Kendall finds herself not only clashing with O’Grady but also struggling wit. Thank you Susan May for kindly sending me an advanced copy of Deadly Messengers for an unbiased reviewI understand Deadly Messengers is indie author Susan May’s first novel in the crime thriller genre I congratulate her for an excellent first effort Chapter One jumps right in serving up a very atmospheric setting in which the first of several gruesome mass murders takes place It was my feeling that I was in for a science fiction or perhaps a paranormal read as how else could these murderers’ actions be explained Eventually it was clear these were otherwise normal people committing these horrific crimes with no paranormal or science fiction elements involved To me the most impressive thing about Deadly Messengers is how Ms May cleverly designed a plot that explained why and how these regular people committed such heinous actsThis novel has good bones Ms May did an outstanding job with her research and by doing so made a seemingly impossible plot actually look like it could happen The writing is crisp The main characters are well developed She had me almost liking the baddie which was uite a feat as this person was responsible for multiple deaths I guessed who the mastermind was pretty early on but that did not impair my enjoyment of the story as I could not for the life of me figure out how he was puppeteering these good people to kill I loved the two cops and their relationship The bit of romance is well done and did not take over the story Further there are a couple of occurrences that had me saying out loud “Wow Did that really just happen” I found the last 15 20% to be highly suspenseful and the last 10% was unputdownable Oh and I don’t want to forget the Lyall chapter This is a very well done peek into the mind of a true killer who had murdered several people 20 years before the current story takes place What could be better I think the mid portion of the book could be suspenseful This could be achieved by adding some red herrings and a couple characters Tightening up the story especially freelance writer Kendall’s role would also pump up the suspense I feel the action scenes as good as they are could be even better if accompanied by a change in the cadence of the narrative I must warn people that the murder scenes are graphic and may be too much for some readers not for this one though In summary I really enjoyed Deadly Messengers Judging from her debut in this genre I think Susan May has the potential to grow into a terrific crimethriller writer I look forward to trying some of her other books and plan to check out her next crimethriller should she choose to write again in this genre 35 stars Definitely better than a 3 so rounding up to 4 stars