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The Help Yourself Cookbook for KidsUick Help Yourself empowers children to take charge of their own nutrition for now and for lifeRecipes includefun to munch hand held snacks like Life Boatsbright fruit flavored drinks like Tickled Pinkthe always popular things on toast like Leprechaun Trackssalads they will actually eat like Tiger Stripescozy small meals like Tomato Tornadoand sweets like chocolatey Disappearing Dots because everybody likes candy Excerpt from the Intro Since the day you were born someo. Vibrantly and adorably illustrated HELP YOURSELF is lots of fun to look at Adults and kids alike will want to pull it off the shelf and flip throughThe recipe ideas include many simple but healthy snacks as well as some complicated recipes that will reuire help from a parent or teenage sibling The recipes also rely on whole foods instead of calling for lots of processed and pre prepared stuff It's true HELP YOURSELF doesn't shy away from calling for some exotic ethnic ingredients At first I thought this could be a bad thing because it will lead people to think that eating vegan by necessity calls for unusual and hard to find foods which isn't the case But then I considered that it's a whole other world out there and not everyone lives in the armpit of the US like I do for plenty of people traditional Asian Indian Mediterranian etc spices and veggies aren't so strange at all And trying new healthy foods from various cultures is a good thing that should be encouraged for children So if you have access to things like goji berries and mochi sure try them If not make the other recipes in the book using familiar ingredients The author includes asides about the healthiness and environmental sustainability of plant based foods but she does so in an inclusive and non threatening way Those who don't eat plant based all of the time won't feel as if they're being bashed over the head but just may feel inspired to explore other vegn recipes as well

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The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids summary ä eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Õ Struggling to get your kids to eat their fruits and vegetables Try letting them help themselvesExperts tell us the best way to teach kids healthy eating habits is to involve them in the process This irresistible cookbook presents 60 appeNe has been making you food and serving you meals that’s the life But wait a minutewhat’s that on the end of your arm Why it’s a hand And it turns out you need little than your own two hands and a few ingredients to help yourself to healthy foodsand help the world while you’re at it Because from the tip of your nose to the tip of an iceberg the food we eat affects our bodies our environment and even strangers on the other side of the planet It's amazing but true?. I was hoping this book would target a younger audience so I would only wait maybe three years instead of ten to share this with my daughterThe Power tower and party in a cup recipes are good and exactly what I expected healthy beginners recipes that use simple ingredientsBut the Drinks are complicated and I wish most of the ingredients used were easy to find and budget friendly I can work with vegetables spices and nuts but my local grocery simply doesn't stock algaeAs far as format the Illustrations are cute and adult alerts are convenient It's bright and colorful and seems like it would target 5 and 6 year olds like I was hoping But the Introduction to kitchen safety could be redone to be shorter or have bigger words Or even be in black and white so it stands out and lends itself as an Important Page If I'm not paying attention to it why will my daughterThis is also my First Ruby Roth book and wow vegan propaganda everywhere But the book itself is a good concept with fun recipes and could be five stars with a little tweakingI received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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Struggling to get your kids to eat their fruits and vegetables Try letting them help themselvesExperts tell us the best way to teach kids healthy eating habits is to involve them in the process This irresistible cookbook presents 60 appealing recipes kids will beg to make themselves in fun and charming illustrations they will love Bursting with color humor cute animal characters and cool facts Did you know your brain actually shrinks when you’re dehydrated Drink water. 255 starsI have mixed feelings about this cookbook My co worker handed it to me and said it was a vegetarian cookbook for kids It's not It's a vegan cookbook for kids On the surface that's great I'm not a vegan I'm vegetarian but I sort of wish I was From what I understand it's probably the best diet for the environment But have unfortunately failed to uit my unhealthy love affair with cheese So my issue isn't with veganism it's with the very vocal minority of vegans that use pseudo science and manipulation to get their message across This book has a little bit of that kind of veganism but it also has some great recipes What I did like The large pictures are great And I love that illustrations are mixed in This book really is cute as heck The recipes are mostly raw but not all of them Completely raw vegan diets are ridiculous especially for children But of course if you eat mostly raw it's easier for your kids to help you in the kitchen I love that at the end of the book the author provides a list of other things you can do to help animals and the environment It's true being vegan isn't enough The shopping list is also a great resource What I didn't like The font is stupid I really really hate when children's books of any kind have wacky fonts Pictures and colors are enough to appeal to kids And you don't want your adult readers to go blind The lack of bullet points or numbers also makes the recipes hard to read Some of the ingredients are expensive and unnecessary Algae Spirulina Goji berries C'mon Those things are not essential to a vegan diet They might be healthy but they're expensive And they're no better for you than regular old nuts fruits veggies and legumes The superfood crap that you hear about on the news is pure marketing Yes dirty capitalism Something you vegans are supposed to be against At the beginning of the book the author lists the #4 reason why a plant based diet is best plants contain nutrients than animal products Um depends on the product The truth is while veganism is definitely better for the environment and the best to reduce animal suffering it's actually not the healthiest diet You can be very healthy and still eat animal products You can still be very healthy on a vegan diet BUT if you're vegan you need to consume a B12 supplement The author fails to mention this The author also talks about eating organic foods that don't contain chemicals For real lady EVERYTHING IS CHEMICALS There is one good reason to eat organic to support local businesses But guess what in order to feed everyone on the planet it's impossible to grow all fruits and vegetables organically Again aren't vegans supposed to care about all living things including humans Bottom line I have mad respect for anyone who is vegan and who advises not forces their child to be vegan But I don't know why you all feel the need to make stuff up in order to convince everyone else Veganism is great for the earth and great for the animals So eat plants You don't need to get fancy Just eat plants It's really that simple