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BluescreenLos Angeles in 2050 is a city of open doors as long as you have the right connections That connection is a djinni a smart device implanted right in a person’s head In a world where virtually everyone is online twenty four hours a day this connection is like oxygen and a world like that presents plenty of opportunities for someone who knows how to manipulate itMarisa Carneseca is one of those people She might spend h. I received an advance copy of this book for free Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss “It bluescreens you” said Anja shooting Omar from his chaise and sitting down in his spot “An overwhelming sensory rush an unbelievable high and then boom Crash to desktop Your Djinni goes down and takes your brain with it for like ten minutes It’s the best” This is the second time I’ve read this book and I have to say that I understood it a lot better the second timeMarisa was a strong character and she was smart too She also did well to carry on fighting when she was without her prosthetic arm and without members of her team The storyline in this was uite complex and I totally got why I got confused the first time I read this Basically there was a new ‘drug’ available through drug dealers which was a program called ‘bluescreen’ which gave users a ‘high’ and then crashed their systems using on board computers called djinni What people didn’t know was that view spoiler bluescreen left a program on djinni which allowed someone to take control of them remotely and use them as a puppet This meant that anyone who had ever taken the drug was open to this form of abuse causing an almost zombie like problem when everyone was activated at the same time hide spoiler

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Mething sounds too good to be true it usually is and Mari and her friends soon find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy that is much bigger than they ever suspectedDan Wells author of the New York Times bestselling Partials Seuence returns with a stunning new vision of the near future a breathless cyber thriller where privacy is the world’s most rare resource and nothing not even the thoughts in our heads is sa. This book is painfully bad and I say that as someone who loves sci fi and enjoyed Dan's other books I couldn't even force myself to get past the 50% mark it was just SO terrible Here's why1 The main character reads like a caricature of a Mexican girl Imagine if a straight white guy who has only seen Mexican people in movies and TV shows wrote a book with every stereotype and random Spanish word he heard but didn't bother to get a REAL Mexican reader or two to make sure he wasn't being offensive And then threw in even offensive stereotypical Mexican gang members YEP THAT'S THIS BOOK Yes we need diverse books but we also need them to be GOOD and to be authentic and this one is not 2 Los Angeles is also a caricature and makes me wonder if the author has ever visited it for than a short trip Not to mention the tech in this world is way too advanced for only 34 years later There's no way LA could have changed that much structurally in that short a time The city in 2016 is not that much different than it was in the 80s really Also not every Mexican person in LA is involved in a gang or lives in a gang controlled area for fuck's sake3 It's mind numbingly slow and full of bad info dumping It takes over 100 page for the book to really start Plus there is SO MUCH exposition about the technology and it's done in a very beginner way You'd think after Dan has written so many novels he would find a way to introduce technology without the As you know cars are safer when they drive themselves scenes OF WHICH THERE ARE A LOT Seriously teens do not talk like that nor sit around talking about how technology has changed in the last few years WHY Because to them it's just how it is not history This is just bad writing and exposition and he should know better4 The characters are not interesting or worse annoying as hell and stupid I hated every single one of them and was about 10 steps ahead of them the entire time 5 Nothing about it was original The tech the plot the characters all felt like it was stolen from other moviesbooksTV showsSave yourself the time and don't pick up this book If you want a good book set in a future Los Angeles with a Mexican character read FUTURE SHOCK by Elizabeth Briggs and skip this one

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Free read Bluescreen ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Â Los Angeles in 2050 is a city of open doors as long as you have the right connections That connection is a djinni—a smart device implanted right in a person’s head In a world where virtually everyone is online twenty four hours a day this connection is like oxygen—and a world Er days in Mirador the small vibrant LA neighborhood where her family owns a restaurant but she lives on the net going to school playing games hanging out or doing things of uestionable legality with her friends Sahara and Anja And it’s Anja who first gets her hands on Bluescreen a virtual drug that plugs right into a person’s djinni and delivers a massive non chemical completely safe high But in this city when so. Wow good job Mr WellsIn the not that distant future everybody has the euivalent of smart phones in their brains A new digital drug gives people a high by overloading this system no physical side effects; totally safe right Marisa doesn't trust it from the start and her investigation uncovers something really sinisterThe world felt real and complete; it was detailed and believable Marisa has two brothers and two sisters parents school online friends and offline friends Every aspect of life is shown I didn't even get confused by the number of characters which I usually doPacing and buildup is done well All the storytelling elements tie together well The writing is tight Even the editing is almost perfect The book is left open enough for seuels but it's still a complete story in itself Overall this was very enjoyable There was never a dull momentThere is some Spanish and German swearing; no sexual content