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Download Book ✓ Twisted Bond Ç Holly Woods Files æ Emma hart ☆ I’m an Italian Texan woman in a family full of cops I’m passionate and shoot before I think You only fck with me if you’re stupidPhotograph cheating spouses Hand over the evidence Cash my checkThat was my plan when I returneT twelve years ago or we could have something In another lifeSo now all I have to do is avoid my nonna’s blind dates try not to blackmail my brothers into giving me confidential police files and absolutely do not point my gun at Drake Nash Or kiss him Or jump his bonesAll while I hunt down the killerSounds totally simple until a second body proves that sometimes things that start as coincidences don’t always end up that wa I was sick of this book by the time I got to the last 20% Things that were fun at the beginning were so old by the end Drake was an asshat the whole timewhat is is with asshats at the moment TAMLIN?? but I didn't feel like we got enough of their backstory to really justify his behavior so I mostly just hated him Also the dramatic climax was dull as hell when it could have been SO GOOD Our heroine left her job in Dallas because she did a bad thing and people died Again I don't feel like we got enough of the backstory to justify her behavior as well but okay And the Killer Why was the killer who the Killer was? The motivations were dumped on me in a single paragraph and felt flimsy at best And the heroine sort of just figured it all out Like BAM I'm not reading on in this series Okay bye

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Ree of my brothers are cops And my Italian grandmother is sure the reason I’m single is because of my jobOf course my connection to the victim is entirely coincidental Until I’m hired by her husband to investigate her murder and shoved bang smack into the path of Detective Drake Nash My nemesis a persistent pain in my ass and one hell of a sexy son of a btchShame he still holds a grudge from that time I shot him in the foo I enjoyed it but something missing I did enjoy this book I was dyin to know what was goin to happen even though I did find it dragged a lil bit in the middle I was just dyin to know who was causing al the drama that was goin on Noelle Bond's life an what was turning a lil town like Holly Wood upside down Noelle Bond is a total kick ass woman from bein a cop to now running her own PI company an she was successful she had great people that worked for her she had a excellent family even if her brothers were protective an she had a mad crazy Nonna how just thought she was mad doin her job an alway carrying a gun those things were sexy well that's what her Nonna thought but Noelle didn't care about a man or getting married or even having babies she was happy catch cheating partners it's what her PI company did the most an she was happy until things went a lil crazy when she found a body in a dumpster an this is where Detective Drake Nash comes to annoyin the life out of her they both can't b together for a minute without them wanting to kill each other an the sexual tension was just mad I was dyin for them to just rip each other's clothes off just to release some of it I wanted to slap them sometimes cause the would argue over anything but I wanted them to get together so much they were just alway at each other's throats I really liked the way the book was written the way the author wrote Noelle's mad Nonna was so good she had me laughing throughout the book an her tryin to fix Noelle up with anyone that had some Italian blood in them was funny I have to say I luvd her character so much an I did like Noelle an Drake but I just found that the book needed a lil romance I missed a lil an it did drag like I said in the middle I was just dyin to know what was goin on I am dyin to know what's goin to happen with these to characters so I will carry on with this series an I want of Noelle an her sexy brothers an the sexy Detective Drake xxx

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Twisted Bond Holly Woods Files #1 I’m an Italian Texan woman in a family full of cops I’m passionate and shoot before I think You only fck with me if you’re stupidPhotograph cheating spouses Hand over the evidence Cash my checkThat was my plan when I returned home to Holly Woods Texas and became a private investigatorFinding the dead body in my dumpster? Yeah Given the choice I think I would have opted out of that little discovery especially since all th Re read 26th 27th June 2019I originally read this back in 2015 I loved it and even gave it 5 I always intended to continue on with the series I just never got round to it So four years later I decided it’s time to correct that Starting with a re read of courseThe problem is in that four years I’ve read a lot of books I’m not uite as easy to please But apparently I’m easy to annoyMy rating has changed I liked the mystery and Nonna But honestly Noelle drove me crazy I can’t believe she didn’t drive me nuts the first time round Now don’t get me wrong I love a strong independent woman But she spent so much time telling us how great she was And the fact that she was constantly mad or annoyed at somethingeverything was just too much I felt like shooting her myself on several occasionsSo the uestion is do I continue?The next book is waiting on my kindleOriginal review 5Nonna alone would get 5 starsBelow is the first paragraph from the bookI always wanted to be a Bond girlWhen I was seven I proudly declared to my family that I would one day be beneath Sean Connery on a haystack a la Pussy Galore My mother laughed my father choked my brothers looked at me like I’d gone batshit crazy and my Nonna yelled that I would only ever be beneath a good Italian boy preferably a Catholic and only on my wedding nightand that was all I needed I was hooked this is a fabulous hilarious read good story great characters a bit of everything reallyThe main character Noelle is twenty eight and comes from a family of cops grandfather father and all three of her brothers plus she was a cop herself but now she's a Private Investigator a really good one she's funny loves expensive shoes and has than a healthy obsession with cupcakes I mean seriously the girl is obsessed Detective Drake Nash what can I say about him he's smoking hot intelligent arrogant and rubs Noelle up the wrong way I suppose it doesn't help that 12 years ago she accidentally shot him in the foot anyway together they're combustible they annoy the hell out of each other but the sexual chemistry swirling around them makes people step backAll the characters are fabulous there's a real sense of family and small town about this but the best thing in the whole book is Nonna she's an absolute scream I couldn't even give you examples of her best lines because there's so many it's every time she opens her mouth she alone would get this book 5 stars I loved her absolutely loved herI'm now just waiting for the next book and hoping there's loads Nonna