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A Wish Upon Jasmine Doc ´ Download ´ From Reviewers’ Choice Book of the Year nominee and bestselling author Laura Florand Ruthless That was what they said about Damien Rosier Handsome Wealthy Powerful Merciless No one messed with his family because to do so they would have to get through him No one thought he had a heart Not even the woman From Reviewers’ Choice Book of the Year nominee and bestselling author Laura Florand Ruthless That was what they said about Damien Rosier Handsome Wealthy Powerful Merciless No one messed with his family because to do so they would have to get through him No one thought he had a heart Not even the woman he gave his toCynical That was what they said about Jasmin Bianchi A top perfumer of her generation Jess had achieved commercial success by growing a prot And then his gut clenched around the reality God knew what perfume she'd make to represent him Something mean Machiavellian Some masculine variant of Spoiled Brat maybe Maybe she'd call it Assassin Sigh I don't know what it is with these books that makes me smile so big while hiding my face in shame Predictable Instalov well kind of Certainly cheesy I'm not supposed to like this dammit And yet It works just fine What am I saying? It works damn great As far as French male leads are concerned I'll take these ones Not the romantic world fantasy but a great deal of flaws a brush of adorable family members who can't mind their own business and the ability to say fuck you when they're upset even if they blush and apologize immediately after because oh shit that's not how they've been raised but come on why did you for the mother of god stop talking please You want to know a stereotype which is often true when it comes to French?We loooooooooooooove talking Almost as much as we love arguing And of course we're always right Duh But moving on In those French male leads I can believe I may love them even because there's no such thing as a prince and franchement? I don't want one and neither does Jasmin in the end Add an heroine I can root for strong despite her insecurities believably flawed let's say and you get a happy Anna This being said I can see readers being annoyed by her lack of self esteem concerning relationships it didn't bother me too much because Damien doesn't take advantage of them and has than his fair share of insecurities too but it did grit on my nerves at some pointIf I barely know Grasse the city where the story takes place and by barely I mean that I might have visited it 20 years ago with my parents but probably focused on ice cream or something I can safely say that the way life is described is rather believable and I sympathized with Jasmin who arrives from New York and is uite unsettled by people's reactions Look I'm a former Parisian who lives in the South In the country Did I fall in love with the calm and the beautiful landscapes? Of course Do I enjoy living there? Yes Do I start bouncing around people sometimes because please can we get started for fuck sake? Hmm hmm Do I want to shake people each time someone tells me that's the way things have always been? Hell yes I can't even imagine how disturbing it must be to arrive from New York The Rosier's family can be upsetting at first but Strip off the growls and you'll find such endearing characters I love them all Having said all that I loved that the plot was centered around the perfume business because first of all that's not something I often see and over the issues dealt with were sadly realistic it is difficult for these little cities to survive now that every company must be worldwide and local handicraft like perfumery in Grasse suffers a lot from the lack of competitiveness In that regard Damien's struggles appeared authentic to me and allowed me a better understanding of his sometimes ruthless behavior► GOOD Indeed it contains the right amount of cheesiness to stay on the adorable side of my scale and the interactions made me smile often than not I do have a soft spot for brotherly banter and old scheming grandparents Pépé and Tante Colette are fantastic And then just like that there were four male bodies wrestling If any of you end up needing the hospital I expect you to drive yourself Tata Véro said flipping a page I'm retired She winced a little at a particular thudding sound peeked at her son in the mass and then looked immediately back at the photo album ► What about my romance peeves?✘ No girl hate but women who are open to friendship✘ No asshole as a male lead but a believable flawed hero who can be a jerk but also damn sweet✘ No instalove in the book but our couple did suffer from this weird disease when they first met they fought after I forgive themSo all in all what this book offered me were several hours of smiles and escape Maybe it will be the same for you but frankly? I can't say at this point I guess you'll have to try it to know^^► Book 1 Once Upon a Rose ★★★ For of my reviews please visit

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To have to fight as dirty as only Damien canBut Jess knows how to fight dirty too And these days she has nothing left to loseCertainly not her heartCome explore the south of France a world of heat and fragrance and tales as old as time through the stories of the five powerful Rosier cousins and the women who win their hearts A Wish Upon Jasmine book two in Florand’s addictive new series La Vie en Roses “Explosive sensual and utterly sweet” Eloisa Jam So good Lovely sensual moving So very good Florand is one of my favorite writers I am never disappointed and always made very very happy Just writing this review makes me want to read the book again I put off reading this one a bit because I was crushed with work and because I am not a fan of reunion romances Well stupid me First of all it isn't really a reunion romance The hero and heroine have met before but it wasn't a lengthy realtionship that comes with lots of threads to sort out There were enough knots to untangle but it never sliped into ugly crying and sorrow I can't really do that right now or never lol The romance is fierce as is the explortation of what happens if you fall in love and you have other serious life issues going on at the same time There are wonderful scence of family as well The details of being a perfume maker are amazing as is the setting You will love the romance Go get it Hurrry Make yourself happy I was given this book for my honest review so there you have it

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A Wish Upon JasmineEctive shell over a tender heart The one time she cracked it open to let Damien in he crushed it after a night of unbelievable passionLovers That one magical night couldn’t survive the harsh light of dawn When Jess woke up to discover the man in bed beside her had stolen her company she fledEnemies Now she’s come to the south of France with a threat to his family heritage If he wants to reclaim both it and the woman who walked away from him he’s going “It would have been like believing in magic to believe in you” she said suddenly“Yes” His breath released roughly “I know exactly what you mean”“In the morning At night it’s easier to believe in dreams” Damien Rosier is the ruthless money maker of his family He ensures that each member of this family is free to live their dreams in the security he provides No one thinks he has a heart they don’t know that he wishes for someone soft and sweet in his life And then six months ago when he met her he thought he had found that someone but after one magical night she left taking his heart with her And he was left thinking that the perfect night was meaningful only to him Jasmin Bianchi’s life has not been easy despite her commercial success as a top perfumer For two years she had to watch her father dying and six months ago he passed away Two weeks after a night so magical it felt like a wish A night that turned to dust when she found out that Damien was the Damien Rosier who had just bought her company right from under her And because she thought he had used her as only the known heartless Damien Rosier could she fled Now Jasmin has received an unexpected inheritance and she’s come to the south of France to claim it And when Damien discovers that Jasmin has claimed his family heritage he’s willing to fight dirty to reclaim it But this time Jasmin is not suffering beneath a cloud of grief and she has no problem fighting dirty back This time she will not run away because she has nothing left to lose Can the lovers turned enemies finally discover that both of them lost their hearts that night months ago or will they be too stubborn too blind to realise the truth? I can’t believe I was so hesitant to read this book After loving the first book so much I just couldn’t see the author topping it But I was so wrong This book was FANTASTIC and I’m definitely a fan for life I devoured this book while simultaneously trying to savor each and every word It had felt as if he’d found his heart That heart that he’d stashed away somewhere long ago in the service of his family suddenly it was his again As alive and beating as it once had beenOr maybe it had felt as if she’d found his heart Dug it out of its secret evil sorcerer hiding place only she wasn’t on a uest to kill him with a dagger through it she was holding it in gentle wondering hands I absolutely loved Damien He comes across as so merciless and cold but underneath that titanium veneer beats a heart that longs for someone that can see his heart that can fill his life with sweetness I loved how he cared for his family doing everything he can to make sure they had good lives He is so sexy and bossy and just swoon worthy “I can reach for you” she said “If I’m lucky and I stretch far enough I can actually touch you for a while But it’s never even occurred to me that I can hold on So many things have slipped through my fingers” Jasmin was very sweet A woman who had lost everything When she originally met Damien she believed the worst of him because she was too afraid to hope that she had found someone who could be hers She was too afraid of losing another person she loved But I liked that this time she fought with Damien and she fought for him “Every breath you take is explode my head hot” he said nestling her hips against his “When I’m around you there’s this part of me that feels like an animal all the time” The romance in this book was PERFECTION I loved seeing these two circling each other not knowing that what they felt was reciprocated and watching them discover this was wonderful The sexy times was sexy and so damn hot I just loved Damien’s family The grumpy old grandfather the sneaky old aunt the wonderful banter between the cousins There is such beauty in this family their closeness and love for each other “You make me feel whole” he said “I told you You make my heart beat It’s as if all that great empty spot inside meyou fill it up with something sweet just for me” This is my kind of romance A book so romantic and sweet and passionate that it transports you to a world you wished you lived in I love that that one night they had six months ago meant so much to both of them that Damien wasn’t a manwhore who slept with a bunch of women after Jasmine I love this author’s beautiful writing her books are the sweetest and most romantic books I have ever read A definite must read for all romance lovers who likes their romance sweet and so very romantic