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Reader ñ The Donovan Dynasty ↠ Sierra Cartwright He first met her he’s been attracted to the cool beauty but she’s than kept her distanceConnor is absolutely willing to help her out For a price He not only wants her hand in marriage but also her total submissive surrender Reader Advisory This book contains scenes of anal pl Complimentary ARC provided by the publisher for the purpose of an honest reviewBIND ruined me for future book boyfriendshusbands and it was probably the best book I’ve read by Sierra Cartwright to date I loved Connor and Lana individually and as a couple for their maturity despite being under thirty The beginning was reminiscent of Fifty Shades but where Fifty seemed reliant on “shock and awe” BIND was pleasing in all aspects The smattering of humor throughout did a great job of diffusing the intensity of the developing relationship Lana Bertrand CFO of Bertrand Holdings Inc had learned all about the family business from her father She was a daddy’s girl through and through until she completed graduate school and began to challenge his outdated business decisions and practices The fact that she had contemplated giving up two years of her life to save the company spoke a lot about her dedication determination loyalty She was a workaholic with no time for relationships or perhaps she’d just been repeatedly disappointed by past lovers and the way they handled her kinkier desires She was confident bold and generally unafraid to express herself sexually Dealing with developing romantic feelings did not come easy to her at all Connor Donovan 27 had been appointed president of his family’s company Donovan Worldwide at the age of 23 after his father had died tragically in a car accident His parent’s marriage wasn’t perfect but what he knew was enough to turn him off of pursuing any serious relationships I loved his relationship with his siblings both in and out of the business When he was first introduced from Lara’s perspective he seemed aloof a bit cold and he definitely commanded the space in which he moved Since the story was told from alternating POVs it turned out he was anything but cold and reserved I just loved the way he talked—everything he said was measured considered charming and intelligent He didn’t talk just to hear himself speak For someone his age and in his position he was very down to earth Probably the most intriguing aspect of this story was Lara’s proposal and Connor’s conditions and whether or not a reader would see him as taking unfair advantage of her predicament Her position coupled with his promises of giving her a taste of what she'd only fantasized about was definitely a catalyst for the fast pace of their sexual relationship Also the way he treated her as an eual outside of the bedroom and his unwavering support in business showed her that being able to rely on him was a core element of his personality and not just a selfish means to get laid Personally I enjoyed the set up and the execution It was anything but trite because the characters were so compelling The BDSM parts were kept to introduction to the lifestyle and spanking but the seduction and the sex were incredibly hot The side characters enhanced and complimented the couple and I adored Lara’s mother and her “ESP” abilities as Lara liked to call it And for fans of the BONDS series Julien was his usual awesome self and returned to meddleI mean play fairy godfather

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Download Book  Bind The Donovan Dynasty É The Donovan Dynasty Ì Moneyexpresscard Ú Only one man can help her Is she willing to pay his priceFaced with the potentially overwhelming loss of her family’s fortune Lara Bertrand turns to the one man who can help her the gorgeous and Only one man can help her Is she willing to pay his priceFaced with the potentially overwhelming loss of her family’s fortune Lara Bertrand turns to the one man who can help her the gorgeous and powerful Connor DonovanShe knows he’s dangerous to her on every level Only desper Loyalty and love for the family can make people do things they wouldn't normally doLara Bertrand is for all intents and purposes Daddy's little girl She loves her father and remembers fondly as he takes her to work with him when she was little Now all grown up she works for her father in their family business The rose coloured glasses are off as her father persists and clings to the old ways Unfortunately the business world is changing in rules and speed With no other choice she decides to put a plan into place to save her father's business even if it means he will hate her for itThis story moved me because it is all about love and sacrifice What is a person willing to sacrifice for love and will the person who is receiving the sacrifice understand it This is a sad story and near the end my heart is breaking for Lara and her father Ms Cartwright does an excellent job of creating realistic characters flaws and all Whilst the story focuses on Lara and Connor's BDSM foreplay the punch of the story is Lara's father's sacrifice When he reveals his side of the story Lara sees just how much he gave up for his company and it forces her to make a hard decision This twist hurts so good When I'm pulled into a story with my heart breaking I love itThe plot of this story is simple It's the characters' relationships which is complex Lara and Connor seem to be a good match from a business perspective His spankings warm up than just Lara's bottom Lara may be initially taken back by Connor's dominance but soon she's bespelled and wants His desire to make the marriage a real one with the exception of love is what ends up being a point of contention ironically for Lara who wanted the marriage to just be a business deal This conflict is well done and shows how the best intentions may still pave the road to hell And for Lara it would be a personal hell she would not surviveThe BDSM in this story is on the Ds and it's good It's what a reader would expect from the talented Ms Cartwright Connor exudes the dominance one would desire from a dominant He's not perfect but he is thoughtful and commanding Even the punishment scenes are light and easy to handle Lara shows how a strong woman can find pleasure in the joys of submission Her journey with Connor demonstrates the ups and downs of a new to BDSM relationship This erotic novel is recommended for maledom lovers who enjoy Ds

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Bind The Donovan Dynasty #1Ation would drive her to make such a risky proposition After all she knows all about his ruthless nature and relentless determination to succeedWhen the classy elegant Lara walks into his office with an outrageous proposal Connor is stunned and than a little intrigued Ever since I just finished Bind today and have to say that I love Sierra Cartwright's writing style Bind was sexy very and sweet awww inspiringly so I adored the connection between Connor and Lara and they paired together perfectly I cannot wait to see what else she has in store for the other sibs in the Donovan Dynasty