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Damianos of Akielos has returned H. CRYING FOREVER TEARS OF JOY OMG

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Kings RisingT face his master Prince Laurent a. Like earlier books in this series 'Kings Rising' had my rapt attention from beginning to end This book was action packed and full of emotion It broke my heart only to piece it back together slowly I loved every minuteThis book sees both Damen and Laurent fighting to reclaim their kingdoms Despite their differences the two are forced into a tenuous alliance They need one another if either of them hopes to succeed This makes for plenty of emotional highs and lows along the way as the two attempt to navigate through their new realities In many ways the tables have turned At the same time so much remains unchangedFinally all of Damen's secrets are out in the open No longer does he live in fear of what will happen when Laurent finds out who he really is Instead he now lives with his wrath If he thought that Laurent would be angry he was rightTo say that I found this a little hypocritical is putting it mildly I kept thinking where does Laurent get off After all Damen was his slave by force Of course he would keep a secret like that What did he expect him to do tell his captor his true identity and face certain death That feeling only grew stronger as Laurent revealed some secrets of his own I mean where did he get off being so self righteous It seemed to me that Damen was played yet again If anything Laurent proved once again to be one of the most manipulative characters that I've ever encounteredEven so I cannot deny that I absolutely loved this book Every interaction between Damen and Laurent was like a delicious little drop of heaven for me I spent the moments between their encounters holding my breath waiting for their next interaction It was pathetic really but I have no shameIn the end I was left feeling uite satisfied I wasn't sure that these two would ever get there but they eventually get some peace I'm not a big fan of MM romances generally but I absolutely loved this series It was heartfelt and sexy with plenty of action along the way The characters and storyline were well developed and engaging I would definitely recommend this series to othersCheck out of my reviews at wwwbookadddicthavencom

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characters Kings Rising ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB È Damianos of Akielos has returned His identity now revealed Damen must face his master Prince Laurent asIs identity now revealed Damen mus. OM G YM God ok this is fine I'M FINE EVEYRTHIN GIT S FNIE at first i was like o shit this probably isn't going to be gr8 but it was so gr8 i feel so gr8 after finishing thisThis was so touching yet interesting and the characters were just so well built and intricate even though I could predict some of the backstory that went behind their angstiness I remember reading this book and thinking I only have one issue with it but now that I'm done with the book and i'm typing this I literally don't remember what that was The betrayals in this stung just as much as they were supposed to it was gripping the plot twists got me some whiplash the climax was everything I just think there was a lot of room for an epilogue and I heard rumors about there being an epilogue floating around somewhere and I would love to read it because it leaves off in a place where you're like king george voice what comes next definitely would highly recommend this series even though the first one is sort of shameful it's the only book that goes so far into rape and abuse and sexual assault so if you can get through it the rest of the series is full of amazing character development and war aspects and I JUST LOVE DAMEN AND LAURENT OK