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Read & download õ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ü Jem Lester Om Ben uviđa da je u borbi za sina sam i da sav teret odgovornosti pada na njegova leđa Pritom se bori i sa svojom ovisnosti o alkoholu koji mu je godinama jedina utjeha »Impresivan roman koji vjerno prikazuje svakodnevne napore s kojima se suočavaju roditelji autistične djece dok čitatelja istovremeno vodi na vrtoglavu vožnju toboganom emocija tuge veselja i gnjeva?. This is an extremely moving novel about Ben and Emma Jewell and their ten year old son Jonah When we meet the family they are like so many parents considering what secondary school would best meet Jonah’s needs However their search for an education is complicated than most parents as Jonah is autistic My nephew is also like Jonah severely autistic and so much of this novel resonated with me Ben and Emma want Jonah to have a place at a residential school for children with autism and when he is offered something local and which they consider totally unsuitable they decide to take their case to a tribunal This novel really begins when Emma tells Ben that their case will be looked at favourably if they pretend to split up Ben moves in with his elderly father in Muswell Hill and Jonah goes with him Oddly this book is also set in a part of London I know well and so much about it spoke to me directly that it is almost difficult for me to review this dispassionately but I will tryThe trio of characters that are Ben his father and Jonah work brilliantly Jonah does not speak and Ben has difficulty talking to his father In fact Ben has several problems He is supposed to be running his father’s business hiring out catering euipment but it is soon apparent that he has a major drinking problem and tends to spend most of his working hours in the pub He has financial issues marital problems and a whole host of unresolved feelings about his son that he has not come to terms with Although this sounds like a rather depressing read it is actually very funny in places Much of the humour comes from Ben’s elderly father Georg and his friend Maurice Jonah is touchingly written as is his parents – and grandfather’s love for him As the novel progresses Ben has to come to terms with his feelings he uncovers his father’s past and decisions are made about Jonah’s future You really do get the sense how financially and emotionally draining it is to look after Jonah and yet how hard his family are trying to do the best for him I really think this would be a wonderful choice for a reading group with so much to discuss Lastly I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley for review

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Download ê Shtum Author Jem Lester Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ë Snažna crnohumorna i duboko emotivna U tišini je priča o disfunkcionalnim obiteljima autizmu te pokušajima da obitelj preživi najteža iskušenja Ben Jewell došao je do prijelomne točke u svom životu Njegov Snažna crnohumorna i duboko emotivna U tišini je priča o disfunkcionalnim obiteljima autizmu te pokušajima da obitelj preživi najteža iskušenja Ben Jewell došao je do prijelomne točke u svom životu Njegov desetogodišnji sin Jonah ima teži oblik autizma a on i njegova žena Emma po struci pravnica na rubu su snaga Na Emmin nagovor Ben pristane odglumiti rastavu b. Shtum is a story about family dynamics relationships and the harrowing experience of raising a autistic child at the extreme end of the spectrum It is guaranteed to make you laugh cry and pull at your heartstrings You will be outraged at a system that is concerned about saving money rather than meeting the needs of a vulnerable child It explores how communication problems do not afflict sufferers of autism alone but infects a marriage and Ben’s relationship with his own father The author portrays autism so accurately that it must come from some level of personal experience The story is told from the perspective of Ben a guilt ridden thirtysomething father moving in with his father Georg with his autistic son JJ Jonah so that the local authority agrees to sending him to a appropriate expensive school Emma his wife states a single father is in a better position to attain the desired outcome of support and the best school for JJ at a tribunal The dynamics of three generations of jewish males and their everyday lives is a joy to behold in all its loving complications It soon transpires that the pretend separation is real and the insecurities that Ben feels about his marriage are rooted in reality Ben drinks he drinks a lot whilst trying to cope with JJ His day job is something that barely impinges on him he works at his father’s business hiring out catering euipment but it is Valentine who does the work He spends time at the pub where he is faking that he works in the construction industry What he does have are incredible friends in Johnny Amanda and their son Tom who was born at a similar time to JJ There is a lot of work entailed in preparing for the tribunal and the love Ben has for his son spurs him on This includes visits from social workers visits to schools acuiring legal representation reports from experts etc Ben has to face the collapse of his dad’s company due to his negligence Emma tells him she is not in a position to contribute to costs and that he should look to his father for funds This is awkward for Ben as he is not close to Georg Ben and Georg’s relationship is poignant and beautifully portrayed Georg adores his grandson and tells him stuff he has never told Ben It takes time for Georg to come round to agreeing what is best for Jonah and in the interim he is diagnosed with terminal cancer Emma serves divorce papers to Ben Georg is actually dying and rushed to a hospice whilst Ben is attending the tribunal amidst this emotional maelstrom Nevertheless Ben reads an account of life as Jonah which allows the panel an unprecedented insight into JJs life to assess his needsAt Georg’s funeral the errant Emma explains how she reached the point of marital breakdown to Ben her addiction to certain drugs just so that she could manage Her capacity to handle JJ deteriorated and there was no communication with Ben Ben is astounded he had absolutely no idea We are given an insight into the history of alcholism with Ben and its connection with his mother who abandoned him as a child The tribunal results in JJ’s placement in the desired Oxfordshire school Ben goes to Hungary to explore his dad’s heritage and the death of Jonatan the autistic brother of his father he never knew about He finds the burial site of Jonatan’s body and where he died in the final throes of Nazi rule The story ends with Ben at the crossroads of moving to a better place in his lifeI cannot put into words how much I loved this book It has heart warmth and a compelling narrative It depicts a picture of a contemporary jewish family specifically the males with all their flaws foibles idiosyncracies love despair and triumphs The characters are extraordinary in their complexities and are so real that you believe in them I adored the incomparable socialist Georg and JJ Jem Lester has done a super job in his picture of JJ we feel so empathetic towards him whilst at the same time understanding just what a toll it takes in meeting his needs and caring for him Many parents of autistic children will sigh with relief upon reading this novel seeing that others also face similar burdens battles and joys He infuses humour and intelligence throughout the story whilst having a keen understanding of the nature of complex human relationships over time I have no doubt that Shtum will be a highly successfully debut novel for Jem Lester it is just waiting to be turned into a superb movie with the right director Many grateful thanks to Orion for a copy of the book via netgalley

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Shtum Author Jem LestRaka kako bi se povećale Jonahove šanse za najbolju skrb u specijalnoj ustanovi za autističnu djecu Ben i Jonah odlaze živjeti s Georgom Benovim postarijim ocem koji obožava svojeg unuka ali s vlastitim sinom ima neriješene odnose Dok Ben muku muči s Jonahom i njegovim zahtjevnim rutinama koje ga ponekad dovode do ruba ludila Emma je sve više odsutna i duhom i tijel. SHTUM by Jem LesterBen Jewell has hit breaking point His ten year old son Jonah has severe autism and Ben and his wife Emma are struggling to copeWhen Ben and Emma fake a separation a strategic decision to further Jonah's case in an upcoming tribunal Ben and Jonah move in with Georg Ben's elderly father In a small house in North London three generations of men one who can't talk; two who won't are thrown togetherAs Ben battles single fatherhood a string of well meaning social workers and his own demons he learns some difficult home truths Jonah blissful in his innocence becomes the prism through which all the complicated strands of personal identity family history and misunderstanding are finally untangledPerfect for fans of David Nicholls THE SHOCK OF THE FALL and THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT TIMEOMG I have laughed and cried and cried whilst laughing and am writing this review with tears running down my face Simply charming beautiful and gut wrenching This would appeal to anyone who is a parent or has a parent Told from the point of view of Ben a 30 something father of a severely autistic boy this book grabs your heart strings pulls them sideaways and then snaps them back This will stay with me for a long time JUST STUNNING