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characters Good Wives ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Meg Jo Amy y Beth las cuatro hermanas de Mujercitas han crecido; la guerra ha concluido y la vida continúa en el hogar de los March Muy pronto se casa Meg y luego la seguirá la menor de las hermanas Distinto será el destino de Beth mientras Jo se convierte en una escritorNovela ue trasunta humanidad y ue destaca por la pintura de caracteres descritos con precisión en un cuadro muy real de la vida americana de mediados del siglo XI. This book took all that was good about Little Women and crushed it grinding the sharp pieces of my despair right in my face It's so bad I can't pick up Little Women without remembering this book and knowing that everything I read is a filthy lie and that all happiness shall soon cease to existI want to purge my memory of Good Wives but I can't I wish I'd never read it If I had a time machine I'd go back in time and slap this book out of my own twelve year old hands And once that was done I'd go even further back in time just to be absolutely sure and make sure Louisa May Alcott never even had the chance to write it in the first place

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Meg Jo Amy y Beth las cuatro hermanas de Mujercitas han crecido; la guerra ha concluido y la vida continúa en el hogar de los March Muy pronto se casa Meg y luego. Spoilers up ahead Though I advise you to read them so maybe they can convince you to never read good wivesI'm so happy this book is over because this little book gave me so much heartaches headaches and agony I couldn't bear to read it than a chapter at a time and it took ages to finishThough it wasn't my first time reading this book It still struck me as much as the first timeI remember when I was 11 12 I loved little women with all my heart though not a favorite book It still had a especial place in my bookcaseI remember finishing it and dreaming of Joe's future as a successful writer and her happy home with Laurie full of music and writingThen I read this book and well you can not begin to imagine how disappointed and depressed I wasand now after about 4 5 years I read it again this time in English and if not i'm still as disappointed as I was thenMy brain can understand that a lot of concepts in this book are related to the society of the time but my heart certainly can't It is truly hard to see sweet Meg and strong Jo give up their castles and dreams to go and be good little wives to poor old menThe entire talks about how women should apologize first in fights take care of children and husband and never complain is just terrible and no matter how much you tell yourself hello this book wasn't published yesterday you can't help but be angry and upsetThen as childish as it seems and probably is Jo and Laurie not ending up together is like a big bucket of cold water dumped right on your head Even worse Laurie marrying Amy after Jo rejected him was so forced and terrible I wanted to smash my ipad These were actually Laurie's thoughts If you can't have one sister you should get the other and live happily Amy ls like a part of Jo She is the nearest thing i have to her After Jo she is the only women who can make me happy Yeah that's really romantic Imagine this proposal Your sister rejected me but between all the other women in the word I chose you because you remind me of her and I'm sure you can make me happy just not as happy so let's spend the rest of our lives together WOW isn't that just dreamySo I really really beg of you If you loved little woman DO NOT read this because it will forever ruin the happy image of four strong sisters you probably have in mind It will be one of those dreams gone with the wind

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Good WivesLa seguirá la menor de las hermanas Distinto será el destino de Beth mientras Jo se convierte en una escritora y encuentra uien la comprenda verdaderamente Una. 4 “I'm happy as I am and love my liberty too well to be in a hurry to give it up for any mortal man”It was great to see how each March sister grew up transformed and learned in their young adultadult years An important point of this novel was the economic situation for women and the time and how this was usually the basis for many decisionsIt might be controversial but I loved Amy in this one She was the most pragmatic and logical she understood that to look after her family she would need to marry someone rich She is passionate for art and learning She grows to learn not to just marry for money but that other factors are important Meg is learning to be a mother and be with someone considered a poor man despite her friends marrying rich and being able to afford things she must learn to be happy and content in the situation she is in Jo is just as wild as in the first book however we are witness to see her solitude and loneliness creep into a depression which then changes her overall wild character to someone mature and considerate of othersOverall it was great to see how the March girls turned out I am looking forward to watching the newest adaptation as it follows what Louisa May Alcott would've wanted instead of what her publishers said she should write