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Building Heat kindle É 176 pages ´ moneyexpresscard Ú Things are about to get very hot in an apartment building in Manhattan’s Upper West Side 12C Avery McKannery is one of New York City’s most powerful and ruthless lawyers Professionally he’s unstoppable and intimidating destroying everyone in his path PrivatT brushed against the buttons of 12C’s shirt as he inhaled and Mason let his head fall to the side as he searched 12C’s eyes Mason saw 12C’s eyes flick to his lips and they were plunged into heat as the elevator went up There was a groan Mason wasn't sure who started it but it passed through both of them as his hands closed around 12C’s face and their lips collided Mason felt his body moving forward backing 12C against the wall as his tongue traced 12C’s lower lip 12C gasped and his hands clutched at Mason’s shirt pulling him closer Mason’s tongue surged into 12C’s mouth and twirled around his tongue Mason moaned as he tasted cherries and beer his tongue swept deep and greedy into 12C’s mouth searching for 12C’s hand burned through Mason’s clothes as it slid down his back Mason’s eyes flared as he felt 12C’s hand close around his ass and pull him hard against his very large erection Mason growled in approval as he rocked his hips against 12C He felt 12C’s other hand slide into his hair as their hearts pounded savagely against each other’s chests Mason let his fingertips glide down 12C’s neck and chest before he fisted his hands in 12C’s shi There were just too many hurdles to overcome in this one The biphobic character started the book off on the wrong foot for me and it never recovered Rather than have the couple learn about each other over a bit of time they sit down and have a conversation that outlines their life stories Then it's INSTALOVE Ding Ding DingSure they have lived next to each other and seen each other in passing but they have not spent time together before And no I don't believe you can get to know someone because you see them in the elevator everyday One of the MCs has OCD issues I don't believe OCD issues are that easily dealt with Either they are actually as severe as they supposedly are and they remain a problem or they were not all that severe to begin with Love does not cure OCD To be fair the book does not make the claim that it does It's that when we first meet Avery he has serious issues as stated in the blurb and as the story progressed I did not feel like the story stayed completely true to that initial characterI've read two other books by this author Hide and Keep Courage in Love and I loved both of them I'm going to write this one off as a speedbump since I have every intention of buying whatever the author writes next

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Things are about to get very hot in an apartment building in Manhattan’s Upper West Side 12C Avery McKannery is one of New York City’s most powerful and ruthless lawyers Professionally he’s unstoppable and intimidating destroying everyone in his path Privately Avery has issues Serious issues And absolutely no personal life beyond silently lusting after the guy next door 12B Mason Whitfield has an impressive career in publishing wrote an incredible book that no one’s read and lives for music After a humiliating and devastating breakup he’s avoided dating Secretly he’s been casually stalking the ridiculously hot lawyer in 12C Mason whistled as he skipped up the steps and nodded to the doorman as he entered the lobby He saw the elevator doors closing and for some reason he ran for them instead of waiting two minutes for the elevator to return He grabbed one of the doors and pushed just before they closed and they slid open Mason smiled as he stepped forward and froze when his eyes met 12C’s Mason stepped forward and 12C remained still as the doors closed behind Mason instead of stepping back and giving him room Once again they were chest to chest Mason’s t shir 375Not uite insta but pretty closeEver since the ‘Elevator incident’ 12B has been fantasying very hands on 😉 over 12C He’s pretty sure that 12C was interested at the time too However that was over a year ago so maybe not?So 12B decides that his Procrastination Period is over It’s time for him to move onto his Go Getter Period and go get 12CThis was light fluffy and really sexy with both MCs having their own issues 12C’s were pretty obvious 12B’s not so muchOf course issues become yesterday’s news when their love is today’s news Then the building heat became an inferno of love and desireDue to the non crisp editing I’ve knocked off 025 they were minor but for an author of this calibre it should have been picked up

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Building Heat Rt as he angled his head and sucked on 12C’s tongue The bing of the elevator had their heads snapping up as the doors slid open Stunned and breathless Mason stepped back and looked around What just happened? Mason blinked as he looked back at 12C There was no help there as Mason met 12C’s glazed expression They both moved silently into the hall and turned toward their doors Autopilot kicked in and they walked side by side until Mason reached his door and pulled his keys from his pocket He fumbled at the lock as 12C continued on to his door Once he was in his apartment Mason looked around disoriented and painfully aroused “What the hell was that?” Mason whispered as he pressed his hand to his chest trying to get his breathing to settle His brows pulled together as he looked in the direction of 12C “Why am I here and not over there?” He asked as he tried to string his thoughts together and make something coherent happen There was no doubting 12C’s interest after that Go over there Mason’s brain and throbbing cock urged He nodded as he looked down at his clothes Zeppelin t shirt jeans and leather flip flops He wasn’t sure if he should change before he went ov I was in the mood for sweet sexy and steamythat's exactly what I got with Building Heat Loved it