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Blankets Doc ✓ 592 pages Download õ Wrapped in the landscape of a blustery Wisconsin winter Blankets explores the sibling rivalry of two brothers growing up in the isolated country and the budding romance of two coming of age lovers A tale of security and discovery of playfulness and tragedy of a fall from grace and the origins of faithWrapped in the landscape of a blustery Wisconsin winter Blankets explores the sibling rivalry of two Every year I teach this book in my YA course it comes up as one of the top three favorite texts in the course I might go so far as to say it is one of the top ten or twenty graphic novels of all time Powerful gorgeous touching expressive it’s among other things a meditation on first or young love with sweeping and or anguished art accomplished in the romantic tradition with all the emotional highs and lows of young love Thompson’s story might be described as autobiographical fiction; set in Wisconsin where he grew up with his controlling parents and his brother Phil art and fantasy he calls it dreaming are his escapes Craig can’t choose what he reads or sees on television His father is a tyrant His primary escapes are his drawing nature and playfantasy with his brother He for a time willingly turns to his parents’ religion as a kind of escape from the world with that promise of Heaven and considers the encouragement from his pastor that he a thoughtful earnest boy follow the ministerial calling But it's a promise also filled with dark threats of Hell; at one point led by a suggestion from his teachers that art is selfish un Christian the darkly intense Craig burns all of his artwork 16 at a Bible summer camp Craig meets and falls in love with Raina a kind of ethereal beauty whom he fancies is like him a loner into nature increasingly less into organized religion And he’s physically attracted to her which is something he struggles with against the backdrop of a religion that forbids this very attraction as the sin of lust After camp they exchange letters and he visits her upper Michigan home for almost a week She makes a uilt a blanket for him that becomes an emblem of their relationship; in return he paints a tree on her wall with the two of them in it They have some physical and emotional engagements and they fall sweetly in love I have now read Blankets a few times In the last reading and review I had developed the idea—I am sure informed by others reading with me—that the girl Raina is never uite real for Craig almost completely idealized a creation by him of what it is he needs to escape from his oppressive circumstances his conservative family his being bullied at school Throughout the book we increasingly see Raina with a halo angelic and I thought This is an indication of his idealized entirely romantic view of her While I think this escape theory is true in some sense I have come back around to Seth Hahne’s view of the book that Craig’s view of Raina—her individualism her bodysexuality her responsibility for her two special needs brothers and sisters is part of the construction of his view of her as sacred Craig really does love Raina and she is part of his constructing a positive human embodied spirituality He still believes in God he still knows the Bible but he reads the sacred in the world increasingly as different than the fundamentalist upbringing he was limited to His is a personal spirituality not group think religion The sacred he sees in the world in time comes to re include his art as meaning making; thus the book we read Blankets Art like spirituality emerges out of patterns like the blanket of the title like a blanket of clouds in the sky a patchwork uilt of personal characteristics and commitments wrapped around you in beauty and warmth The artwork in Blankets is also a patchwork uilt of gorgeous sweeping romantic images of the natural world snow trees weather likening it to patterns in Raina’s dress and hair open and free and spacious and lovely in contrast to the darker sinister patches of his oppressive house and Sunday school There’s also an emblem or mark that weaves its way through the book present whenever Craig recognizes something as sacred At one point that essentially Calvinist raised Craig even forgives himself enough for his transgressions to even share a halo with Raina Through her rather than earn Hell he achieves the sacred with her for a time Spoiler alert When they part however as most 16 year old romances conclude Craig is still darkly intense in as with his art earlier burning all the artifacts and letters Raina as shared with him He imagines erasing white washing the very painting he has made for Raina All memories gone is his goal Except the blanket thank goodness which becomes the basis for the book and his embrace of the lovely sweeping patchwork uilt of storytelling that is his style Blankets is a gorgeously expressive exuisitely drawn book about first love religion family art nature memory blankets It’s also at times a dark book filled with angst and fears regarding the repressive legacies of some religions and also a gorgeous swirling romantic sweep of a book He is one anguished dude this young Craig so complicated and messed up by religion and family and yet he also dedicates the book to his family with love and also makes it clear that the sacred remains important for him and others A must read and a beautiful work of artCraig Thompson interview

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Ale of security and discovery of playfulness and tragedy of a fall from grace and the origins of fai Find all of my reviews at jerkoff party of 1 I’m here I’m here While a 3 Star rating is most definitely a perfectly fine rating – in this case I am one of a handful amongst my friends who dared to not give 4 or 5 Allow me a moment to ‘splain myself If I were judging solely on the artwork I would break the GR rating system and allot Blankets 10 I mean seriously it begins right at the cover Très belle And for those of you who have developed a love for the grown up coloring book You could defile the crap out of Mr Thompson’s creation The reason my rating is low is because I just didn’t get it I mean I got it Farts This isn’t going well Okay so Blankets was not difficult to understand It was a coming of age story about a boy and went from his early childhood and superbadawful things sad face to his über religious adolescence and eventually finding a bit of who he wanted to be in early adulthood The part I don’t get is why an autobiography Maybe it’s just because I had never heard of Craig Thompson before be gentle I’m still a graphic novel noob but this might have worked better for me if it was about a fictional character I don't get the trend of everyone thinking their life story is something worth writing about and while Thompson did have a superbad happen it was barely a blip on the over 600 pages contained in this book FOR ME there just wasn’t a whole lot of story aside from an excuse to show readers beautiful art for it to be so voluminous Anyway obviously it’s just me and I read this wrong Go read Carmen’s review instead She’s good at words – even when those words are about a “pitcherbook” ; As for me I’ll be trying to track down a copy of Habibi because Wow This dude is seriously goooooooood at the black and white

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BlanketsBrothers growing up in the isolated country and the budding romance of two coming of age lovers A t As a child I thought that life was the most horrible world anyone could ever live in and that there HAD to be something betterWow If that isn’t the most heartbreaking thought any child could harbor And yet that is exactly what graphic novelist Craig Thompson tells us in this poignant and beautifully drawn book Actually in some way his words really resonate with me I wouldn’t say ‘most horrible’ would be a true statement but most definitely many moments that I could fairly call ‘dispiriting’ or ‘bewildering’ Childhood was a thing to be gotten through as uickly as possible so that the promising stage of adulthood could be achieved Graphic novels are basically non existent in my literary diet so it’s difficult for me to review this one I really have no ‘gold standard’ against which to compare However I can say that I found this one impressive As Craig leads us through his path from childhood to adulthood many themes are examined Tough themes The things that happen to us and make us who we are today Nothing is brushed over lightly including religious fundamentalism child abuse bullying divorce disabilities faith and first love Thank goodness for those special people in our lives who help us to make it through the torment of childhood and the teen years But even those relationships have their trials and mistakes and at some point good things may come to an end ‘First love’ has a certain connotation to it doesn’t it It’s not something I’d want to live through again that’s for sure Despite the sweetness of the term it can be confusing and agonizing whether it ends abruptly or fades away slowly In my opinion a lot of what happens to Craig and the decisions he ultimately makes are a result of the religious fundamentalism that was a big part of his life What impacted me the most was watching the change in this young man’s faith I mean this literally too as the graphics are so illuminating and emotive Words were not always necessary to convey what was going on in Craig’s mind When we do have the opportunity to read his thoughts I found them uite powerful I felt lonely again and then used that loneliness as my fuelNow that I’ve seen what can be done with this medium of expression I will give it another try I have a handful of graphic novels on my to read list and I feel encouraged to get to them From one novice to another this one is a great introduction to the genre