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Determined to never let anyone get close enough to hurt me again All is perfect until HE walks into my life No he doesn’t just walk He struts his good looking sex oozing self right into my space and demands that I see HIM Making me want what I know I can’t have So I did the only thing I know how to do I run But he just won’t let me go BeckThe second I see her I know she will be mine I see past the gorgeous sm. FOUR HERO STARSI feel like I'm always waiting for the next book in the Corps Security series and was it worth the wait oh yes I love alphas I love delicious characters I love stories that make me swoon with excitement and fall head over heels in love and of course Harper Sloan delivered all that and Here are my 'Team Beck' book thoughts What's it all aboutDenise 'Dee' Roberts is a woman trapped by her hateful and abusive past unable to move past the tragic circumstances of her upbringing she finds herself pushing everyone and everything that matters to her away When it comes to matters of the heart this vulnerable broken woman hides behind a facade of happy and disinterested but when John 'beck' Beckett comes into her life she may just have to allow those walls to come down Beck is a man who goes after what he wants and fiercely protects those he loves upon meeting the 'wild cat' Dee he knows that there's than meets the eye with this beautifully broken woman unable to let her go he continues to try and save her But sometimes life doesn't allow for love and Dee and Beck must find away to discover how to save each other before they break each otherWhat did I loveThis story needs to be discovered without spoilers but what I will say is that in my opinion Sloan delivered a story full of emotion sensual love heart soul and longing all wrapped up in a package that was delivered with the added difficultly of dealing with some sensitive subjects Her story was handled with well rounded knowledge and care which I respected and admired Sloan also delivered her trademark hotter than hot love scenes if anything this author deserves a standing ovation for her gorgeous ability to deliver the most tantalisingly delicious bedroom action and readers who love the erotic genre will not be disappointed Dee and Beck gave other couples in the series a run for their money in the sexy stakes and I loved every smutty bit of it if anything I wanted of the romance and heated up action Harper Sloan has created a world of characters that I don't ever want to stop reading about I adore how each book introduces and focuses on one couple but also continues to allow the reader to look into the lives of other characters Dee and Beck have a difficult yet interesting story we see the effects of mental health and the strength of love overcoming I was completely sold over by Beck he was an amazing character his strength and adoration for Dee was heart achingly beautiful I loved his character from page one right up until the end he was most certainly a shining star in this story Dee had her demons to fight and although she had her flaws I thought the author did a good job of highlighting her difficulties but kept her away from being annoying The story overall won me over and although it held difficult and heart plunging content I could see the journey that I was being taken on and I respected it for the most part I love love love the possessiveness and dialogue that is shown throughout this story from Beck I was highlighting like crazy and swooning at the corps security boys One things for certain Harper Sloan knows how to write sexy and I'd like to see her crowned creative genius when it comes to producing the perfect fictional alpha package Overall I was not disappointed with Beck and Dee's story and although it had a lot going for it it didn't reach the full out five here's why Why not fiveIt all comes to down to three little words too much drama Now don't get me wrong a little excitement and suspense is all well and good and usually when a character is involved with the Corps boys there is always a dramatic turn out but sadly for me this book had too much of the unexpected going on and it took a slice of my enjoyment level out of my reading by the end of the book there were some eye roll worthy scenes that were too much I found myself struggling with the heavy feel of the story I missed the full out romance that Harper usually delivers it was not an easy read to be consumed with and I missed the heart thumping toe curling love scenes normally inspired by Harper Sloan But this in no way takes away from the authors writing ability it just didn't suit my tastes this time around which I have to admit I'm sad to say because this series has become a fast favourite Here's hoping for less drama and relationship story telling in the next instalmentsFinal thoughts I can't get enough of this author and even though this story didn't hit my five star love buttons it certainly grabbed a very likeable four stars I have grown to adore this series and the characters that Harper Sloan has created I love the world of Corps security and I'm anxiously waiting to see what this author does next anyone who has a love of reading dramatic romances with plenty of hot and steamy should not miss out on this series and if a little grit and heart ache is your cuppa then this novel will be right up your street Go grab it readers enjoy Kisses Please click below to see my reviews of previous books in the series AXEL Corps Security #1 Corps security #2 A special thanks to my bestie buddy reader Anna who was at the other end of her phone texting me when I needed her Love sharing book love with you gorgeous friend

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Beck Author Harper SloIles and heart stopping laughter I see HER She doesn’t want me to know her secrets or the past that haunts her but I make it my mission to find out To make her mine She can run all she wants but it will never be far enough to stop me from coming after her She’s it for me and she knows it She’s just too scared to admit it No cliffhanger HEA inter connected standalones This book is intended for a mature reading. 5 heartbreaking starsDue to author’s wishes I wrote a non spoiler review To put it in a nutshell Beck tells the story ofA broken girl whose life is filled with nothing but anguish and disappointmentAnd a guy just wanting to prove to her his undying love for her My thoughts I’m not going to lie I had a lot of moments in the beginning where I almost put down this book because I got so fed up with Dee’s demons and insecurities She’s kind of an enigma for her own existence really It constantly led to self destruction and sabotaging her relationship with the only guy she could see herself lovingYou see Dee comes from a family of money but no love As she grows up this missing uota festers and after being let down and betrayed constantly she develops this wall of trust issues which in turn effects her budding romance with BeckAt first I wanted to hate her but in the end after learning her background all of my past frustrations with her all dissipated She's been through a lot of tough sht in her life and it's plausible that this backlash would happen It's just an honest reaction is allAs for Beck well what can I say other than the fact that he’scharming lovable and an all out devoted guy who’s fixated his life in making Dee finally his swoons But as you can already guess a lot of push and pull happens as Dee’s mental and emotional states are constantly in a hot and cold spiral of turmoil How will it all pan out Will Dee ever decide to let go of her past and move on with her future And with a threat on Dee’s life will these two ever reach their happily ever afterA very heart wrenching and captivating story that focuses on love and friendship; as well as healing forgiveness and fighting past all your past obscurities And btw on a side note Doesn't the girl on the cover on the bottom kinda look like a dude Just saying is all lol ;

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Beck Author Harper Sloan Free download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free à DeeI’ve always been good at wearing masks Not letting anyone see the real me I’m content being the happy go lucky best friend The strong willed boss The independent woman who doesn’t need a man But the truth iDeeI’ve always been good at wearing masks Not letting anyone see the real me I’m content being the happy go lucky best friend The strong willed boss The independent woman who doesn’t need a man But the truth is I’m just as broken as the rest of you I’m terrified that all it will take is one person to make all my carefully constructed walls crumble into fine dust So I guard my heart with everything I have. 5 Stars After reading Axel and Cage I was a little nervous to read Beck Why you ask Well I wasn’t sure how I felt about Dee and Beck They never stood out to me like some of the others I fell hard for Maddox and Cage and Beck was just Beck He didn’t seem like anything special to me in the first two books I am a big enough person to admit when I am wrong and I will say it I WAS WRONG Beck was amazing It’s taken me a full week to write this review Mainly because I was an emotional wreck after reading and also because I wanted to take my time putting it together I am Denise Ann Roberts Strong proud and independent A loyal friend godmother and I radiate fucking happiness so that people will never see how lonely I really am 
Dee is the feisty spunky best friend of Izzy She appears to be happy fun and strong No one knows the real her Even those closest to her don’t see everything She doesn’t let anyone see that When Dee and Beck meet they really hit it off Dee doesn’t trust men She doesn’t do relationships because she knows where that leads and she isn’t going there Dee has things in her past that make her the way she is Beck wants Dee The time he spends with her the he realizes how closed off she is He wants all of her not just the parts she is willing to give “Yeah Beck I want this but this is going to be fun No attachments no love notes and no promises I mean it I’m not looking for forever Beck”
“I didn’t ask for forever You want to live in the moment and get off while you’re at it I won’t judge you But fair warning I’ll do my best to change your mind” 
For the first time someone really sees Dee And it scares her to death Beck sees the hurt inside of her and he wants to help her To take it away It seems as soon as Dee is ready to trust and open up something else happens to change her mind It’s like he really does see right inside me It’s almost as if he can reach right in and pull out my secrets It feels as if he’s looking right into my soul and seeing everything I have never wanted anyone to see He sees me Dee and Beck’s back and forth relationship goes on for over two years Two years everyone just thinks they are screwing around No one sees whats really happening Even Dee’s best friends don’t notice No one but Beck Everyone around us looks at our fucked up relationship and does nothing but judge They see only the outside the window dressing They don’t see this side of Dee No everyone sees perfect Dee happy Dee and the Dee that never stops smiling even when she’s dying on the inside And all he wants to do is give himself to Dee To make her see that she doesn’t have to do it on her own Dee and Beck’s journey is full of emotion and heartbreak Even so this author makes sure to add in humor and lots of sexy time I know Cage is ‘The Beast’ but Beck really is a beast in the bedroom Breaking furniture and all that damn He’s wild Dee’s wild and together they are explosive “Is that what you want You want me to take these long legs and wrap them around my neck like a goddamn bow Be sure Wildcat because right now I need you like you wouldn’t believe” For the first time in her life Dee has someone who is there for her Who sees everything and wants her in spite of herself Who is willing to stand by her side always and fight for her Now she just has to learn to accept it “Patience wasn’t even a factor When you love someone you fight You fight for them and you fight with them She needed me to fight for her then and I’ll continue to do that until she can fight for herself again” I’m trying to make this as spoiler free as possible I’m sure by now you all know there is some devastation in this book Some parts that will tear you apart If you don’t cry while reading this book there might be something wrong with you I was doing so good keeping it together with Dee’s story I only teared up once or twice then view spoiler86% and on fucking tear fest And the glitter I just couldn’t hold it in any longer Once the sobs started it was over hide spoiler