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Read & Download Ö The Book of Evidence 100 ☆ Alternate cover 1998 of ISBN 0330371878Freddie Montgomery has committed two crimes He stole a small Dutch master from a wealthy family friend and he murdered a girl who caught him in the actHe has little to say about the dead girl He killed her he says because he was physically capable of doinAlternate cover 1998 of ISBN 0330371878Freddie Montgomery has committed two crimes He stole a small Dutch master from a wealthy family friend and he murdered a girl who caught. A Hangover with a VengeanceIs it possible to explain a crime without rationalising and therefore justifying it; that is understanding it as reasonable while recognising it as immoral This is the issue posed in The Book of Evidence And it is an important issue in criminal law not just in moral theory There is probably no living writer in the English language who could better find the words to explore this uestion Banville's particular skill in two domains alcohol poisoning and the subtleties of Irish snobbery provides the framework for explorationDrink and drunkenness play a big role in Banville's uirke mysteries but in Evidence he really does turn alcoholism into a literary event I stopped drinking 40 years ago but could feel the pull of the beast forcefully in his acute descriptions of the man desperate for relief from his life through or less continuous self medication The fact that this man doesn't really know what he wants release from is captured just as concisely in his 'Castle Catholic' disdain for most people everywhere and for all people rural and Catholic in post WW II Ireland This is a wonderful country the protagonist says A man with a decent accent can do almost anythingColm Toibin's introduction in my edition however seems somewhat off the mark Toibin thinks that the key to the story is a sort of dual identity in the protagonist in the manner of Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde I can't see it Yes Frederick Montgomery's actions are inexplicable to himself after the fact; he even compares himself to Dr Jekyll while waiting for his arrest And he is certainly a different person after his crime both psychologically and existentially But this difference in in the manner of Kafka or Dostoevsky not Stevenson The 'selves' involved appear to be the uite normal acting self and reflecting self not two separate personalitiesWhen Frederick attempts to analyse himself he sounds much like St Paul than Dr Jekyll It's hard to describe I felt that I was utterly unlike myself That is to say it was as if I the real thinking sentient I had somehow got myself trapped inside a body not my own the person that was inside me was also strange to me Given his CatholicCalvinist bloodline his confusion is likely to be down to his religious background rather than anything demonicBy his own admission Frederick has 'drifted' into his situation He does not believe he is insane Nor does he perceive himself or the human species as inherently evil given the acts of gratuitous kindness he has given as well as received But the accumulated effects of otherwise insignificant choices have been a fatal if 'slow subsidence'Whatever remnant of his Christian upbringing there is it is also not sufficient to provide an explanation Original sin just isn't a satisfying theory I ask myself if perhaps the thing itself badness does not exist at all if these strangely vague and imprecise words are only a kind of ruse a kind of elaborate cover for the fact that there is nothing there His crime has provoked a crisis in the self that would not occurred without it an existential emptiness that is even frightening than religious evil When we we as civilised persons as well as we of civilisation can't find the words for a thing this emptiness has terrifying substance Could this be the punishment that obviates the need for explanation The very lack of explanation is excruciating for Frederick The peace that passeth all understanding eludes him It is hangover time with a vengeance And he gets to share it with precisely the class of folk he has despised all of his life Could this be hell

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Ammer What he cannot understand and would desperately like to know is why he was so moved by an unattributed portrait of a middle aged woman that he felt compelled to steal it. John Banville's Book of Evidence is a disturbing short novel about Freddie Montgomery a man who has committed murder This is his account of his life and what led him to killNeedless to say it is disturbing Freddie rambles filling his audience in on his life in bits and pieces going back and forth in time without taking a break There are no chapter divisions so this novel would be best read in as close to one sitting as possible just to appreciate the nature of Freddie's associations and thoughts Sometimes Freddie reminded me a bit of Humbert Humbert with his bizarre sad existence he can't seem to control himself and I almost felt sorry for him Also at times it's clear that Freddie feels that he's a perpetual outsider always different never really included or a part of anything He is The Stranger Because Freddie's viewpoint is the only one on offer the reader is left to wonder about some of his relationships particularly with his wife and mother The little I gathered about these two women made it abundantly clear how unreliable a narration Freddie was providing This is a fascinating read When Freddie is in prison By the way what an odd formulation that is to get life Words so rarely mean what they meanThe uestions I am left with view spoilerWhy did Daphne and Freddie ever get married Was Freddie always insaneIs Daphne as amoral as Freddie The way Daphne and Freddie were living when Freddie gets himself in trouble is puzzlingFreddie's financial position had his parents been reasonably well offWhat line of work was Charlie in and who were his friends It's all so mysterious hide spoiler

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The Book of EvidenceHim in the actHe has little to say about the dead girl He killed her he says because he was physically capable of doing so It made perfect sense to smash her head in with a h. It struck me that uite a number of novels are written from the point of view of a really repulsive man one of those bombastic egomaniacs who you'd walk over broken glass to avoid yet in a novel you're trapped with this guy in your ear in your brain on every page every sentence No let up Why would any writer saddle themselves and why would readers want to get saddled with such inescapable loathsomeness In case you're wondering here are examples of what I mean The Room Hubert SelbyExtinction Thomas BernhardTropic of Cancer Henry MillerLolita NabokovThe Mad Man DelanyThe Fermata Nicholson BakerGould's Book of FishAtomised HouellebecThe Killer Inside me ThompsonHerzog BellowEarthly Powers Burgess1982 Janine GrayMoney AmisWhat I Lived For OatesAnything in the first person by Philip RothI the Supreme Roa BastosandThe Book of Evidence BanvilleCertainly some bombastic egomaniacs are fun to be with for instance Christopher Hitchins a guy who could have been fictional but wasn't and a couple of the above might be said to be good company the guy in The Fermata he certainly does funny stuff whilst being a repulsive sexual predator and John Self in Money sure has a way with words while he's sniffing and defiling ladies' underwear Humbert Humbert is a real entertainer too except that his wit and ebullience wear thin uite uickly Probably he's our best example Nabokov hopes I think to skewer the reader we are entranced by that voice that voice not to mention the propulsion of the narrative so much so that we can't wrench free of this hideous story even though we are perfectly aware of its ghastliness That's certainly true in What I Lived For we can't wait for this gross bastard to crash into the brick wall of his own life and JCO let's us have it in stunning slowmotion But some of these creeps have no redeeming features the guy in Atomised the loony in The Killer Inside Me the full time hater of everything in Extinction and the windbag poseur in The Book of Evidence and Henry Miller in all his glory the agony of reading Tropic of cancer knowing that HM lived to be a ripe old age You just want to nail their heads to the nearest escritoire So I can't say i know what those novels think they're doing As a ps and this might be my limited reading experience talking I can't think of any novels from the point of view of an unbearable egomaniac female Maybe someone could suggest a few