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READ × Conuer The Night ´ Length 14 hrs and 48 mins Revenge turns into unbridled passion when a Scottish nobleman steals his enemy's intended brideWith hatred in his heart Sir Arryn Graham rides out to Seacairn Castle to avenge the murder of his wife and unborn child But first he will claim the woman betrothed to Lord Kinsey Darrow for himself Then he'll ruO Lord Kinsey Darrow for himself Then he'll ruin her And he won't rest until everything and everyone that belongs to the English nobleman is destroyed But Lady Kyra of Seacairn is not what he expects The beautiful strong willed daughter of a Scotswoman Kyra is now an English subject pro. I liked this infinitely better than Come the Morning which had its heroes pitted against each other throughout most of the book The heroes here still struggle with one another but generally like each other for a majority of the novel It is frankly exhausting to read a novel wherein my main characters generally despise each other for a majority of the exposition There is rape in a sense It is always problematic in romance novels and I struggle with how forced sex turns into something pleasurable Not Okay Aside from that the character interactions are enjoyable The characters in this novel are uite likeable and the history is not too overwhelming Drake tends to cram a lot of history in sections of her books to the point where I am beginning to skip over it I admire her dedication to the craft and that her work is so well researched However it becomes monotonous to just read pages of history that doesn't involve the book's characters' interactions but serves only as background information It is like reading an uninteresting textbook In this novel Drake keeps it on the tame side which was a bit refreshing after Come the Morning

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Mised in marriage by the ruthlessly plundering King Edward She will not be a pawn not Darrow's and not this vengeful Scottish knight's But when a carefully orchestrated seduction ignites irresistible passion Kyra is swept into the heat of battle risking the gallows for a breathtaking lo. I didn't enjoy this book as much as I wanted to I didn't understand why Kyra wouldn't just come out and say her true feelings for her betrothed The attempt to create this big misunderstandingconflict between the two characters fell flat for me and just dragged on for too long Not something I will reread I'll probably end up trading this in at my local used bookstore


Conuer The NightLength 14 hrs and 48 mins Revenge turns into unbridled passion when a Scottish nobleman steals his enemy's intended brideWith hatred in his heart Sir Arryn Graham rides out to Seacairn Castle to avenge the murder of his wife and unborn child But first he will claim the woman betrothed t. How to rate this one It really deserves a 4 for the writing and extreme amount of historical research Graham did but there were factors that definitely detracted from my enjoyment This is probably of a 3 for meWarning There is a rape scene and forced seduction between the Hh As bodice rippers go I thought the scenes between the Hh were fairly mild He didn't smack her around Odd that I can easily deal with a rapeforced seduction scenario in a romance but be very upset if the H smacks the heroine Ahh the mysteries of the human psycheAnyway here's the gist with spoilers and whinings on my issuesview spoilerThe heroine Kyra is 12 English 12 Scottish and lives in a castle in the Scottish borderlands that her English father had held successfully and peacefully for years I suppose since his wife was a Scott and he was a fair man the tenants were ok with things Then he dies and King Edward I promises her in marriage to one of his favorite Barons who happens to be VERY supportive of Edward's uest to control Scotland The betrothed Kinsey is a real bastard of the raping pillaging burning sort After the hero Arryn kills one of his kinsmen in a fair fight he uses it as an excuse to burn down his holdings after raping his pregnant wife and leaving her inside to burn along with many of his clan Arryn is away at the time helping fellow Scotts against the EnglishArryn along with the remaining members of his clan is horrified grieved eaten up with survivor's guilt and extremely vengefulHe attacks Kyra's home because he believes her betrothed is in residence when actually he had recently left with all his men Since Kyra's men were not eual to Arryn's she orders them to surrender after very little fighting Arryn sees Kyra as an extension of Kinsey In his mind she loves the man and supports what he does He's also infuriated that Kinsey has slipped through his fingers so he does the next best thing He rapes his betrothed I think the book does a good job of exploring the attitudes of the time that a woman is just property and not a person in her own right but an extension of a man The heroine definitely challenges Arryn with that notion and you can tell it makes him think and therefore makes him very uncomfortable and sometimes angry Bottom line his vengeance was not uite as satisfying as he thought it would be and he is left feeling guilty and conflictedArryn and his men find Kyra fascinating She's beautiful and tough yet very beloved by her Scottish tenants They start to believe that all is not as they assumed That maybe Kyra does not support Kinsey Early on you can tell that both of them are developing unwanted feelings for one anotherI did feel for Arryn even though I wanted to smack him at times He loved Kyra although he kept it secret and told her he never wouldHis wife had been brutally murdered by Kyra's betrothed and now he finds himself deeply in love with her than he ever was with his wife It wasn't that he didn't love his first wife They had known one another since childhood but they didn't share the passionate intensity that he had with Kyra He hated himself for that He hated himself for being away when his holdings were attacked Part of him didn't believe he deserved any happiness and certainly not with the betrothed of the person who killed his wifeAlso he didn't believe he had anything to offer Kyra He knew he couldn't keep the castle Edward would eventually come after him and take it back He was now a declared outlaw under sentence of death Then when he realizes that Kyra is basically in the same position since Kinsey only saw her as a tool and didn't