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Wish List For More #1 Read & Download Ê 104 å A shadow of her former self since the horrific car accident that claimed the lives of her immediate family Allison Thacker has lost her spirit and is wishing for in her life Her best friend steps in helping her create a wish list of desires to reignite Allison's creativity and passion With a A shadow of her former self since the horrific car accident that claimed the lives of her immediate family Allison Thacker has lost her spirit and is wishing for in her life Her best friend steps in helping her create a wish list of desires to reignite. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Wish List has a great premise Lucy convinces her best friend Allison to compose a letter to Santa but it’s not your typical letter to Santa – thanks to a bottle of wine it’s a sexual wish list of Allison’s secret desires Lucy decides to get the ball rolling and bring her best friend some holiday cheer by making sure the letter ends up in the hands of the man who can make it happen – Marcus To say he was flabbergasted by the letter would be an understatement but Marcus is “up” for the challenge and he knows that he is just the man for the job well at least one of them and he knows who can help him fulfill Allison’s racier Christmas wishesOne of things I enjoyed about this book was that while Marcus suspected Allison was attracted to him no one ever suspected that Allison was attracted to Jackson Even though Allison kept her distance from her co workers that the three worked together and had a mutual respect for one another kept this from being an insta love situation The letter served as a catalyst for Marcus and subseuently Jackson to act on their feelings for Allison feelings that she reciprocated But even when they embarked upon the ménage relationship there were no claims of love made Allison accepted it as a chance to expand her sexual horizons with two men she was deeply attracted to two men who often than not shared a woman due to their brother like bond While Allison isn’t the first woman they’d ever shared she seems to be the most important and the chemistry between the three is intense The reader is not only treated to some sizzling ménage scenes but also some intense one on one scenes between Allison and Marcus and Allison and Jackson While I didn’t particularly enjoy the secondary storyline involving her grandfather’s attempt to marry her off that had to do with her grandfather being an arse than the actual story However I did enjoy the business secret that Marcus and Jackson had even if its discovery did play out in a predictable fashion – but that’s what happens when people try to keep secrets they have no hope of keeping and shouldn’t be keeping My only actual complaint about Wish List is the Epilogue I am a reader who enjoys an epilogue that gives me a glimpse into how the characters’ lives are going but in this case the epilogue itself felt rushed – as if the author tried to put too much into it Ultimately it didn’t prevent my enjoyment or rating because I found Wish List to be a delightfully stimulating read I’m looking forward to the next book in the series as it looks like Lucy may have struck the fancy of the guys’ friend Grayson

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Pening up again and finding herself again her carefully reconstructed world crumbles around her Her lovers Marcus and Jackson have a secret and it's one that could destroy her if she lets itCan they persuade her to open heart and trust them a second ti. Ever been roped into writing a wish list by a friend Well you have to read this one You won't be disappointed Wow

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Wish List For More #1Allison's creativity and passion With a little luck and scheming Allison's letter falls into the hands of Marcus Brighton the letters main focus and to Allison's surprise her wish list brings her not one but two men to grant her wishesJust as she is o. Santa visits in springtime in WISH LIST and he's giving everyone what they want Allison Thacker is dragging through life with a job she hates for a grandfather who hates her and lamenting the fact that she's got no real world experience to help make up the stories in the erotic books she writes After a drunken night with her BFF they make a list of what would be on her letter to Santa and coworker Marcus Brighton is right at the top When the note somehow ends up in Marcus' hands he can't believe his eyes He's been lusting after the blue eyed beauty for months And as luck would have it his BFF Jackson is just the man to help with Allie's menage line item as well WISH LIST is the first offering in the For More series and it was soooo yummy Marcus and Jacksonhow hot are they Since this was a fairly short read at just over 100 pages the author jumped pretty uickly into a hot and heavy relationship between the three of them and I loved every minute of it Not every novella makes that uick leap from handshakes to shaking the headboard so seamlessly but this was well done Poor Allie couldn't stand up to her grandfather and had so much survivor's guilt that she was utterly miserable Marcus and Jackson were a bit underhanded but their hearts were in the right place The chemistry between Marcus and Jackson was just as good as their connection to Allie I would personally have enjoyed a bit of MM lovin' to have my own wish list granted The sex scenes were so hot but the story was just as good I couldn't imagine the life that Allie lived with a horrid grandfather and no immediate family members left I'm really looking forward to the next book in this series Bottom Line A tasty yet tasteful MFM read you should put on your own wish list See at See at