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characters Reluctant Captive ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Second time aroundKate vowed she would never see Nicolas again much less share his bedor his name But the powerful Sydney businessman was both ruthless and determined and wasn't above resorting to blackmail to get what he wanted He wanted his wifeAnd now Kate was back in tSecond time aroundKate vowed she would never see Nicolas again much less share his bedor his name But the powerful Sydney businessman was both ruthless and determined an. Re Reluctant Captive Helen Bianchin has another entry for A Year Down Under series with this oneWe start with the 22 yr old h having to return to Sydney and her adulterous husband or her spoiled slime pustule of a brat sister will wind up in juvvie jail The backstory on this is that the h's weak parasitic mother conspired with her BFF to marry the h off the to the woman's son Ostensibly so that her daughter's would have a means of support because apparently borrowing some money and sending her daughter's to uni for a career or training is too low class or somethingSo the H and h marry The h is in love or at least serious infatuation but the H is too busy with the wife of his BFF escorting her about town and social functions that he does NOT bring his wife to to notice Eventually the rumors reach the h there is a confrontation and the H denies any wrong doing and the h takes her sister and takes off for the bushShe has now spent three years building a life and supporting herself via trading labor etc but her pus blob sister doesn't like to work or scrimp and save so she runs back to the big city Where the pus blob went to a big hotel ran up a ton of bills and then tried to sneak off The hotel wants to press charges and since the H is ready for his heir and has been secretly financing the h anyway he figures the time is ripe to drag his wife back The H will only intervene for the sister if the h returns to him as his devoted sex toy and broodmare With a sense of doom that she can't let her little sister go to jail and a moment of regret that she never got any calcium as a child to develop a bone structure the h agrees We get the usual HB high society witchy OW and clothesfest with endless charity events scenarios The h and H fight she slaps him and he hauls her off to bed The HB trademark witchy OW make comments the H orders the h about and she soon learns to ask permission to breathe Wash Rinse RepeatWe also get the typical HB trademark ladies room meeting but this time it is the first OW who is now divorced who wants to patronize the h during lunch and issues an invitation Instead of telling the woman that she loses her appetite when she is expected to dine with adulterous tarts the h goes to lunch with herWe get this truly pathetic spiel about how the OW's husband became seriously ill and his company was going to lose share value if it became known So the husband was the H's BFF and he stepped in to help out and take the OW out and about to dispel any hint that there was a problem and hide the BFF's illness These society events apparently precluded bringing the h his wife along to socialize too and of course the OW couldn't introduce herself and explain the situation to the h because it would have been too hurtful as the h was much too young to understand how consoling the H was being and how she would just have to tolerate itThe OW's husband divorced her and then he died and the OW just wants to express her gratitude that the h is now returned to her duties as the H's brood mare The h meekly agrees with the OW's patronizing summation and damn near apologizes for being an inconvenience and making the OW and the H look bad because she ran offThen the sister's court date arrives and the pus blob brat is swelling with sewage slime pride because she is back in her high living life style at an exclusive boarding school has gotten a divine shopping spree and gotten off on the criminal charges all without any effort on her partNext comes the h's big pregger acknowledgement moment but the H is too busy doing something or someone else to come home for the dinner the h cooked So the h writes the H a letter with a copy of the positive pregnancy slip and leaves it in an envelope on his deskThe dramatic conclusion is the H sitting at his desk staring at the letter and refusing to open it because he thinks the h left again Then we get a lukewarm admission of love the H vowing that if she leaves he will drag her back and then the H drags her off to do her sex toy duty for the HEAAs you can probably guess I have absolutely NO respect or tolerance for this book The slime pustule sister is horrible and her hiney should have been locked up But what really irritates me is that for some reason HB thinks it is a good idea to have the h essentially condone her husband's infidelity and become BFF with woman he cheated with That is an absolute deal breaker in this type of book Only one author Lynne Graham The Greek's Chosen Wife has EVER pulled that one off tho some readers debate that and the h was the one doing the patronizing in it during a hilariously funny scene so it worked out it helped a lot that the h totally did not care that the H was sleeping around either It is just absolutely too tacky to have the tart the H cheated with 'kindly' explain why the h had to be publicly humiliated and how it was all for her own good It Doesn't Work because all that kind of scene does is drive it in that h is a doormat and has to drink the kool aid and would be better of with a merciful killing toilet seat to the headPlus let's face it the H cheated with his best friend's wife and then lied to the h about it No matter what the H or the OW say about the BFF being mentally off or whatever from his illness The BFF DIVORCED THE OW and disassociated himself from the H which meant that he had grounds and it was infidelity the h should have followed up on that What on earth HB was thinking I don't know This H was a bullying cheating sub sewer coprophagic slime gulper and there is just no recovery from that kinda low life non redemption or from inflicting that type of OW scene on the h and expecting the reader to believe it This one is just poor plotting poor writing with a pathetic resolution and it makes for an extremely disappointing outing in HPlandia Read this if you must but know that you have been warned head banging and copious amounts of adult beverages will be consumed and HPlandia is not responsible for any resulting headaches or hangovers

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Hey'd been apart Kate had grown older and wiser She had no regrets that their marriage had been one of convenience but was she so wrong to desire a future filled with lo. Found myself rolling my eyes throughout this book All this angst and fighting because the H and h don't communicate

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Reluctant CaptiveD wasn't above resorting to blackmail to get what he wanted He wanted his wifeAnd now Kate was back in the gilded cage that she'd once called home But in the time that t. This book contains my most hated character ever RebeccaSo Kate and Nick were married when she was18ish Her mother and his mother were best friends despite the fact that choices had led them to lead very different lives When Kate's mother is dying Nick's mother and her basically arrange Kate and Nick to marry so that Nick's mom's friends children are all taken care of before she dies So they marry and her younger sister Rebecca and her move in with Nick She's got rose tinted glasses on thinking that the world is great and she loves Nick to pieces Until she finds out through many vicious people that Nick's got an affair going on with his best friend's wife He only married her as a smoke screen to cover up the affair She's shattered and runs away and hides herself and her sister in the back of no whereThree years later and we have Rebecca now perfectly old enough to spend time in jail with my fondest fair thee well She's pissed because she used to live in a big house and have all this money but her older sister had to screw it up by going and leaving her rich husband and stranding them in the back of beyond She ran away when she should have been with friends and took herself off to Sydney where she checked into a hotel and then tried to sneak out without paying She was caught and the hotel wants to press charges to set an example I'm very proud of the hotel and agree strongly with their decisionNick comes back into Kate's life to tell her that the only way to keep Rebecca out of trouble is for them to get back together enroll Rebecca in a high class private school and show a united front to the judge Kate loves her sister and will do anything for her so she does exactly thatSo Kate has been blackmailed back into the arms of her husband while her trouble maker sister now gets shopping sprees parties and private schooling as a slap on the wrist for what she's doneThis was my first romance novel so I rate it higher then it probably deserves It's really a mishmash that doesn't make any sense While they were married the two never talked Supposedly Nick's best friend was going through a bad spot and taking his wife down with him Nick was taking her out so she didn't waste away but he always did this without his wife and he never told her anythingThe other woman aspect is tame compared to her psycho violent other women that are written now The heroine is still the meek lady who takes everything with nary an argument But I absolutely loved the moment when she leaves a note for Nick and then walks in on him staring off into space when he finds it That part was written so well I really felt for him and I still love that part