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Read ò The Silent Dead Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Victim Male Mid thirties 5'7Cause of death Hanging Initial impression murderID Mickey Doyle Suspected terrorist and member of the Mayday FiveThe officers at the crime scene know exactly who the victim isDoyle was one of five suspected boSigned the case but she is up against the clock both personally and professionallyWith moral boundaries blurred between victim and perpetrator will be Paula be able to find those responsible After all even killers deserve justice don't the. The third book in this excellent series sees Doctor Paula Maguire seven months pregnant but still valiantly pursuing her work with the Missing Persons Response Unit Five former terrorists have been abducted and the dead body of one is soon discovered Is this a vendetta conducted by relatives of their victims or by their former colleaguesOnce again Claire McGowan vividly describes a community still bitterly divided almost 20 years after the Good Friday Agreement supposedly marked the end of The Troubles Some still hankering after continuing the armed struggle; others still looking for justice for crimes of the past Where corruption is still rife at times it seems as if justice and the law are not just different but polar oppositesIn many ways Paula's personal woes are a microcosm of much of Northern Ireland's The continuing 17 year search for the truth behind her mother's disappearance is again threaded through the whole narrative Another enthralling and thought provoking read

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Victim Male Mid thirties 5'7Cause of death Hanging Initial impression murderID Mickey Doyle Suspected terrorist and member of the Mayday FiveThe officers at the crime scene know exactly who the victim isDoyle was one of five suspected bomb. The intelligent and heavily pregnant Paula Maguire is back Claire McGowan brings a fresh instalment of Northern Irish crime with her heroic forensic psychologist This series is a firm favourite of mine We see Paula consult on crimes joined to a police team and empathise with her complicated personal lifeThe story reminds us that there are conseuences to acts of brutal violence The Mayday Five were suspected of being responsible for a bomb that killed and caused widespread mayhem They escaped justice in the courts Someone has kidnapped all five members of the gang They are being tortured and murdered one by one Will Paula and her colleagues trace the Mayday Five in time to save themThrough Paula and a journalist we find out about a community dealing with the aftermath of violence and pain We slowly get to know the victims of the bomb and the people who loved them Claire McGowan brings the historical side of The Troubles in Northern Ireland to life and paints a complicated and chilling picture How is it possible to live side by side with someone who committed a brutal crime In the post Troubles era how does someone move on How does evil impact a community years after the event McGowan gives us so much to think about The morality of the situation isn’t clear cut Everyone in the community including the police knows someone connected to the massacre Even the Mayor has links to the dark Troubles with his background There seems to be little in the way of justice for the relatives and massive amounts of on going post traumatic painOn a slightly lighter note Paula is heavily pregnant and adds almost a comic touch to the crime scenes Paula is determined to get involved in the case in spite of her impending birth and bulky size She is one tough girl There are also the amusing ‘Jeremy Kyle’ scenes where she is not sure who the father is I like Paula for her complicated personal life It makes her humanThis is a series where all of the books need to be read in order to fully appreciate Paula and her Northern Ireland environment I recommend you do so and enjoy this latest one The Silent Dead is clever There are not many books that you finish and make you really reflect over the conseuences of death and evil acts I recommend Claire McGowan as an author who can construct a compelling story and lift a lid on a part of Northern Irish history that still is relevant to today Recommended

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The Silent DeadErs who caused the deaths of sixteen peopleThe remaining four are also missing and when a second body is found decapitated it's clear they are being killed by the same methods their victims sufferedForensic psychologist Paula Maguire is as. Listened to in audio formatThe Silent Dead is the third book in the Paula Maguire series I did not dislike this book but I preferred the first two books I felt there were many too many characters in the story if you are listening to a book it is hard to go back to find out who a character is Secondly Paula reckless irritated me still attending crime scenes whilst heavily pregnant instead of staying at the officeHowever The Silent Dead was a powerful emotional read and reminded me of the Warrington bombing of 1993 The meeting for the survivors of the bomb and their relatives brought home to you how they continue to suffer after the newspapers leaveIn Paula's personal life Paula's dad PJ marries Pat Aiden's mum Paula still doesn't know if Aidan or Guy Brooking is the father of her child which creates some tensionPaula is still trying to find out what happened her mum and uncovers some disturbing informationI look forward to find out what happens to Paula and baby Maggie in the next book