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Free read ↠ Craving Resurrection (The Aces, #4) 106 ¿ Patrick Gallagher’s future was mapped out—and it didn’t include Amy Henderson or the IRA She was everything he’d never wanted Too young Too naïve Unfortunately he couldn’t help but be fascinated by the girl who took refuge in his old bedroom staying with his mum oPatrick Gallagher’s future was mapped out and it didn’t include Amy Henderson or the IRA She was everything he’d never wanted Too young Too naïve Unfortunately he couldn’t help but be fascinated by the girl who took refuge in his old bedroom staying with his mum often than not She looked like a Renaissance paint. 2–I'm conflicted–StarsI'm not sure how I want to rate this book There's a part of me that wants to give it 5 stars as I was completely engrossed by the story while another part of me wants to give it 1 star due to the hero's jerkiness and cowardly behavior the plot holes and the HEA ending The uote below pretty much sums up my feelings about the hero I think I'll settle for 2 stars The I think about this book the I realize that it just doesn't make sense It's riddled with plot holes and narrative contraditons Just because the author tells the reader that Patrick and Amy have an epic love story doesn't make it so not when the narrative continually contradicts those claims throughout the whole story As Abraham Lincoln said You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time but you cannot fool all the people all the timeMy biggest issue with this book however was the HEA ending It just didn't make sense to me Not at all Suddenly at 93% Amy has a change of heart All is uickly forgiven after secrets are revealed that don't make sense and a heart to heart talk takes place Of course Patrick gets to live HEA with his ONE TRUE LOVE Oh please rolls eyes I can't believe I'm saying this but the HEA pretty much ruined the story for me I wanted a bittersweet ending for this couple not the traditional HEA the author gave them Their HEA didn't fit the main characters actions and behaviors or the ambiance of the storytelling As much as this book captivated and intrigued me there wasn't enough about it that I liked or even believed to give it a higher rating Geri's review gives a in depth explanation to the plot hole problems I had with this book

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Ing and argued like a solicitor He couldn’t resist her and before long he didn’t even want to Instead he loved her unreservedly then he married her But he couldn’t have prepared for what happened after Actions no matter how large or how small have conseuences and when the IRA comes knocking he’s sucked into a lif. READ FULL BOOK ”He wouldn’t let go and I couldn’t go back” ”Please I love ye only ye Forgive me” I'm refraining from starring this story because I’m completely torn on whether to fill according to my enjoyment 1 star or for storywriting 4 stars I mean the author did a great job because I’m feeling and feeling and feeling sadly it’s all hate for the hero that I just can’t let go of Let me explain since the first book of the series I have anticipated PoetPatrick's story and sadly he was EPIC FAIL as a character for me He's actions and lack of made me so angry but then again the author wanted me to experience this level of hate and anger but I'm positive she expected me to let it go with Amy and embrace this couple's ending but I just couldn’t I mean I just have to say one word Moira So to reiterate I NEVER GOT OVER MY HATE FOR PATRICK and all his fails as a human being This author has only succeeded in writing one wonderful all around alpha Grease She excels at giving the strongest older female characters Gram Farrah Callie Amy that I have read to date and Poet's mom Peg was no exception The story takes us back something like 30 years ago to Ireland where Amy meets Peg and Patrick The story line is really exciting adding the IRA to the mix and the how Poet goes from being a student to a killer The author delivers a story that was angsty infuriating and heartbreaking but damn it Amy got the shortest straw at every turn and I hated the story for it My list of crimes against Amyme because let's face it I read the story as if I was her was way too long and” I love ye” just didn't cut it with either one of us ”I’d fucked up so badly that I knew any chance of righting my life was completely gone I’d never again step foot in my own country I had little money to start a new life and both my mother and my wife hated me” Original ideas and writing wise this was really well done The author also tied in book one very creatively as was the delivery and original plot of this story If you’re a forgiving reader and can handle triggers like epic ass of a hero cheating rape having the man you’re married to declare his undying love but never backing that shit up and in his chapters talk about loving the woman he’s with not as much but enough Oh and let me not forget spitting in your face when you’re at your lowest thanks to his decisions then this hero will work for you I seriously thank my girl Leslie Logan for buddy reading this one with me Here’s us getting our hands on Patrick Truthfully if I was a forgiving person younger maybe who knows I would have 5 starred this story Once again it was well done but sadly I was left still stewing while the characters ended happy ”It was as if everything that made her who she was pulled at the opposite trait in me drawing us like magnets”

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Craving Resurrection The Aces #4E that he’d never anticipated Choices were made Hearts were broken Trust was shattered Lives were lost Through it all he loved her It was a love that spanned decades Epic Intense Unuestionable Unbreakable Warning This book is meant for readers over 18 years old and contains scenes that depict torture and sexual assault. This book was 30 years of torture for the characters and me as a reader This isn't a romance it's a sad fucking story with hardly enough good at the end to help heal the wounds it inflicts