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Summary The Godwhale ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ó This is the first editionCover Artist Paul LehrSt editionCover. I wasn't going to write a review for this book because I had read it years ago and felt that most of the reviews did it justice However upon reading some recent reviews that mention the rape scene plus the fact that the scene is focused on in the Forward I wanted to share my view on this I do not want that one event to overshadow the rest of the book and cause potential readers to turn away from this novel Rape is a heinous crime in all of its forms I'm not denying that But the incident in this book is not gratuitous or explicit it is a uick pounce and not treated as a rape for very explicit reasons not because the author was blind to it At least I don't think he wasThe rape occurs in order to illustrate who ARNOLD was and how he had been programmed by the Hive I think the assault and his subseuent behavior illustrated how well the Hives conditioning and brainwashing worked They created him for a very specific reason As some reviewers have pointed out Arnold seems to take over the story and eclipses the better interesting characters but I think there is a message in there Perhaps a cautionary tale What about the future world that Bass created Dead oceans sterile genetically altered plants test tube babies the Hive society and the Benthic society Are we killing our oceans Does society program our behavior If we had a population like the Benthics would they be over run by modern man The book was written over 40 years ago before the computers invitro fertilization genetically modified foods the dying oceans that we have today Like so many of the SF books written back then they were written for a young male audience have mostly male protagonists and have a lot going on than androcentric or misogynistic attitudes We see speculation extrapolation and technology that is sometimes unbelievable but sometimes scarily close to what we see today There is a reason his two books were nominated for Nebula Awards the same reason Orion brought them back into print Science Fiction fans enjoyed reading them

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Artist Paul Le. Although it was written in the seventies “The Godwhale” is still a surprisingly relevant science fiction novel Many of the themes explored are very much a product of its time but themes of morality economics and prejudice attitudes are still apt today The most relevant theme of all is how to cope with overpopulation which is a problem we are sure to face in the future namely how to provide enough food to feed so many people This has many echoes with our own world as it is estimated that the global population will rise to over 10 billion by the midpoint of the century As well as such prescient themes the language can be challenging at times but not to the detriment of the story It is clear that the writer was once a doctor through his use of medical terms to reinforce the theory behind the pseudo science described here This adds a much greater level of believability rather than confusing the reader a skill akin to the likes of the classic authors such as Jules Verne The characters that populate the story are not the most likeable which is a reflection of the bleak and futile existence they endure It actually soothes many peoples fear of technology as the most likeable of the characters are Rorual Maru the “Godwhale” of the title and Trilobite In fact the machines are human than the humans themselves with the exception of Larry the main protagonist and Drum The story asks many uestions and doesn’t supply all of the answers I will not reveal too much as I got the impression that the ending is very subjective It is a very personal experience and conclusions have to be drawn by the reader themselves Also for reasons unknown Bass never returned to the fascinating world he created and as he is sadly no longer with us he never will Ken Macleod’s forward in this SF Masterworks edition concludes with an apt assessment of the books ending “The doctor gave us the diagnosis and the prognosis He left it for us to write the prescription”

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The GodwhaleThis is the fir. Don't be fooled by the title The godhwhale itself is only a portion of this epic century spanning book Chock full of ideas hard science and details the Godwhale is no less than a masterpiece It is SF on a HUGE scale If you've never heard of it don't let this deter you The Godwhale is one of SF's lesser known classics