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Aus ihrem Leben gerissen zum sechsten Mal in acht Monaten Ohne Vorwarnung ohne Abschie. I felt like a lost Chihuahua when I finished reading this Yep that's totally a feelingLet me explain From the summary you gather that Meg is in witness protection but she doesn't know why after the sixth move she gets tired of not knowing and she sets out to find the truth Now I just want to say that I did read the summary of this book before I read itreuested it but I kind of forgot the summary or like didn't really absorb the summary I'm selecting my words wisely here the thing is I understood she had been in witness protection and that she was tired and that she was trying to cope but I didn't really get the main point She wanted answers We were looking for answersMeaning I approached this book in a different way I thought it would be a normal contemporary where we see the girl deal with her emotions; I never once saw it as a mystery or a journey so to say I was really taken aback for how things turned out is an understatementThere were a lot of mysterious people and situations going on in the book with little unexpected turns here and there and I never EVER saw any of them coming there was only one thing that I vaguely thought was suspicious and I was right but it was just one thing Everything I discovered I did it slowly and along with Meg I was never one step ahead of her which actually made me feel really naïveI saw a lot of reviews where they mentioned that it was all very predictable and that it was stressing to watch how 'Meg' didn’t realize all the stuff that was happening around her this being what makes me feel naïve but I just don't get it When I started with The Rules For Disappearing I wasn’t expecting it to be such an addicting and engrossing story I started to read it and could not get it out of my mind and I just had to keep reading The story was so incredibly easy to follow being with 'Meg' was effortless Her decisions never seemed irrational or stressed me out because had I been in her situation I would have done the same; it all basically felt so real and I was genuinely worried for her her little sister and whatever it was that had them running away I honestly thought that this would be a nice average read I don’t know why I was just expecting a normal maybe even cute story not at all what it was 'Meg' wasn’t a plain average character had I know her before she started moving I probably would not have been able to stand her but when you see all that she’s had to go through and how much she’s changed you just can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for her She was strong and determined – well kinda determined it was really amusing to watch her sketch all of this plans in her mind to keep people away and see how she always gave in because honestly all she wants is to feel normal and fit inAnother thing that was really surprising and really great was the lovely romantic parts Yeah well that happened 'cause I didn’t even know there was any romance I just went back to read the summary and yes they mention Ethan and I swear I had read the summary before way before when I featured this book in my WOW but for some odd reason the romance part was also not registered in my brain So to say I was super super SUPER pleased with how things turned out and how Ethan turned out to be is putting it lightly I LOVED Ethan he was so sweet and so supportive and he never really gave up on her even when it seemed like he did he still had faith in her and he still wanted to help herConclusion I Loved this story The ending was just so BAM and just the whole story was really BAM and I still feel like a lost Chihuahua but a very satisfied very happy lost Chihuahua Would recommend to anyone that wants something a little bit different yet entertaining intense and with just the right amount of romanceVideo Review Here

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Spurlos Spurlos #1D ohne Aussicht auf Rückkehr Mal wieder ist ihr altes Leben ganz plötzlich Geschicht. Yesterday my mom ambled into my room and plopped herself down in my bed this wasn’t unusual because my mom often comes into my room to hang out and hide from my seven younger siblings she’s secretly sixteen at heart still “This looks good is it”I looked up from my laptop to see her holding up The Rules for Disappearing My mom is a bookdragon at heart unfortunately it’s hard to read a lot with a horde of kids but she occasionally steals books from me “It’s okay” I said glancing back at my screen I had a huge writer’s block in this one scene I was working on “Very insta lovie though” My answer still describes how I feel about this book It was okay I never really got into it though so yeah meh

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DOWNLOAD Ó Spurlos (Spurlos, #1) ↠ Mitten in der Nacht wird die 17 jährige Meg Jones von einer Sekunde auf die nächste aus ihrem Leben gerissen zum sechsten Mal in acht Monaten Ohne Vorwarnung ohne Abschied ohne Aussicht auf Rückkehr Mal wieder ist ihr altes Leben ganz plötzlich GeschichteMitten in der Nacht wird die 17 jährige Meg Jones von einer Sekunde auf die nächste. This is the type of book that usually never works for me in YA but this one totally did Sure I guessed the secrets ahead of time but honestly I liked the voicecharacters enough that that didn't even matter The full text of this review appears in The Midnight Garden