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LightlessRuth about his methods and motives well hidden As the ship’s systems begin to malfunction and the claustrophobic atmosphere is increasingly poisoned by distrust and suspicion it falls to Althea to penetrate the prisoner’s layers of intrigue and deception before all is lost But when the true nature of Ivan’s mission is exposed it will change Althea forever if it doesn’t kill her fir. This book starts off as a full 5 star winner and then drives off a cliff down into the broken 1 star rocks at the bottom So I'm settling on 2 stars No You know what One star And here's why In space no one can hear you yawnYes as numerous others have said the marketing copy of Gravity meets Aliens is bullshit A good book can compensate for bad blurbs; this one can't You can also read a plot summary in a dozen other reviews so I won't go thereWhat I will say that hasn't been said before is that this is a short story not a novel At best it's a novella There's just not enough content to sustain 300 pages Maybe 20 As I said it starts off great but then we get 200 pages of a cardboard character interrogating a prisoner and nothing either of them says is at all interesting The characters don't have interesting backgrounds the world building is partially formed and the dialogue is jejune This seems to be some sort of half baked version of Orwell's 1984 in spaaaceThe thing that kept striking me as bizarre was that the book reads like it was written in 1959 There are computers but terminals are scattered throughout the ship I don't think anyone even has a smartphone or tablet It feels like a convoluted way to get Althea to try and correct a computer virus across from the cell holding the prisoner but the cell has a food slot or something in it so the two can talk I kept trying to picture it and just kept coming back to 1950s sci fi flicks It's not even as sophisticated as the silliness in Lost in Space or Voyage to the Bottom of the SeaThere isn't even a reason for the bad guys to be on the ship They find it by accident and decide to rob it as if it's a gas station Yet this is a super secret experimental spaceship with a super smart computer running it and it's powered by a black hole And why are there only three people on board It's clearly cavernous and needs lots of upkeep witness Althea literally running hither and yon from remote station to remote station yet it doesn't have even a skeleton crew It barely even has maintenance robots just arms on wheels like Dummy from the first Iron Man movieOnce the bad guys install a virus on the ship the only recourse is to cut off the computer's control by throwing a dead man switch which is placed inside a giant chamber holding the black hole Was this stupid thing designed by an especially incompetent Evil Overlord It's as if Higgins said In bad SF they don't have handrails; screw that I'm putting the switch next to the most powerful force in the universe And the only thing keeping people out will be a hatch held on by two wingnuts Talk about a killswitch Yeah the guy who designed the ship gets spaghettified by the black holeBesides falsely insisting on the GravityAliens comparison the cover also says the author has a degree in physics I kind of doubt that If true this book is so relentlessly dumb that I have to assume said degree comes from Trump University It says Cornell but it can't be the Cornell can it More like The Rocco Cornell University of Typewriter RepairAt the end of the story Althea tells the computer that they can't stay in the solar system because the ship will perturb the orbits of the various planets Which would make sense if there were a loose black hole sailing through the system but how the hell is the thing under control A black hole that can disrupt the planets would be too big to contain The one here has to be microscopic or it would have long ago devoured the ship not just the clumsy guy who fell into it Which means it only masses that of a small moon not something the size of a starEven I know that without a degree in physics from Rocco's jointThe characters are also ridiculously dumb When you have a crew of only three people the captain of the ship the designer of the ship and the designer of the computer that runs the ship you kind of expect them to be the best and the brightest If this trio is the best the Orwellian System has to offer it's a good thing the terrorists blew up the Earth Yeah that happens I just saved you timeSeems to me that if you have a super hacker who can infiltrate a beyond secret experimental spaceship with a bespoke computer ON THE FLY and then escape said ship with no one being the wiser only to then hack every single nuclear power plant on Earth in the moments after the terrorists have set off seven world ending nuclear bombs then the easiest thing to do is hack the System and bring freedom to the oppressed masses by turning off the constant surveillanceSeriously if someone can hack ALL of the nuclear plants at once after the massive EMPs of nuclear weapons big enough to crack the crust not to mention the sheer destruction those bombs would wreak then that hacker could have just turned the plants off I'm sure the System also uses solar wind and water but he could turn off those things too He's a superhacker who can get into anything in seconds Who needs bombs when you can do thatAs I write this the world is experiencing the WannaCry ransom hack which has locked down businesses across the planet in a lame attempt to extort money The hackers are asking for 300 in Bitcoin from each affected place They've even compromised hospitals to the point where the British health service is telling folks to stay away from them unless they're actively dying For three hundred bucksThey aren't even using their original tools merely exploits that were published online after someone hacked the NSA which is an Orwellian organization all on its own The WannaCry hack is a classic example of irony and hilarious hubris the super secret spy agency got hacked ha ha but it's also yet another example of how fragile and open all of our computer systems are Real hackers with serious intent to bring down a system don't need to set off nukes to bring a society to its kneesIt's thrown parts of the world into chaos for almost no gain Now imagine the entire solar system is under the thumb of a ruthless dictatorial yet anonymous group of people who run every planet and moon like North Korea There would be hacks everywhere constantly and murdering billions of people isn't the way to win anyone to your causeLike I said dumbThis was published by Random House FFS It was given a starred review by Kirkus No one in either place caught how ridiculous this is I feel like I've taken crazy pills And they're advertising a seuel It's called Supernova so I assume next she's going to blow up the sun Because why not

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To the Ananke Althea must draw upon her heart and soul for the strength to defend her beloved ship While one of the saboteurs remains at large somewhere on board his captured partner the enigmatic Ivan may prove to be dangerous The perversely fascinating criminal whose silver tongue is his most effective weapon has long evaded the authorities’ most relentless surveillance and kept the t. So That was weird This book is oddly boring and somehow also won't let you go I don't know why Nothing is happening for 75% of the pages your read Yet I found it hard to put down Not because I particularly even cared for the characters If I had to take a wild guess I'd say it was because I just wanted to know how it ended The ending I'll admit was pretty good Possible minor spoilers ahead if you haven't read the blurb The first chapter although absurdly long was great Althea's ship the Ananke with it's three person crew is boarded by subjects unknown for unknown reasons They are tracked down and caught But these are not your run of the mill space pirates they are practiced con artists and thieves So one of them breaks out and conveniently infects the ship with a virus that reeks all sorts of chaos onboardThis begins 8 chapters of interrogations and Althea losing her mind over her infected ship Cue sad song on the world's tiniest violinIt just wasn't that interesting Reading about how Althea can't find the virus or the virus is mutating or about how much she wishes Ida Stays would get off her ship just wasn't something I could bring myself to care about The interrogations of the thief that was left behind weren't too bad if only because Ivan is my kind of character Liar Thief A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma About 60% of the way through I started to realize view spoilerthat this was set in a kind of dystopian society ruled by what is known as the System I don't know why it took me this long to realize it The System was mentioned freuently along with the terrorist the Mallt y nos but it never seemed to step into dictatorship territory until the 60% mark Mallt y nos actually really seemed like a terrorist not a freedom fighter To make matters interesting the Ananke Althea and the rest of the crew all work for the System At which point for some reason the book became immediately interesting to me because we so rarely get to see a dystopian told from the POV of the dictators hide spoiler

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Lightless characters Ë 107 å Serving aboard the Ananke an experimental military spacecraft launched by the ruthless organization that rules Earth and its solar system computer scientist Althea has established an intense emotional bond—not with any of her crewmates but with the ship’s electronic systems which speak deeply to her analytical mind than hServing aboard the Ananke an experimental military spacecraft launched by the ruthless organization that rules Earth and its solar system computer scientist Althea has established an intense emotional bond not with any of her crewmates but with the ship’s electronic systems which speak deeply to her analytical mind than human feelings do But when a pair of fugitive terrorists gain access. I mean I guess I can understand why so many people have given this book only 1 or 2 stars A lot of it is one woman trying to fix her ships computer and huge swathes of text are devoted to another woman interrogating a prisoner and so it seems that not much is happening a lot of the time But on the other hand it's like did you people even read the same book as me Because this book is fantastic It's amazing It's the best book I've read all year and I know it's only February but I know with certainty I'll still be saying it come DecemberI loved this book I loved that it was mixed character study with hard sci fi concepts because all too often if you want hard sci fi you have to settle for flat characters and if you want rich real flawed and fascinating characters you have to look to space opera The blurb reads like this book is going to be held up by a romance but there's actually almost none at all the bones of this book are friendship The kind of LockeJean RoyceHadrien bromance that's just a joy to readI love that I can't tell you who the bad guys are in this book Because I don't know who the bad guys are I know who I liked the most I know who I wanted to win but I don't think that made them good guys Compelling arguments could be made for every character in this book being the villain even Althea the closest thing we get to a protagonist who mostly just cares about her ship's computer And the characters I wanted to win when they did win well suddenly I wasn't so sure that it was a good thing Their victory upset me and the when the character I liked least lost I felt uneasy about itCompelling characters Check Delicious moral uandaries that I know my brain is going to mull over for a long time Check And the plot which builds so slowly sometimes it seems to barely move like one little pebble picking up another and another and another until whoops now the whole mountainside is coming right at you brace yourself The biggest complaint I see aimed at this book is that so much of the plot happens off page It's backstory a lot of it revealed piece by piece over the course of one character interrogating the other But it's so fascinating It's the unreliable narrator trope turned up to eleven Is he lying Did that really happen Is that how it happened He might tell the same story to three different people and what changes and what doesn't speaks to the truth but still what is the truth really I could just gush and gush I loved this book wholeheartedly Stumbling upon books like this is the whole reason I love to read because sure most books are fine and some are really good but that moment when your spine tingles and you know you've found something special Yeah that's my drug That's what I'm here for That's what this book gave me