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When It Rains review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB ¸ Un historia cautivadora de amor amistad y superaciónTe enamorarás de sus protagonistasEl amor será la salvación de Kate Kate Alexander es una adolescente ue vive en Carrington un tranuilo pueblo de Estados Unidos donde sueña con acabar el instituto e ir a la universidad Pero una noche Uy sola Hasta ue llega Asher Hunt un joven de ojos seductores y sonrisa arrogante ue le hará olvidar el dolor ue la ha mantenido cautiva durante tanto tiempo A pesar de los consejos de la gente Kate no puede evitar acercarse y abrirse a él ¿Será él la esperanza ue necesita ¿Su salvación ¿O la volverán a heri. On sale for 099 right now

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Un historia cautivadora de amor amistad y superaciónTe enamorarás de sus protagonistasEl amor será la salvación de Kate Kate Alexander es una adolescente ue vive en Carrington un tranuilo pueblo de Estados Unidos donde sueña con acabar el instituto e ir a la universidad Pero una noche lluviosa su vida cambia de. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED This is a 2 part review with 2 separate ratings depending on whether or not you are a fan of love trianglesOverall When It Rains  is a well written highly emotional story about love loss and healing It's gut wrenchingly sad at times but also has many beautiful moments and is the kind of story that really make you feel But this is going to be a very unconventional review  this kind of review is always so scary for me to write but honesty always comes first with me even if I run and hide in a corner after posting itI feel very torn about this book and to be honest I actually wouldn't have read it of my own accord had I known the details of the plot in advance because in my eyes this is a love triangle romance and personally I'm just not usually a fan of them There are certain exceptions to the rule for me but they are rare and the majority of them just don't appeal to me In the interest of being fully open though I'll say that different readers have varied outlooks as to whether or not this book counts as a love triangle though and the person who recommended it to me did not see it as one I respect their opinion but simply feel differently about itFor the record my definition of a love triangle is when two people are in love with the same person but only one of them can be picked In the case of this book there were two guys in love with the same girl and she had to choose between them It was an unconventional triangle but it still was one to meThe specific part that bothered me here though was the heroine's decisions throughout the book regarding the two guys and so personally I will say that this book was not for meHowever I realize that a many of you are fans of love triangles b some of you might not see it as one and c that those of you who don't like triangles should know what this is about in order to help make a decision about whether or not you wish to read itSo in an effort to be fair to everyone I have written a 2 part review The first part will be for readers who do not usually enjoy love triangles and the second part will be for readers who do Each part will have a separate rating because regardless of my own personal feelings I feel I owe it to the book to look at it objectivelyBut before anything here's a little about the bookThe basic story line follows the heroine Kate who has grown up living next door to a guy Beau They've been inseparable best friends and as they got older they both knew in their hearts that they were each other's forever Unfortunately one rainy night without Beau there to protect her a guy rips away a part of Kate's life taking something from her that she could never get back My once picture perfect view of the world was gone and all that remained were a bunch of broken pieces that I couldn't glue back together Ashamed and confused she kept her nightmare hidden from everyone in her life for over 2 years not even telling Beau despite how desperately he cared for her and tried to get her to open up to him about it He knew something was wrong but he didn't know what and he was willing to wait for her be there for her and support her no matter what I love you I think I've loved you since I was five If you ask me to stay I'll stay he says searching my eyes I'm always worried that he'll find the truth buried in there somewhere but he hasn't yet I pray he never will But Kate didn't feel worthy of his love and kept pushing him further and further away and finally when he left for college she severed nearly all their ties wanting him to go on and find his happiness without herAt this point in her life Asher walks in Gorgeous mysterious and totally into her he pushes her to face her fears and get back the pieces of her life that were stolen from her For whatever reason he is the one she can accept help from and she falls hard for him But he is hiding a huge secret one that that uite literally changes everything view spoiler and that he doesn't reveal until it's too late Faced with the tragic outcome of his secret Kate turns back for support to the one person who has been there all along for her and never stopped loving her Beau hide spoiler

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When It RainsForma dolorosa y ya nada vuelve a ser igual Cuenta con el apoyo incondicional de su gran amigo Beau Bennett compañero de infancia Pero él uiere algo más y Kate no puede dárselo tampoco puede contarle lo ue ocurrió auella noche Sencillamente está paralizada Cuando Beau se marcha a la universidad Kate se siente m. FIVE StarsI'm going to need a moment to get over the heartacheReview to come I first would like to thank my beautiful friend Jennifer Kyle for recommending this book to meYou ROCK girl ❤️❤️❤️I have never till this book cried so hard that I couldn't breatheI stayed up till 3am this morning to finish itMy eyes are two swollen puff bagsThis book Floored me from the PrologueI LOVED the heroine Kate Alexander and that doesn't happen a lot for meShe's a beautiful 19 year old girl who had something horrible happen to her two years ago on a cold rainy night and it's left her a broken empty shell of the girl she once wasShe can't stop the panic attacks that take over whenever it rainsYou'll learn right from the start what happened So horribleI believe that life is a series of coincidences and that night coincidence screwed me over KateShe spends most of her time working in the Diner or in her room staring at the ceilingThe one bright spot in her life is the beautiful boy next door Beau BennettHe's been her best friend since they were 5 and she's always been in love with himWhat happened to her keeps her from sharing her feelings with him and even when he finally admits how he feels she is unable to accept it because she thinks she is no longer good enough for BeauShe pushes him away when he goes off to college thinking he deserves happiness that she'll never be able to give him Yes Kate I'm going to miss you I'm so damn in love with you I can barely stand to spend a few hours apart from you and now we're going to be miles and hours apart It sucks It really fucking sucks BeauI loved BeauHe was so beautiful and it hurt when Kate pushed him away but we knew it wasn't because she didn't love him it was because she loved him that she thought she was doing what was best for him So Kate feels completely alone now that her one best friend is off at collegeThen one day Asher comes barreling into her lifeThere's an instant attraction connection thereAt first I was feeling bad for Beau but you have to remember he was not in a relationship with Kate at that pointIn my opinion this story is in no way at all a love triangleThere was never any cheating involvedEach relationship was extremely necessaryIt helps to deliver the HEA at the endI felt like Asher Hunt was brought into Kate's life to help her heal to make her see she was never at fault for what happened and that she deserved so much out of life She needed to experience the love of her true soul mateBut Kate was also brought into Asher's life to help him realize that he too was not at fault for the thing that happened in his past and also she was destined to be his ONE GREAT LOVEOh my godI'm going to cry againI LOVED Asher so damn much This man was beautifulHe's the epitome of a FANTASTIC book boyfriendI think most of my highlights are his words in this book My fact for the dayI wanted to come over here as soon as you drove away yesterday I want to know you I want to know what it is that made you cry but than that I want to know what I have to do to make you happy again AsherKate is falling for AsherIt's something she can't helpHe is helping her day by day to start living her life againHe keeps giving me these lasting memories that make me aware of the heartbeat that still exists within me I haven't had those feelings in so long and I'm not sure what to do with them KateThey start off as friends but soon Kate and Asher are unable to deny their feelings and Kate being the beautiful person she is does worry about Beau She never wants her actions to hurt him because she does still love him I can't make promises Kate I want to get to know you and I want to be there for you but I don't think being your friend is going to work for me any I want to kiss you whenever I want I want to hold you I want you to tell me all of your secrets and eventually tell you all of mine I want you in my life AsherAsher and Kate are so deeply connectedEach wants to help the other heal from their pastThey both refuse to tell each other their darkest secretsBut one rainy night changes thatHe replaces a horrible memory with a beautiful one that night When it rains Kate Remember me AsherYou'll learn Asher had one secret he refused to share with KateThis secret was completely freaking SOUL CRUSHINGFrom this point I'm crying non stopI'm crying hard ugly tears that left me so stuffed up and my dog is looking at me like I'm nuts Just when I think I can stop crying BAM the author writes another gut wrenching sceneI almost couldn't take itIt was like having my soul tortured You don't live because of me You live because you let me love you You made the choice to breathe all on your ownI just helped you find the strength to inhale AsherI hated what happened but I know it was necessaryI have to give an honorable mention to one of the secondary characters Ms CarterI ended up loving her You think she's a minor character but in the end she was extremely important and I think gave Kate that final push she needed I loved the napkinsReminded me of Effortless and Point of RetreatI did love the endingKate deserved than anyone to have had the chance to have that one soul mate one true loveI think this book was beyond phenomenal and every time it even crosses my mind I will cryI've added Asher to the top favorite book boyfriend list where he belongsDo yourselves a favor and read this one but make sure you have a box of tissues and a reading buddy for support ☺️