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The Complete Poems mobi ò Paperback ↠ moneyexpresscard Þ One of the great English Romantic poets William Blake 1757 1827 was an artist poet mystic and visionary His work ranges from the deceptively simple and lyrical Songs of Innocence and their counterpoint Experience which juxtapose poems such as 'The Lamb' andRience which juxtapose poems such as 'The Lamb' and 'The Tyger' and 'The Blossom' and 'The Sick Rose' to highly elaborate apocalyptic works such as The Four Zoas Milton and Jerusalem Throughout his life Bla Introduction ‘Here is a selection a bit of Blake designed as a bedside companion or to accompany a walk in the countryside to sit beneath a shady tree and discover a portal into his visionary and musical experienceAlthough much of his work seems impenetrable he never ceased in his desire to connect with the populace He has succeeded in offering both He has been the spiritual ancestor of generations of poets and alchemical detectives seeking their way through the labyrinth of inhuman knowledge even as schoolchildren recite his verses His proverbs have become common parlance‘To the evening star‘Smile on our loves and while thou drawest the Blue curtains of the sky scatter thy silver dew On every flower that shuts its sweet eyes In timely sleep Let thy west wind sleep on The lake; speak silence with thy glimmering eyes And wash the dusk with silver’

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Ke drew on a rich heritage of philosophy religion and myth to create a poetic worlds illuminated by his spiritual and revolutionary beliefs that have fascinated intrigued and enchanted readers for generatio Have just completed Jerusalem Milton The book of Thel the prophetic books I've been reading and returning to Blake since the mid 1980s and collect prints of the facsimiles when I can get them This is my first time to get through the books mentioned aboveThey remind me a lot of Tolkien's project Blake and Tolkien both where English men who created their own mythologies about England Both were religious Both made paintings of their imaginative worlds The difference is that Tolkien was a practicing Catholic who was not messing with the doctrines of his faith Blake was kind of scary He is highly critical of the deism of his time He states that forgiveness is the primary characteristic of a person who follows Jesus He was critical of a society that trammels over the well being of the weak for industry and profit What makes him scary It is difficult to understand what he is attempting to do with his portraits of the giants that comprise Albion Britain I am still not certain if his portrait of Satan is supposed to be a necessary and therefore good force that is a part of the dualism of reality or if he actually is evil Whatever he is saying I wouldn't want those words to have come from meThe character of Satan is a master of extreme heat and cold very much like Tolkien's Morgoth They both stir things up in much the same way against the work of the rest of the godsAlso striking to me is that Blake uses the word Ork to discribe one of his characters the only other places I have seen this is Tolkien's Orcs and a mention in BeowulfI'm not suggesting an influence I have no idea what influenced Tolkien I am merely pointing out that these two writers both poets achieved bodies of writing that did many of the same things Tolkien was able to craft his mythology into complete story and novelistic presentations as we see in the Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings Ultimately the two writers developed in different ways I at least enjoy seeing the products of each writer to see how they use the medium of myth creation to explore the world of their times and to critic and respond to the world

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The Complete PoemsOne of the great English Romantic poets William Blake 1757 1827 was an artist poet mystic and visionary His work ranges from the deceptively simple and lyrical Songs of Innocence and their counterpoint Expe It was a reuired reading at English poetry seminar in college I haven't read all the poems of course but I highly enjoyed the ones I have