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Hing my heart my mind my very desires to bring her back to life And for a while I thought it broke me that I’d never be the same But slowly the beast is growing bolder and it’s finally 45 5 We'll finally find peace in the dark STARS You're my wings You made me fly TESSYou stole my loneliness I may have given you wings but you've become my gravity I'll never be free of your force I dreaded the moment I'd be sitting down to write this review It's been 3 weeks since I've finished the book in the middle of the night with tears in my eyes and a strange ache in my heart Why I waited this long for the review you ask? I didn't want to say goodbye to these characters with whom I've bonded so tightly I guess But now it's time so there it goesThe towers that Tess has built inside her head has shattered and collapsed after 's sacrifice but it’s not enough Her scars are too deep She is now too broken She is still not Esclave #58 the one feisty slave that still had fight left inside her when she first came to 's doorstep But the eternal love she feels for her maître forces her to fight the evil inside her She is willing to do anything to fly free again For For her master The stitching in my heart tore wide spilling my chest with love so deep and eternal I knew I would do anything for this man has already branded Tess and he knows in his heart that Tess truly belongs to him now Body and soul But what about her mind? With the demons from the past still roaming freely inside her head can she really give all that she is to and marry him?Before can make her Mrs Mercer he needs to fight with those demons once and try to bring back the woman he fell in love with to reawaken her spirit and set her free of the chains still tightly keeping her tied to the horrors of the past is desperate and as expected our beloved sadictic master’s methods are uite unconventional to say the very leastThe first half of the story is very slow and heavy and to be honest it was hard for me to get through it But for the sake of and Tess I kept reading Thank God for that It was the right decision because at the second half of the book the story gets paced and BLOWS YOUR MIND My name is Tess Mercer I'm no longer weak or afraid or broken I've taken control of my fate I no longer need a tower or dark angels or help I am fear And I take your soul in penance for everything that was done to me I take it for the women you've raped and sold I take it for my master soul mate and husband I take you for me Like the love I deeply felt for wasn't enough now it has expanded even with this book That man is just pure perfection I can’t believe the things he sacrificed for his eternal love and the decisions he made to stay loyal to and worthy of Tess My hands still shake when I think about the things he has endured in this book It breaks my heart that he still thinks so lowly about himself that he doesn't see the light that Tess and all of us see in him To me you're than a knight in some stupid shiny armor You're the monster who no one can tame but the woman he loves TESS I've already married you in my heart Tess The moment I set eyes on you you were mine forever I also love the new Tess She finally stood up for herself and fought for her love for her maître She finally accepted that she is a monster in the dark just like and willingly stepped into the dark She proved that she could both love and fight as fiercely as I'm his I married the night and became his monster And you should fear me I am so goddamn happy about the ending OMG I was ugly crying and wiping my snot all the while reading the most perfect ending that could have ever been written for Tess and Just brilliant Pepper Winters This book has everything Moments that will make you cringe and close your eyes in fear moments that will make you want to throw up and get rid of the foreign feeling of loss and despair that grows inside of you and moments that will make you grin like an idiot moments that will melt your heart and build it again in the shape of a sparrow I would recommend this series to everyone Readers that love ‘em some darkness will obviously fall in love with it but even if you are a softer reader give this series a chance It might change you forever PS I demand a book for Franco and Suzette THIS IS A MUST

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Twisted Together Monsters in the Dark #3 Time to show Tess how beautiful the dark can be” gave everything to bring Tess back In return he expects nothing less Tess may have leashed and tamed him but he’s still a monster inside 4 TWISTED STARS You are my savior My salvation My Together My absolution My treasure The crown to my thrown YOU ARE MY HOME OMG What a twisted journey This was so intense raw dark and twisted I really loved it I can't believe that these series has come to an end I'm not sure I'm ready to say goodbye to these characters I will really missed Tess and especially after what happened in the last two books I really loved watching their characters develop and grow This book takes place were the previous book left us Tess is rescued by but she really struggles with fear for pain and with terrible nightmares but has to rescue her from the demons she has inside It is the only way for them to have their future But can they manage to be happy and free for their demons?Can they finally have a happy ending?There is so much going on and happening in this final book At some point I was nervous and shocked I really couldn't put it down I loved Pepper's writing in this book Her writing is so poetic I will definitely read books of hers I saw that some of my friends find the beginning slowbut for meI think it need itbecause after 50% shit got real I loved Tess and Together they embraced the dark and light in their lives to find true happiness I liked Tess she is a strong character I liked her determination to live And mmm he is dark but you can't stop loving himespecially after this book You can feel how much he loves her and the passion he has for her But the thing that I liked is that in this book his character has opened up and made him appealing Thank you so much Pepper for writing this amazing seriesARC provided by author in exchange of honest review

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FREE MOBI Ù DOC Twisted Together Monsters in the Dark á MONEYEXPRESSCARD ☆ Highly anticipated conclusion to the Monsters in the Dark trilogy complete at 175000 words“After battling through hell I brought my esclave back from the brink of ruin I sacrificed everything—my heart my mind my very dHighly anticipated conclusion to the Monsters in the Dark trilogy complete at 175000 words“After battling through hell I brought my esclave back from the brink of ruin I sacrificed everyt 5 Twisted stars I enjoy sweet an sexy reads I like YANA reads I’ll dabble in almost any genre But anyone who knows my reading preferences knows that I love a good dark and twisted book with a damaged hero above all else I love my antiheroes broken men and messed up story lines This series has all that and Tess have an epic dark romance Pepper Winter’s has written an fantastic series that I like to refer to as ‘deliciously dark’ It’s my favorite kind of dark read It’s got romance steam and a twisted and thrilling storyline to go with it We’re altered we’re abnormal our souls stained with each other’s mark Our souls are that of monsters born in the dark 
uincy Mercer has never let himself be vulnerable never let himself close enough to anyone to fall this hard But his escalve number 58 has changed everything for him ’s girl isn’t herself She’s not the vibrant and spirited woman she once was She’s changed What she’s endured left deep scars Tess has been through so much More than any one person should She’s doing the best she can but she’s not herself Her nightmares and flashbacks consume her It’s affecting every part of her life The stress of the past few months decorated both our faces and I feared we’d never go back to who we were doesn’t know what to do to bring her back All he knows is he can’t do nothing He’s got to try Just as and Tess start to overcome some obstacles something shocking comes to play I was on the edge of my seat anxious and waiting to see what was going to happen I think I bit every one of my nails off reading this story I don’t want to go into any detail at all about the last half of the book You need to read it for yourself I will say it’s intense If you thought book 2 was dark and thrilling Ms Winters stepped up her game I’ve always loved From the first time I met him in Tears of Tess I adored him He’s not perfect He struggles with who he is and his wants and desires but he is an amazing man He proves himself over and over again Some of the things he went through I can’t even talk about it Don’t want to think about it Just know that I love him even than I did before and thats saying something He may not be the ‘perfect’ man but he is perfect for Tess “I’m not perfect esclave You’re mistaking me for someone else”
“You’re perfect for me” Tess is a stand up heroine She sees the good in and accepts him for who he is They are truly a perfect match Both of them have been through so much they deserve happiness and peace Getting dual pov in a book like this is so important I am so glad we get both Tess and ’s perspectives I’m going to be honest with you all This book is long I was a little put off by that to begin with It did start a little slow for me But when it picked up damn My heart was racing and I couldn’t stop reading The last half flew by The intensity of the last half and the beauty in the ending than made up for the slow start I feel that this series ended in a perfect place for both of these characters I’ve grown to know and love Intertwined tangled knotted forever our souls will always beTwisted together our demons our monsters belong to the other Bow to me I bow to thee now we are free If you’re looking for something on the dark side with a damaged hero strong heroine erotic and thrilling sex scenes suspense and raw emotion I would give this series a try Just a warning books 2 and 3 especially aren’t for the faint of heart Pepper’s writing enthralls me and her characters are close to my heart This is a series that is unforgettable and one I would highly recommend You are the one for me my monster in the dark You are the perfect mate for me wicked and unmarked Together we cannot be denied our undeniable spark Together we will find our perfect evolving never ending arc