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Read Deadmans Revenge (The Deadman Series Book 3) ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free É In this third book in the Dead Man series Marshal Matthew Wilcox heads out alone to find and capture one of the worst villains he will ever face Heartsick he traces a convoluted trail of murder mayhem and deceit froIs friends Sheriff Roy Smithers Deputy Dicky McNulty Calamity Jane Liver Eating Johnson and his son Chance Deadman’s Revenge Book three of the best selling award winning series of novels Deadman’s Fury and Deadman’s Lamen. Another awesome book in the Deadman’s Series I loved this one I think it’s my favorite there were a few times when my heart was in my mouth a totally awesome storyIt has sadness despair rage and compassion as Matthew Wilcox fights his own personal demons to come back to being the good man that he isHighly recommend the whole series

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In this third book in the Dead Man series Marshal Matthew Wilcox heads out alone to find and capture one of the worst villains he will ever face Heartsick he traces a convoluted trail of murder mayhem and deceit from the high g. I'LL FIND YOU LOSERWhat is going on Marshal Wilcox sweet wife Iris has been murdered and raped Not only his sweet wife his closest pal was also murdered defending his mistress he died along side of her as he attacked and ripped one of her assaulters face apart literally ripping his nose offMarshal Wilcox is attacked by an old mountain lion which leaped onto his back digging her claws into him Then cougar attacked his horse who kicked front and back but that old she cougar did her damage Marshal Wilcox was able to put her down with his shotgundoctored his horse as well as he could and started walking back to a farm he saw He met Patty Hanson a Madame who took care both Marshal Wilcox and his horse Lincoln whom everyone appears to love This is where we're introduced to another land grabbing cattle baron who used violence which led to the death of Patty's Down Syndrome daughter by Atlas Atkinson the money grubbing cattle baron who shot Hildy in the back afterwards Marshal Wilcox shot both men who were raping the the young defenseless thirteen year old Marshal Wilcox also shot Atkinson who had shoot Hildy in the back as he stood at the edge of the house with a ludicrous grinnot so after Marshal Wilcox emptied both his guns into the violators The results of this violence ended with Marshal Wilcox arrested and transferred to an insane asylum where he was injected constantly with heroin which eventually he became addicted toThe Doctor at the insane asylum was about to perform a lobotomy on the Marshal if his friends hadn't gotten their in timethere's comingnot going to tell everythinghaThis an action upon action throughout this modern western adventure of our Marshal Matthew Wilcox who still not out of the woods regarding the apprehension of his wife killer He's a man of moral ethics and he has a kind heart but mistake that as a weakness because it isn't He will come at you with no holds barredHe's one of the many western warriors who fight for the righteous who can'tride easy USMarshal Matthew Wilcox

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Deadmans Revenge The Deadman Series Book 3Ates of the Walla Walla State penitentiary to Seattle and on into Billings Montana Although Matthew feels that he must bear the burden of a “deadman’s revenge” by himself he will find help and succor in his travels from h. Deadman's Revenge the third novel in the Deadman Series continues the story of Matthew Wilcox Now a Marshal Matthew finds himself on the other side of the law as he seeks to track the men who murdered his wife and ripped his soul apart Being a Marshal is dangerous and Matthew has made a lot of enemies in his time as a lawman so it's no surprise when people from his past come back to haunt him and the resulting adventure shows how a man can be broken in his uest for revengeJeppsen has proven in the past that she is a master at telling the story from both sides and she continues in Revenge with alternating Matthew's journey with the story of Earl aka Allen O'Donnell along with flashes to Matthew's home town family and friends When Matthew is falsely accused of rape and murder his uest for revenge may become his last Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show Calamity Jane and Liver Eating Johnson also make appearances in this book bringing the realism of actual people from our history into Jeppsen's fictional WestWhile I loved this book I'm torn It is really well written and full of action and descriptive characters but there were times that I wanted to smack the author for putting Matthew through everything Hadn't he been through enough already However it is a sign of a great author when you become so involved in the characters that you cry along with them and the hardships make the good moments of the book shine so much brighter